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Dec 2012 · 719
Venus Is My Queen
Wuji Dec 2012
Admiration towards the sensation of your body against mine.
Seduced, confused, and begged to be abused I let go of the reigns.
Got down to nothing and asked for something I should have not gave her.
I let her feel me as best as anyone could.

Again, again, I can see the start of trend.
We'll push each others buttons until the buttons come undone.
Some pain, some pleasure, and the sweet kiss of forgiveness.
Don't hate me my dear if I can't play nicely.

We question what we are, and why can't stop.
Animals of desire we never get enough.

I swear I'll stop but don't leave me alone.
He is a madman you know, bites through the bone.
Don't want to be beside myself with him.
The screams he makes make me die to be killed.

Stay here with me, the pain will hold you still.
In my arms, you lay so comfortably, innocent to what is adding up on this bill.
If I steal you away can I smile?
Or am I doomed to be burdened by the thoughts of what if?

I am tortured by my Queen,
Her name is Venus.
You're all I can write about right now...
Dec 2012 · 2.9k
Charming Sex Toy
Wuji Dec 2012
A charming *** toy,
That is all I am to you.
One who will still stay close,
And ******* too.

A charming *** toy,
With good looks and scary eyes.
I'll pleasure you for hours,
But love, I will always deny.

A charming *** toy,
To make you hurt like you do to others.
I'll make you beg for forgiveness,
For touching me under the covers.

A charming *** toy,
For when you feel alone.
Wishing someone would make you pay,
When you don't want to leave your home.

A charming *** toy,
What if you fell for me?
How could it possibly work,
When I will never be there for you like he.

A charming *** toy,
Only I can say no.
Though ******* you my little slave,
Is the only thing I know.

A charming *** toy,
Why should I even feel?
An unemotional psychopath like me,
Should just enjoy the meal.
That really is what I am.
Dec 2012 · 440
Bird Between Two Windows
Wuji Dec 2012
My bird and I sit waiting,
A whole back and forth of debating.
He wants out,
He wants to fly.
Poor bird doesn't know,
Fresh air will make him cry.

Hey bird, why not pick at your feed?
I gave you crumbs since you said please.
He starves himself,
But he will always deny.
That ******* bird,
Seems so satisfied.

Listen to me bird! You'll like what I give you.
I know it's not much but it's all I can do!
He is not happy,
Sits swinging sadly sedated!
You know the feed is dated.

Goodbye bird, you did the better thing.
Might have starved to death but now you can feed the king.
Two ways to go and chose to die instead.
Dec 2012 · 565
We Are Free
Wuji Dec 2012
I'm no beast,
I found peace.
Locked myself up,
To avoid the feast,
Won't eat,
Deserve no such food,
If no one else will punish me,
I'll do it myself.
Don't need you,
I barely need me.
My mind exists outside my body,
I'm free.

I'm an animal,
In search of what I want.
Broke from my cage,
To get what I should have got.
Take what I want,
Scream if I please.
I am the master and slave.
No one will tame me.
I need you,
Because I lost sanity.
I exist for the touch and live for the scream,
I am free.

Follow me!
Through the woods!
Chase the animal,
That you know you could,
Keep yours eyes on the prize,
But a pair to watch your ***.
If you aren't careful,
I'll have you at last.
Came up from behind,
Took you by surprise but you smiled at me.
We are both animals,
We are both free.
Just run.
Dec 2012 · 363
Keeping You Safe
Wuji Dec 2012
He wanders you know,
He doesn't know where to go.
Aimless fights gravity as he treads around,
Trying to get off the ground.

On day he found a staircase,
He fought it way to top.
Fighting the very force that protects him,
From leaving his Mother Earth.

Reached the top to find a rope,
The battle began again.
Fighting all he knew,
He pushed himself from the land.

Made it to the clouds,
And as he caught his breath,
His shadow grabbed his leg,
Brought him down with a rip.

Back in his place,
Back at his home.
The man cried uncontrollably,
And slowly died alone.
Serves him right.
Dec 2012 · 904
Parachute Of Exceptions
Wuji Dec 2012
Your anger breeds violence.
Violence creates more violence.
Way to complete the circle.

