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May 2019
Today my Neverland seems to be dark and cold,
the forest got scarier and all the fireflies been hiding for quite a long time.
But I can do is accept it,
it feels like hell driving your own life to its course, but you have always a choice right?
Either you turn left or right and yet still feel the same.
Telling myself to live life to the fullest, pleasure all the given moments, I think  you call  it being happy,  but all this memento of happiness will just shatter, all it takes is just a single pain maybe its small but grows in a nick of time,
I insured my myself all this tiresome **** will be gone it only needs a rest. Each night would feel a torture thinking all the Stupidest things that I did.
  Just wiping the tears away telling myself I'm strong just like God planned,
  i just woke up feeling that I couldn't handle it anymore, but again i still have a choice it's either be threatened by myself or I could disappoint all my demons.
Each day i  start to seek all my strenght and will to go on, searching  someone to talk maybe have some a little bit of company or rather have someone that can do a little saving.
silly me been  expecting too much from people again.
Cause nowadays people often see you as normal in every aspect happy and Kickin, little do they know I'm broken, too far broken.
Written by
Bloodyrabbitt  19/M
   BR Dragos
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