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Bloodyrabbitt Jan 2019
It’s easy loosing control especially when you are breaking apart.
Bloodyrabbitt May 2019
It’s not about always taking the risk, it’s about how both parties endure it.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
As I open my eyes everything was new,
As I start to hear;
things so unusual from the silence I knew
Each step lead to countless try’s,
to call the person.
I really know who carried me till I grew,
Further efforts made a breakthrough;
I can laugh, walk and even scream like a fool...
Till now she’s always there,
She always understands;
She always forgives;
She always protects me;
Even though I’m strong enough to stand on my own.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 2019
She was like the moon, every part of her was covered with silked ink.
Still uncovering
those magic mystery smile of hers,
Out of sanity
That glummy smile tells every fearing moment should never unveil.
Cuz every part of her is a mystery full of history;
Bloodyrabbitt May 2019
I thought the pain was no more, but seeing you made me unsure.
Bloodyrabbitt Apr 2019
Would you want me to take you?
To be free of sadness and loneliness too?
You precious one. You forgotten how..
How lovely it is to be merry now.

Those dark dull eyes of yours,
How agonizing to gaze at my eyes with no remorse,

Nothing could be reflected at all.
Lifeless.. where you have locked up your soul.
Light will come and find you someday,

You won’t have to struggle to breathe everyday.
Don’t give up the journey called life.
Soon you’ll find the joy of being alive.
Bloodyrabbitt May 2019
Do you even find yourself, do you even try?
Can even figure it out that you lost every pieces of you?
Stop fooling around, stop saying you lost you instead start finding the way out of the abyss.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Like love,
It is nurtured,
Built like no other,
Stands proud and strong,
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 2019
She was beautiful, but not like other girls,
She was strong like the trees in the mountains range,
She was beautiful on the way she fills up some peoples emptiness that even she cannot do to herself.
She wasn’t beautiful with that mask of her,
She is beautiful because of the silver linings in her back and clutch right through the heart.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Being happy is seeing you with that sweet warm smile,
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 2019
Please cant save everybody, so please Make an effort.
Save yourself from drowning
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I know what feelings are, but forgotten the feeling of how it is felt.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 2019
Simply loving her cost me more,
more than I could ever fall.
Simply saying i love you
I must let you go,
Bloodyrabbitt May 2019
the Moon bleeds seeing you cry,
the Sun  is dying to see you smile;
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2019
Why you,

 Covered my face with a pillow then scream why is it you,

I always ask my self?
I wonder, how could we ever be?

You filled my heart with excitement
The passing of every moment seems endless, embrace, laugh, clench and chill

It always makes me smile because,
With every twinkle in my eye and in the blink of an eye you were there

But it seems like something's wrong.

Everything is real for me,
Even if it's just for a moment

And it bothers me a lot,
with each passing sleep is the time only that I can be able to be with you.

It always scares me
That reality will strike me as I wake up

Because no matter what I do,
no matter how much effort I put,

I can never call you mine,
because the gap between imagination and reality is beyond measure.

Because the word you and I are just a fiction.

And it's my mistake  claiming you without any permission.

That I loved so much even though my mind knew it would never happen.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
What if I never fall in love again, remember you are the suspect in this misery,
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 2019
Don't come back, I ain't buyin anymore.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Light will come and find you someday,
You won’t have to struggle to breathe everyday.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2019

feeling's I knew started to come true,
in every dark corners it brews,

Screaming but the words can't make it through.

A kind of torture where you
chained the truth to create something new,

To create a contract where the night will only knew,

Where tears fall to admit it's deep sheer suffering.

May be its the smile,
The maybe's or the joke.