A rotary of madness,
Once you get inside it's green lights the whole way.
Ring around the rotary,
But you can't have what is not yours to grab.

Trapped falling in the sky,
Parachute made of exceptions.
All the rain drops want to flood the city,
Now how often does that happen?

Keep following me,
Me and and the piece I took from you.
Your puzzle forever unfinished,
Because you'll never find me again.

Can't merge with a crowded road,
Nor the thoughts in my mind.
Distracted words incoherently spew out,
I just hope you get the rhyme.
I sure don't.
Dec 2012 · 308
No, We Know Not To
Wuji Dec 2012
Should have just said no....

I was the one in control...

Why the **** did I not just say no...?

I want to scream yes...but no....

I should have just said no....

I can't bare to leave you alone...

You are my home...

Why didn 't I just say no...?

Three times the charm you know...

We could ruin it all right here....

If you beg I swear I'll stop...

Don't make me stop...

I'm going to make you scream no...

Should have just said no....
Yes yes yes....
Dec 2012 · 407
Trapped By Longing
Wuji Dec 2012
Temporarily tortured realationship,
I thought I found where I fit in.
But she been promised to a guy before me,
Try all I like I can't win.

Trapped inside a ditch,
With only a shovel to get out.
I'll dig for days on end,
If I could only escape all this doubt.

I recall throwing myself down here,
But not the reason why.
The love I sought illudes me,
Can I just let it die?
I will remember you.
Dec 2012 · 339
Her Eyes Make Me Lie
Wuji Dec 2012
Might sound cliche,
But I'd rather kiss.
Could ******* everyday,
Though it wouldn't make you not his.

We are animals,
Lusting after each other.
Can't resist the the touch of her skin,
So unlike any other.

You and me,
The idea such a tease.
Hidden with secrets,
The answers were too hard to not cheat.

A dream is where we can meet,
A garden where we can be together.
No where to go, or people to break us up,
I wish I was better...

I'm not fine,
I'm crying inside,
Lying outside,
Dieing inside.

No Dear,
I am not fine.
How long before you realize this is no good for you?
Dec 2012 · 3.5k
The Libra and The Leo
Wuji Dec 2012
Destined to dominate,
Taming a fierce lion.
Velvet whip at the ready,
The cracks make her purr.

She is so used to being in control,
My time to take the reigns.
Give her pain and suffering,
To make the scale equal again.

She might want to win,
But she loves when I bring her to her knees.
Manipulating the monster,
That I thought controlled me.

Your sentence is simple,
Eye for an eye.
You killed me inside out,
Now it's your time to die.

Glad you did your research,
Now it's time for the test.
Will you fight me off,
Or can you truly not resist?

I have the power in this cage,
Lock me in,
So I can't engage.
You would look it up. What better place than the sky?
Dec 2012 · 314
At Your Side
Wuji Dec 2012
At your side,
Rely on me.
Attack on your command,
Just tied to a tree.
Cut the rope,
Release me.
Allow myself to show you,
All that I can be.

At your side,
Lay there next to me.
Happiness reformed,
Molded from a dream.
A hope, a goal,
I shot I thought I missed.
Yet you stand there humming,
Thinking of what you did.

At your side,
Until you dismiss me with goodbye.
Telling me to leave while the adults talk,
I'll be there soon but not quick enough.
Calm shell so hollow with rage,
Screaming out my lungs in a plead to leave this cage.
My mind might think, my body might act,
But I'm relaxed at your side until you tell me to attack.

At your side,
Lied to myself to smile.
I'll leave at some point,
The door has been open for quite a while...
I don't think I can leave on my own.
Nov 2012 · 1.5k
Wuji Nov 2012
He stands back,
He lets the fire burn.
Understanding why each spark was lit.

Speaks his words fairly,
Truthfully with no bias.
He alone determines good from bad.  

You can't understand him,
He doesn't understand himself.
He might tempt you but don't expect him to take.

Seeing it all at once,
Yet knows how each piece works.
A man who likes to spectate.

