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Simply loving her cost me more, more Than i could ever fall.
Simply saying i love you,
I must let you go.
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 17
Is it suppose to make you happy?
This days aren't inexplicable.

When least expected, clowns should show up anytime right.

But waiting are for nothing aren't they .

Another lonely birthday tho.
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 13
She always has those killing smile.
With a terrible lying eyes.

She can be tough and rough, but too easy when it comes to love.

Her presence was like a safe haven,
A keeper,.
A savior,
So things won't further fall apart.

She cries and laugh,
to elude the sting and smile like nothings happening.

She lost so much,
But still willing to give more away

Understands that thorns supposed to protect her,
without any complaints on how she is Bruised Every time.
Lonely leaf,
Swings the pain away.
Dancing with the wind and rain.
You look fine to them,
a delight,
how long do you have to wear a mask in front of them.
The more I find personal space
The more I am consumed by loneliness
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