It's getting heavy,
It starts to Conquer me.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Bloodyrabbitt 4h
unrequited response
I contained all  my reasons, hope, and expectations
in my third layered mask.
So no one will see and interfere,
  and as all my wishes turned into ash.
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Bloodyrabbitt 4h
journey we started
                       Is just a prelude to everything.
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Bloodyrabbitt 4h
We once known what was the meaning of happiness, and how it makes us feel we own the world

Until that smile fade and all out expeditions had gone down a face were once filled with compassion and love now it's just a dull run down pile

I suppose the world will run out of time, maybe the failure of the past can change and the future can unfold it's story

For these memories we shared, the happiest feeling we felt will be a Memento as we part our ways in the abyss.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I Love you is what you always say specially when you want something,
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 2019
Everything is real for me
Even if it's just for a moment

It always scares me
That reality will slap me as I wake up

Because no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put
I can never call you mine

because the gap between imagination and reality is beyond measure.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Pain can be addicting, even when it’s gone sometimes you miss it.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I was the one,
Who is willing to put it up again for you,
Even if it’s a thousands of pieces to put you back on your feet,
I was the one building you,
While you let your guard down again for the same guy who shattered the whole you.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I do have friends, I do have people that care for me, but why do I feel alone?
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
The problem is I felt so.. so much, that I can’t even feel nothing anymore,
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I’m just an *******, I just **** things up.
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 2019
I told myself that i will be strong and laugh at silly problems but i cant hold on forever, I just feel like everythings falling apart and I myself is the only one keeping it whole.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I’m scared that when I start loving someone else you will show up and tell me how you really care.
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 2019
Can someone save me, Im so sick and this disintegrating  carcass makes it so worst.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
My thoughts always ask
Bakit ikaw? Sabay takip ng unan sabay sigaw bat nga ba laging ikaw?

I always ask my self ?
Naiisip ko, paano kaya pag  naging tayo?

You filled my heart with excitement
Yung pag lipas ng bawat sandali na parang walang katapusan, yakap, tawanan, kulitan at asaran

It always makes me smile because,
Sa bawat pag pikit ng aking mata at sa muling pag mulat nito'y nariyan ka

Pero bat Parang may mali

Everything is  real for me
Kahit ito'y panandalian lamang

And it bothers me a lot
Dahil sa bawat pag hibing lang kita makakpiling at mayayakap

It always scares me
Na sasampalin ako ng realidad sa aking pag mulat

Because no matter what I do, no matter how much efforts I put
Hinding hindi kita mamatawag na akin sapagkat ang agwat ng imahinasyon at realidad ay hindi  masusukat.

At ang pag kaka mali ko ang angkinin ka ng walang permiso
That you love so much even though you knew it will never happen.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I just smile, and the silence was the answer when you left.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I wish I have the guts to ignore you,
just like how you’d muster to Ignore me.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I was frail.
You we’re agile.
I was fragile.
You we’re breaking.
I was loving.
You we’re letting go.
I was holding on.
You we’re leaving.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
My sweet serendipity;
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 2019
It was a Graveyard of stars dark yet tragically beautiful,
the moon fits with her smile,

She's like the moon,
doesn't have a light that steals the night that glows for years,
but not everyone sees it.

That she shoot for every moon and would always land on a stars;
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 2019
**** me at my sleep, Sit with me at my wake and forget me at my grave.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
She was smiling with tears in her eyes, and it slap me and knocked me on my sense.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 2019
Slept again last night with a heavy heart, and it felt normal-ish
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Ain’t no writer, not a poet, I just write what I really feel.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
When things go away you makes you appreciate them so much more.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I was just a promise that you can’t keep.
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 2019
Where do our hearts go, when our chest is too cold for it to be called its home?
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Why can't I find the right words to express this mind breaking feeling.
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 2019
Part of living is giving yet deceived more often,
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 2019
Lost and lonely under my midnight sun.
Staring at the ocean,
drowned with  my thoughts,
thinking all the words to help myself to continue to make it work.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 2019
Some things will get broken, and as a result you’d never be able to see the world the way it used to be.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 2019
It’s painful but just,
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I lied, not by mistake
I lied so you can be happy;
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