He is looking at you now.
You look so happy.
He smiles.
I watch it all unfold.
Nov 2012 · 467
Goals In The Sky
Wuji Nov 2012
Today I have decided I will be famous,
I'm bored of breathing with all these temporary things.
I want to produce my own light and shine in the dark,
Be more known than the North Star.

My story will be a great one,
Full of twists and turns.
Rising and falling at worst times,
I'll be the best of them all.

They said I'd never make it,
Said it was much too late.
Didn't care if I failed,
Only wanted to get out of my cage!

I may catch on fire,
But that is of no concern.
Have all these fans to *******,
Help me notice the burn.
What a goal.
Nov 2012 · 1.6k
Wuji Nov 2012
Just a human being,
Just a ****** up thing.
I'll make up my mind and close on own coffin doors.

I dance with the crowd,
And sleep by myself.
Mounted high upon the hill tops of your superstitions.

I am so gently picked up,
But thrown harshly to the ground.
Your every word causes the balance in me to turn.

I can stare at you for days,
Or blink my eyelids away.
Always thinking of the moment when I will be at peace.

Just a human being,
Just a ****** up thing.
Is there a good reason I can't just be left alone?
I hope not...
Nov 2012 · 327
Never Mine
Wuji Nov 2012
I'm no good for you.
I'm not good for you.
Why keep me around,
When you know I'll **** you?

You can try to be good.
You can try to be better.
But I am in control,
Writing your death letter.

I know the lines
Lines can be erased.
You can try and try,
But you will only lick my face.

A kiss is too much,
But a blow is quite fine.
You make no sense,
Failing logic, rhythm, and rhyme.

Why be with me?
Why pretend I have a chance.
You motivate me off bridges,
Because you love the dance.  

I am your cancer,
Amputate at once.
Yes I'll hate you after,
But I think you had enough.

Let me die alone,
I think I'll be fine.
Why should I be sad to lose you,
When you were never mine?
I am so confused.
Nov 2012 · 567
Wuji Nov 2012
Eskimos always die gloriously,
Killing fat ***** in the Arctic sea.
Swear I saw one with a whale's eyeball on his thumb,
And he just screamed at me.
Asked "Boy what's the matter? Can't you **** like me?"
I frowned and said I rather be dead than **** your gentle enemy.
Made a home of ice,
Don't need a fridge.
I live in the Antarctic,
Where ****** is gigantic.
But who here cares of it now,
So far away from all of us.
Learning string names.
Nov 2012 · 1.0k
Orange Flannel Turtle Eater
Wuji Nov 2012
You keep me company,
Locked inside this box.
I see you though the stain glass window,
Not making eye contact with the locks.

Shoving a turtle in my face,
Begging me to eat it.
Wearing matching orange flannel shirts,
I'm strapped to my seat.

It bites the inside of my neck,
Nibbling on the Adam's apple.
The shell is the hardest part,
But rack your concerns in the rafters.

And then I shallow it...
Respect the numbers.
Day dreams in math class.
Nov 2012 · 3.6k
Anaconda Scarf
Wuji Nov 2012
There's a serpent around me,
Coils me close.
Rough skin scratching,
Holes in my coat.
It's rolling like waves of sand paper,
Tearing the life outta me.
But the closeness,
Reminds me of a time of peace.
Funneling poison down my own throat,
Grind my flesh on jagged rocks and roads.
Walking on hot stones to the motivate my step,
Putting on my anaconda scarf to keep warm from the daft.
If I am hurting,
Then how can you hurt me more?
Can't be drowning,
If I'm beached at shore.
My snake protects me with pain,
Chokes the hopes outta me.
I'm turning from blue to purple,
But let me drown in my own sea.
It is rather cozy.
Nov 2012 · 566
Collar With No Owner's Tag
Wuji Nov 2012
Such leash has been tied to me.
The burden I carry unknown to my owner.
Being the perfect pet,
Is to permanently know your place.

Can't call my own dice,
And why should I?
Odds have never been in my favor,
But why not lie?

Forcing myself to choke on food,
Eating so much before I make more room.
Drinks the blood they take from me,
In my leash I'm so care free.

