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JustAskQueen Sep 2020
Everything don't fall into place
You walked away when you said
We needed space

We both felt empty and lost
You wandered around to have fun
while I cried river,hid and ran

I can't take this no more
I want to go home
but home is in your arms

now, I'm left all alone
shattered and wrecked
no sign if you would come back
JustAskQueen Jun 2018
You still hold on
though you know it will end very soon.
that feeling when you just know your relationship's gonna end soon, but you can't do anything anymore but wait until he leaves you.
JustAskQueen Nov 2017
I was like a rose before
guarded by thorns
protecting itself
from predators

but then you came
you're not afraid of thorns
and then you pick me out
leaving me

the thorns grew again
strong and firm this time
but then you came back
far different from before

you're like a butterfly
that enchanted me
so i let my guard down
Afraid to fall in love and get hurt
JustAskQueen Oct 2017
Of all the jokes I heard
your's made me laugh so much

that's when you said

I want you back.

its funny after they hurt and left you , they still have the guts to go back as if  they've done nothing!
JustAskQueen Oct 2017
I thought
I am brave enough

I was

not afraid what the
world will throw at me

what changes
I'll be facing

what risk
I'll be taking

what struggles
I'll be battling with

I bet
I can surpass
all those mad stuffs

not until
I met you

who remind me words
i chose not to know and feel

you, just only you
who made me feel fear, afraid and hesitant

fear that I might get hurt
(but who didn't get hurt in love?)
afraid that I'll feel pain
(but pain makes us grow and strong)
I hesitate to give you chance
(but all deserve a chance)

I doubt you
kudos! benefit of the doubt exist

Whatever those "what if's"
I'll choose to try
than regret

after all
t'wil be an experience

what's ahead makes my heart jump
and throb

the story of us

let's make it a piece
worth to share on poetry
a story worth reading for
and a journey worth travelling

let's start making our story my love.
kinda my story, wherein at first i fear to fall coz im too afraid to get hurt
JustAskQueen Oct 2017
Call me old school
Hopeless romantic and
pathetic fan of happy  endings

But my belief on love
will not demise

I strongly hold the fact that
love find its way
love happens freely and inevitable


love last a lifetime
JustAskQueen Oct 2017
No matter how the clouds
want to keep the rain
still it chose to let it fall
there I know
if it weigh too much
for no good
then you just have to let it go

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