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I tried to fix things. This is the worst ending of all
Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day.
I am in pain
You ended things for what I said, and now I live in dread.
I am living no more. I cannot take all of this pain
No matter what I do. No matter what I say.
I will never be enough. I tried so hard, only to fail
Failure is the worst thing a man can be
How can he possibly think he is enough when all he gets is kicks to the curb
Doesn't matter if you are a **** or a nerd, if you do not fight for what you believe in- then you will truly be nothing.
Nothingness. Realizing everything is temporary is humbling.
Yes, you left me. Yes, I cried. I accept the fact that I am nothing.
Just because I am nothing does not mean I have nothing.
I have a family, a family made with something far greater than genetics.
My family is of people I trust, who I know will be there for me no matter what.
I am sorry. I am sorry because you lost out on a great concept.
Can you say you trust Your family? I doubt so.
So just because I am in pain, I know that I will heal while you will not
All those taught need to disseminate
There's fires growing at an alarming rate
Making things hard to create
Happiness should be overwhelming
But instead its slowing dying
No one is talking and yet its deafening
This anger inside me just keeps on growing
I'm angry over nothing but everything
Its unnerving
And yet I can be caring
Caring and loving
No one seems to know this anomaly
Its really scary
This jungle called life is very hairy
Its an endless catastrophe
All this killing and hate reminds me to stay humble and try to be happy
But its not easy
To get hit and turn the other cheek
All these labels on me
Am I an athlete or am I a geek
Am I boring or am I chick
Am I happy or am I bleak
I get pushed around unable to speak
Yearning for the knowledge I seek
Tipping the scales I'm on the brink
The brink of removing myself from the rink
All this discrimination and hate
Just needs to disseminate
Fires growing at an alarming rate
Making things hard to create
All the love and happiness will dissipate
No one can relate
There's no relation
Schools limiting our imagination
Governments destroying our creation
Police hating our position
Parents fearing their own children
Kids not knowing their own intention
White men with no conception
Black men with mission
Strong women with option
Sports programs with no inspiration
Religous groups limiting invitation
Hate groups with no realizion
Life with no orientation
Orientations at the beginning
We're all alive but we aren't living
Anyone on the verge of greatness gets murdered by those who fear the limitless
But we are strong and restless
We will not stop until you confess
Your transgressions are unlawful
In the eyes of the lord we are disgraceful
This is pitiful
This can't be enjoyable
We should thank god everyday for being merciful
Some think we are insightful
That is only possible with a being so careful
But in the end days he will take away his mercy
And all those who follow will keep living
But those who oppose himĀ  will suffer for eternity
You have to repent for prosperity
If you want to see the devine entity
Mans flesh has hate and inequality
In Heaven love = equality
There is no worry
             No more disgrace
               No more hate
                   More love
                    To create
What is Reality?
Who am I without a family?
Life itself is so costly.
People living without morality.
Everything is a war, always using a sentry.
Life is no comedy.
Always expressing feelings externally.
Unless they are you, you hurt them internally.
Someone always using profanity.
This is the direct definition of insanity.
People out there committing adultery.
Why cant hate end with mortality?
Why does war have to go on for an eternity?
I was broken. I was distraught.
All has been spoken, but nothing was taught.
You were my life's greatest token, I was not.
I feel forsaken, that's the end of this plot.
My mind is overtaken by a thing to be bought.
Drunken to no end. I feel tied down by a knot.
I am so heart broken, you are not.
Your'e so loud while I'm soft spoken. You hit me, made my flesh clot.
I wake up to the thought of you. I go to sleep to the thought of you. When I am without you I think of you.Every second of Everyday You are on my mind. When I am with you all I think about is why you don't feel the same. I see the way you look at me. I see the way you act. I see the way you look I him. I will never be him. I will never be as smart, handsome, and courageous. I can promise to always love you, I will always be there for you, I will always listen even when you don't want me too. Everyday I will always love you even though you don't know I exist.
When I was little you were my hero
All you left in your wake is sorrow
Made me lose hope in a better tomorrow
When I was little I used to look up to you
Instead of number one I feel like your number two
If only you had any clue
Your parenting is long over due
I wish you knew how much I really miss you
You turned something so bright into a dark blue
I really wish I can be made anew
There's so many things I wish I can undo
You turn my heart black and blue
When I am older I wish I can forgive you
Going round and round
Been all over the world
Never have I ever heard a sound
Sound that reached the clouds
You singing could stop a war
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