Dieing here but I refuse to frown,
Black Man can grab but won't drag me down.
Here to think I'm not locked in her chest,
Can't only be a slave at best.
If I get lost you won't be able to find me.
Nov 2012 · 1.4k
Desires Untold
Wuji Nov 2012
Death a theft,
Steal the life away.
Go away flooding light,
I hate your glare.
Reminding me of the blindness,
I once had to feel.
Superficial spot lights,
Seem to always shine through,
The dirtiest stained glass.

Never enough gas to keep me warm at night.
And it's a long night,
The darkness whispers,
Desires untold,
Not sure why I wrote this. Math class is weird.
Nov 2012 · 292
The Shadow In The Dark
Wuji Nov 2012
Follows the light,
And the darkness.
Loving the chase,
Loving you.

Slowly it'll come,
Grab hold of  your fear.
Screaming silence,
For all to hear,

The breaths on your neck,
All the ***** hairs.
No eyes to see,
But you know it stares.

Dressed for the occasion,
Suit black as night.
Face so faceless,
An empty plate of white.

You can run forever,
But it can stalk longer.
Drawn to the push,
Of every stray wanderer.

So thin,
So tall,
Look at it once,
And you're gone.
Don't look back.
Nov 2012 · 450
Negotiated Relations
Wuji Nov 2012
A long table.
On top of each other,
In a small bed.
We attack one another,
Trying to get in our heads.

Wants my love.
Already has it.
She wants a bite,
Of that ******* apple.

Negotiated ***,
It is something at best.
Just a one time,
But I know,
She'll be back.

Says she's in love.
Stands watching above.
I wouldn't dare,
Give her a taste.
But now that is all erased.

Plan on making mistakes.
Is in my control.
Negotiations are over dear,
Now let's get in the back of the car.
She wants a taste, who am I to deny her just that. A first taste. An addicting taste. Poor thing might just get hooked.
Wuji Nov 2012
Inner peace,
The last piece.
See the whole picture,
Thanks to the inner piece.

Only I know what is right,
And guess who knows what's wrong.
Everything rests in my hands,
So no I won't get in your thong.

Can't you see I am trying to save you,
Don't you know you are in love?
Stop sending me invitations I can never deny,
You're already so high above.

I am not worth it,
Why chance a sure thing?
I am nothing special,
So just stay away okay?

You'd think I'd be divided in two,
But my body and mind our one.
I will always know what is best,
And when I can be wrong.

Not with you though,
Not now at least.
I wish I could be truly mad at you,
But I have found my inner peace.
You'll never find it. That is your flaw.
Wuji Nov 2012
I'm tortured as of now,
And I can't really complain.
Sorry girl of the future,
But I'm playing in the rain.
I'm a mess right now,
All I can do is think of her,
But don't pay much thought about it.
I'm sure if you exist,
My love for her is gone.

You see I'm so lonely,
And she touches me without crossing the strings.
I'm naive and longing to have worth,
To her I know I have a place.  
No, it's not a good one,
But what else can I have?
Just siting in the dark,
Telling the hole in my heart it is full.

It's not like I hate her,
No, none of that.
When I do nasty stuff though,
I don't let her see my face.
Want her to feel my pain,
But she'll never catch on.
As much as I want to leave,
I'm afraid to be gone.

Let me know that you are just mine,
And I promise everything will be just fine.

Because she never was...
I know it won't work.
Nov 2012 · 821
Can I Wait Any Faster
Wuji Nov 2012
When is my time?
I've been waiting for the chance.
When will I shine,
Stop this foolish dance.

I'm being devoured by small insects,
Picking away at my every sense.
I can't touch, hear, taste, or smell,
Only left feeling like Hell.

An able body but not for the army,
A voice that doesn't need to be heard.
An antisocial edgy ******,
Who wants what he doesn't deserve.

Ever buried yourself with the full intention to get back up,
Then on cue you realize that you have had enough?
Too much **** but no clean water to wash it down,
Left you treading slowly in the Merrimack trying to drown.

Knowing what I want,
And knowing what I can get.
I'd run away right now,
If I didn't feel in your debt.

Don't save us,
Lets fall down.
I want nicer fleas.
Nov 2012 · 436
Ruin You
Wuji Nov 2012
They say the graveyard is where everything goes to die,
But that wasn't the case that night for you and I.
Ignoring the calls and bright lights from the world,
Fixated only on the moans coming from the back seat of the car.

That girl that I stole,
With my corrosive touch.
At my mercy she moves,
Both of us can't get enough.

Caressing her over, pain on my mind,
Anger, desire, and confusion all down inside.
Just like my fingers found there way into her ****,
Controlling her, my puppet I'll tell her when to crash.

A lovely night in the back of the Jeep,
Held you so close in hopes that I could keep.
Surrounded by lust and dark thoughts,
I stare into nothing so I wouldn't weep.

You make me promise I won't love you,
You swear you're ******* me up.
You beg me to bone you,
But I can't...

I won't ruin you.
How long until I crack?
Nov 2012 · 723
That Punk Mona Lisa
Wuji Nov 2012
Under a tree, under the stars, under control, restrained arms.
Whispers of laughter, whispers of pain, whispers of desires, shouts of disdain.

Biting me while biting you,
Grab hold of the flesh and chew.
I'll make sure you're sorry you ever brought me here,
Bruising your body because I love you so dear.

I've liked you for centuries ideal picture in my mind,
That punk Mona Lisa that smiles so cruelly all the time.
Follows me with her eyes but not with her body,
But begs me endlessly to be naughty.

We've got matching scars,  we've behind opposite bars,
We're here alone in the dark, knowing that this is all wrong.
Perfection. That is what you are.
Wuji Nov 2012
I can't drown in my own blood,
I won't let you push me down.
I'll pretend I can control myself,
But please stay by my side.

The story starts in the dark,
Brought me beneath a tree.
Begged me to get give in,
To see me submitted, on my knees.
I wouldn't fall,
But you begged and said please.
I dropped to the ground,
Hoping to appease.
You bit holes in my neck,
Drew lines with your nails,
Kissed my head so tenderly,
Tried to see through my stare.
After all was done,
She begged me to bite her.
Cracked my wall,
Sunk my teeth in but slowly withdrew.
Pulled her hair to hear her cry,
Caressed her neck violently but took my time.
Spoke words of madness right to her face.
My eyes trying to see through space.
Looking for that black star.

Shes laughs at my face,
Cries out at my touch.
We both scar each other,
But neither of us can get enough.
What a night...I found out so much.
Wuji Nov 2012
It is a catch 22?

Than why do I always lose?
Not a 50/50,
I don't even know where I belong.

I understand what you are trying to say,
I know you can't move on.
At least now I know we aren't so equal,
I will never balance the scale.  

You blame him for being too noble?
No such thing.

I want there to be more cracks in the concrete wall.
So I can get in.
But he wins.
And I sin.
He is kin.
I want to begin.

The howling winds,
The coldest rain,
The smile on my face,
My black eyes full of pain.

Good for you two.
I watch. Because I will always lose.
Nov 2012 · 519
Strangers Call Me Dark Hair
Wuji Nov 2012
I'm the worst ******* human being in the world.
****** and taking,
All that I don't deserve.
Stepping on friends' hands,
To boost me up.
Hypocritically shouting,
At those who have had enough.  

He is all that is evil,
In every ****** up way.
The actor who stars in ever single play.
He plays the lines so beautifully,
So fall for his trap,
He'll tempt you in bed,
While you are trying to take a nap.

Do on to you as have been done to him,
But he'll do it harder,
And bruise your skin.
His shackles are breaking,
But he locked himself down,
Holds his sanity with a tight grip,
Until the next time you come around.
He is me, and I am him.
Wuji Nov 2012
This cage is just big enough,
So that I can have some space,
To barley turn around,
And look Death in the face.

Throw me away,
Because you hate dealing with my ****.
**** me cleanly,
So you can stop having to smell my ****.

It is so cozy in here,
A bed barely made.
But it is still a place to stay,
Although everyone looks sad through my cage.

Sticking their uncleaned hands,
Inside my mouth.
Suppose it's better though,
Then when they stick their hands down south.

Compliments like insults
Brand who I am.
But I know they'll **** me,
With poisonous jam.  

Put me out of my misery,
Or at least theirs.
No one wants cloths,
Covered in my **** and hair.

They smile at me,
I just stare.
Call me the best,
But I know they don't care...
Didn't even know the poor girl's name.
Nov 2012 · 432
Escape This Comfort
Wuji Nov 2012
Prison cell, prison cell,
So crowded in my room.
My guards are so friendly,
But they keep my hands to myself.
Can't make up,
My own **** mind.
Since thy already made up theirs.
My cell is so big and furbished,
But my guards are still unfair.
Can't go where I want,
Can't do what I want to do.
You should be grateful,
That I keep away from you.
Aren't you proud to be guarding me?
Rather than that rotten boy,
Who lights up the TV screen?
Where is the trust in me?

Can't I just get away, to prove I don't need your favor?
I'm trapped inside my prison cell, the guards are so unfair.
And the guards to the prisoner next to me don't even care.
Soon. Soon I will escape.
Nov 2012 · 487
Rubbing Scars
Wuji Nov 2012
Rubbing the scars,
Magic lamp.
You are the genie,
That appears in my head.
Not with wishes,
Not with cures.
But I do while smile,
Why? I'm not sure.

Ideas of what,
We could be doing,
If not for,
All the walls.
You feel trapped,
I feel safe,
We both claim,
To have *****.

If I rub my scars,
Will you appear?
Or are you too close,
To be considered near?
You were happy in the past,
Why chance anything else?
If you do come visit me at my house,
I'll be smiling by myself.
Then they heal, and you won't come anymore.
Wuji Nov 2012
There is a line on the floor,
That you let wash away.
Tide rolls in,
Pulling me to stay.
We are under the covers,
Under the spotlight,
Guilty or *****,
We can't decide.
Advancing so suddendly,
How far will you go?
Will I have the guts,
To stop you and say no?
I want to reach in,
But the sign says "keep out".
I might be playing in the rain,
But I dieing from drought.
She kissed me quietly,
When backs were turned.
Love her lips,
Love the pain's burn.
We are so close yet,
I can't do much.
Your heart is not mine to have.
So why am I your crutch?
Scratches on my neck,
That's not enough.
I'll shove my hand down your pants,
If you call my bluff.
Let's grow more.
Nov 2012 · 552
Kill Me Already?
Wuji Nov 2012
You're gonna be the death of me my friend.
By cuts or starvation I know I'll meet my end.
Bloodshot eyes and bloodstained tears,
It'll go on for years and years.

You'll be the death of me my friend.
Seduction your weapon,
I'll forget all the tension,
With you so close to me neck.

And I bet,
Soon enough,
I'll be dead.
But I want you to **** me.
Nov 2012 · 509
I Should Be Done
Wuji Nov 2012
Controlled with words,
Leashed to some stranger.
Third wheels so expendable,
Away from it all in the back.
Staring into the streetlights,
The thoughts run past the open trunk.

Who knows what you did to me,
To make me lose all hope.
Yes it's a sad ******* poem,
No it doesn't rhyme.
I'm listening to mellow music,
In the back,
Of my car.
Waitting to leave this parking lot.

Just leave my life and stay away,
Can't play this confusing game.
I've got everything to lose,
And only one thing to gain,
I know I will misplace it,
**** all this pain.

I pretray a man of excellence,
But I just am I boy waitting in the rain.

I should be done.
But I'm not...
Nov 2012 · 463
The Virus Called People
Wuji Nov 2012
The idiots of our planet,
Are slowing killing themselves,
Along with all of us.
But if we all ban together,
And **** just one a day,
We rid ourselves from this infection.
Just one a day,
Surely you can lend a hand.
They need you.
We need you.
You need you.
**** one,
And please tell your friends to do the same.
Erase them.
Nov 2012 · 651
I Bet You Cried For Hours
Wuji Nov 2012
Unfair is the open door you refuse to go through,
While the servant waits unmoving to take your bags.
Paid with commission it is his mission to please you.
But your old room felt just like home.
Sorry you were kicked out,
I know I hated being evicted.
Could have all been avoided,
If the servant had quit.
Now you fire him,
Told him to kindly get the **** out.
Ruining all she had once going for her,
His head filled with doubt.
He killed the love,
He started the fire.
She buried the love,
She cried in denial.
Don't lose both of us,
Or at least just lose me.
No one compares to him,
That I could always see.
Now I have no one. Thanks.
Nov 2012 · 761
Mr. Midnight TV Salesman
Wuji Nov 2012
If they are selling,
Then you know they're,
Ripping you off.
******* out for profit,
The game rigged,
They will always win.

Insanely low prices?
You know they still make money.
Corrupt corporate company,
Money loving thieves,
All a question of,
How much they can take.

Buying for cents,
Selling for dollars.
If you want what we are selling,
You'll have to put on this collar.
Jump through the hoops,
As we throw you for some loops.

You think you're getting the deal?
You're buying for,
Three times the price.
We say we aren't fake,
But there is no way we're real.
Now everyone pay up.
Stupid commercials.
Oct 2012 · 911
Rats and Piano Jacks
Wuji Oct 2012
Rats and piano jacks,
Everything she loves.
Wishing I could touch her,
Without these cold gloves.

She plays so beautifully,
Can't help but smile.
Thinking of everything,
Tears begin to pile.

Keeping them ****** in,
I drown them in salty sadness.
Wishing I could be what others see,
A dream it always has been.

But I am stuck in time,
So there I rhyme.
Might confess my crime soon,
Don't flee after the boom.
This is what I do to clean my room.
Rats and piano jacks,
When the hell is my nap?
She touches both with such love.
Oct 2012 · 299
She Plays
Wuji Oct 2012
I want to cry for the beauty that hides.
Who trades down when they already have the prize?
I love the wonder in her eyes,
But I know that she will never be mine.

I want to walk away,
Amputate those feelings,
Let then stay with her,
And allow me to go on my way.
I know I can't though,
Something keeps me here,
Submersive to your touch .
I can't get enough.
I'll listen to your ideas,
I love to her you play.
Laughing and living life,
But I refuse to move what is in the way.
She plays with the idea of we.
Wuji Oct 2012
Is it a sin if it's under the covers?
Am I bad for enjoying her?
Shes not mine, but I'm hers,
As we lay so closely together.
She says she likes me,
I say I like her.
Both our voices hazy with a resting tone,
Whispering our thoughts on the matter.
Invites me in to stay,
But I'm always kicked out.
Her arms never leave me,
Though I know I must go.
Innocent questions from under the covers,
We both know we can't be lovers.
Not now maybe not ever,
Yet we hold each other so closely together.
Says I'm so good,
Says I'm the best.
Controlling myself,
Inside the straightjacket's vest.
I am her dog,
Started at the foot of her bed.
Made my way so close,
But I know my place.
Keeps saying she's sorry,
I tell her its okay.
You know you are killing me,
But you're one of my best friends.
Lips to her forehead,
I do not dare kiss.
"Sorry sorry sorry..."
If I leave she'll surely begin to miss.
"Would you ask me to prom if you were a senior?"
Of course I would.
But I wouldn't get anywhere,
You belong to someone else.
Someone is walking in,
A tight squeeze goodbye.
She moves in for the kiss,
But I deny.
I hate having all this power over you.
Oct 2012 · 694
Just A Neck And A Head
Wuji Oct 2012
No arms,
No love,
No hands to call a cab.
Back home,
Sighing to myself,
I notice one leg is too short,
OCD kicks in,
I eat my legs.
Now it's even,
But what is the point of a body as useless as mine?
So I jumped in the road,
To release the tortured sole inside.
More fragmented poetry from the phone.
Wuji Oct 2012
Pain is such a gain,
Love stitched into skin.
Smiling at that burning touch,
That I adore within in.
Delivered you to your lover's house,
Knowing you'll both have a better time,
Than I stuck inside my home alone,
I accept my own crime.
Your yeses and noes are constantly changing,
But I know that maybes can't be rearranged.
Can I keep this pain for myself,
Or must I move on...?
**** I hate this,
But what do you care?
You have someone always behind you,
I turn around to see that no one cares.
We touch to show our desires,
I think you are just a liar.
How can someone so happy with their partner,
Even glance my way?
I do everything. I withhold everything. I am the product of my own world.
Oct 2012 · 460
Safe Bet I Got No Net
Wuji Oct 2012
How does it feel to have a safety net?
Must me nice to know,
That there are dozens more,
To cushion the blow.
The shock from the fall might be sad,
But the nets will hold you close,
And even closer to their *****.
Now go,

I walk the tightrope,
With no nets beneath.
So wait there,
Stranded sitting down for a moment,
And pretend someone is worried underneath.
Instead of the cold hard ground.
My turn now,
Hope the friends in my head can catch,
Go long.
It is a little unfair.
Oct 2012 · 732
Above One But Under Another
Wuji Oct 2012
You contact me out of nowhere,
Looking for conversation.
Is your buddy not around?
Do you use me as a replacement?

I suppose I should be grateful,
For being your second choice.
But Dad never cared for slivers,
And neither do I.

Can't put on the shelf,
What you almost got.
Can't brag about what you never had,
There is a reason tears aren't bronze.

Because sliver is even more sad.

You run the whole relay,
To trip and twist your ankle.
You climb the highest mountain,
To slip and die.
You're out in the night for hours hiding,
To find out that no one even tried.
Never will get the gold.
Oct 2012 · 690
Swinging In Nothing
Wuji Oct 2012
Swinging swinging to and fro,
It'll be black before you know.
The systems will die,
Relationships untie,
While stuck in suspension you are just that guy.
Can keep swinging,
Can keep hoping,
That maybe someday,
Someone will come over to play.
Black halfway there,
I'm still alone.
Might have a million contacts,
But no one cares to phone.
Now it's getting dim,
Still no one is with me at home.
Wishing I had someone,
A consent to keep me company.
But now it's black,
And before I know,
Darkness engulfs me,
Do I want a nightlight?
Sure felt like it.
Oct 2012 · 607
I'm The Bad Guy
Wuji Oct 2012
You are true,
Not to me,
But to you.
I can smile,
I can understand,
That it is not me,
But another man.
Rather it be one,
Then any other guy,
Happy you asked,
For different gas,
Your tank could try.
True to your word though,
You stick to one comforting enough.
I know you want to,
But let's spare him the pain.
You love each other,
That's not a bond I want to break.
We are still friends,
You two are still lovers.
Although you can rest assured,
I'm always under your covers.
We separate ourselves.
Oct 2012 · 270
Looking For Arms
Wuji Oct 2012
Whispering in the dark says I don't want it.
Screaming in my head says I can't have it.
The echoing fear loneliness surrounds me,
Knowing that I have nobody slowly kills me.
I have no arms just for me.
Not even my own,
Because they hold someone I love.
They just take my arms home,
I stand here innocently,
Fragmented writing noted on my phone.
Oct 2012 · 1.7k
Half Asleep On A Trampoline
Wuji Oct 2012
And I lay here looking at the sky,
Counting all the leaves that are prepared to die.
Yet they all stay up attached to their tree,
Helping it live on as they die from the disease,
Called Winter.

It's called Winter,
Freezes over the warmth.
It's called Winter,
Pauses back and forth.

And now you know you're trapped,
For nature's mid year nap.
Don't you love the taste of the sap,
As you fall down to your knees.

Until then I lay here.
Until then I will lie.
Waiting for the boss to come down,
And tells me that now is the time to die.

The birds are flying over head,
They make Vs in the sky.
Why not make tissues birds,
For all the ones who cry?

I wait here laying down,
Eyes upon the sky.
Waiting for that lucky bird,
To fall from reaching too high.

Or maybe he'll be alright,
Maybe he'll be just fine.
And just **** on me,
I pray that I am such a lucky guy.

Maybe the Winter will let me be,
Until then I look toward the sky.

Now it's getting dark,
Don't have a clue why,
But I see the bright lights over head,
Now I'm ready to die.
It was the first day of Jr. year and I just had to go home and be a kid.
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