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Simply loving her cost me more, more Than i could ever fall.
Simply saying i love you,
I must let you go.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
My heart hurts.
It hurts more today than yesterday..
Probably will hurt much more tomorrow.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
You’re close yet so far, I have a lot to but I guess the words don’t mean too much,
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Would you want me to take you?
To be free of sadness and loneliness too?
You precious one. You forgotten how..
How lovely it is to be merry now.
Not complete
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Those dark dull eyes of yours,
How agonizing to gaze at my eyes with no remorse,
Nothing could be reflected at all.
Lifeless.. where you have locked up your soul.
2nd part
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Light will come and find you someday,
You won’t have to struggle to breathe everyday.
Don’t give up the journey called life.
Soon you’ll find the joy of being alive.
3rd part
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 13
For a long time in my life,
    I have sought comfort in poems and songs.
To heal wounds and hide scars
     feel haven for just a brief moment
Be free of the agony and terror
      brought by a brute reality.

Cold and aching, I hid everything,
    thinking of fooling everybody with a mask so beutifully painted.
But the heart can only take too much...
So there I layed wasted, crumbling to dust.

Endured the raging trials of life, silently breaking.
Smiling so brighly to hide the aching;
I have felt solitude like no other;
I stayed and watched 'till my heart shattered.

Where do our hearts go, when our chest is too cold for it to be called its home? ,
Lost in this loneliness, I wandered alone...where do I find you?
I sought peace as if it was air.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
If can just fabricate my own thoughts, my own love, my own you. Maybe it will be more easier.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 31
My thoughts always ask
Why you?

 Cover my face with a pillow then scream why is it you,

I always ask my self?
I wonder, how could we ever be?

You filled my heart with excitement
The passing of every moment seems endless, embrace, laugh, clench and chill

It always makes me smile because,
With every twinkle in my eye and in the blink of an eye you were there

But it seems like something's wrong.

Everything is real for me,
Even if it's just for a moment

And it bothers me a lot,
with each passing sleep is the time only that I can be able to be with you.

It always scares me
That reality will strike me as I wake up

Because no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put,

I can never call you because the gap between imagination and reality is beyond measure.

Because the word you and I are just a fiction.

And it's my mistake  claiming you without permission.

That I loved so much even though my mind knew it would never happen.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
How I wanted you so badly
How this pity words rush out to change your mind
How I longed having, be able to hug you once again?
Watching those rogue waves attack the shore how cruel of me thinking I’d grip you so tight
so right that I’ll never see you taken away by those currents
As much as I keep rushing to reach you enjoyed the salty environment that he fed you,
I waited and waited
For minutes,
For hours,
For days,
but all I had was silence and with the absence of your words I took it as an answer,
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Sweetie, a love where one gets hurt doesn’t exist
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
"I wanted you to love me, but I don't think you will."
Oh! How have I longed to tell you these words still.
No matter how scared I am of the answer,
My overflowing feelings is the only thing that is clear.

Putting these emotions to words is so frightening,
But somehow I can't stop from smiling.
The happiness brought by our encounter,
Kept me praying for it to last forever.

I wanted to look into your eyes,
But my eyes were filled with cowardice.
I didn't want to know that you didn't love me,
And live the rest of my life sad and lonely.

So that day, I kept loving you without getting hurt.
Because I knew, my feelings won't ever be returned.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I contained all  my reasons, hope, and expectations
in my third layered mask.
So no one will see and interfere,
  and as all my wishes turned into ash.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I was trapped in that nightmare again, my nightmare didn’t happen just once.
It’s not just an ache that is curable by medicine.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 15
It was the silence that understood my heartbeat, and it has its own life racing like its the last minute.

For quite so long it felt like a ghost, scarry and unseen until love arrive,
Moments likes this never felt the same,  leap through time, and a sip of eternity made it longed for more,
Hoping there would be an exquisite kind of love, without the possibility of shatter,

How it feels to be loved,
Felt it before, and  forgotten how it  feels.

Learned something more valuable that
Love is greater than words, and that is the reason silence is involved.

That not all poems needs to rhyme sometimes all it takes is you.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Loving you is explicitly uncontrollable
Silence and solitude will tell you what how you really are,
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 21
If only I didn't look at your eyes; It would have been easy.
If only I didn't bask in your warmth; It would have been easy.
If only the heart didn't whisper your name; It would have been easy.
If only I didn't love you too; It would have been easy.
The moon was my guide
On a late glum night never let me be swallowed by the dark,
The trees watch as I pass an Unending narrow roads,
The footsteps keeps the silence at bay.
The heart kept me warm and strong
How would you tell your lost, when you already Mislay it all.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
My knees are trembling,
My mind going Insane,
My is breaking.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I really hate the way you make me look stupid and jump the gun,
I don’t know what more can I do, I’m still a failure will always be.
I always thought I can escape my own nightmares,
I thought I can.
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 23
It doesn't mean that it matches it's gonna be Perfectly fit, sometimes it burns Bright.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Lately leaving doesn't matter anymore;
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Loved so many ways,
Revolted a couple of times,
Cried more than I know,
Forgive in many different ways.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Explicit kind of love,
being honest is good but it doesn't help sometimes
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
It was just a best song to remember you:
Maybe the stars can unravel all the episodes of the Misfortunes in life,
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
We once known the meaning of happiness and how it makes us feel we own the world.
Lonely leaf,
Swings the pain away.
Dancing with the wind and rain.
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 26
Happiness walked out cuz sadness ****** her everytime.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
She’ll rise, against the odds with a head strong attitude and a good knocking smile.
Bloodyrabbitt Feb 17
When I die tonight, the moon will be my guide, the stars will be my wake,
Rest assured I’m in safe hands so don’t worry about me anymore.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Who wouldn’t want an honest one with a warm sweet tongue, with a texture of a big devoted heart.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Is it enough,
Just to love ?
Is it enough,
just live to fullest?
Is it enough?
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Our story started as a fairytale and ended as the most unexpected unhappy ending.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Under the possession of the endless blue.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
An, the sadness of loss aches again;
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
It’s not that I hate it,
I just wanna feel less devastated.
Bloodyrabbitt Feb 19
We are aware of the situation, we know our goal. We know we will be facing difficulties and we know we have to be strong to achieve our goal.
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 13
She always has those killing smile.
With a terrible lying eyes.

She can be tough and rough, but too easy when it comes to love.

Her presence was like a safe haven,
A keeper,.
A savior,
So things won't further fall apart.

She cries and laugh,
to elude the sting and smile like nothings happening.

She lost so much,
But still willing to give more away

Understands that thorns supposed to protect her,
without any complaints on how she is Bruised Every time.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Days like this still knocks me of my feet.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
Moving on isn’t forgetting,
Moving is being able to remember without hurting.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I thought the pain was no more, but seeing you made me unsure.
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 18
If I can only muster the words, the guts to tell you.
If I can say it easily without being cowardice with those velvet eyes.
You see I’m a man of my words but I also get tongue tied.
So please be kind and tell me how you feel about me cause it’s making me nuts.
Some, will you just say it. Just be you. Tell her what you feel.
But you see when things get hard, I always ******* ***** things leaving me blank.
I’m just afraid.
Afraid of rejection,
And telling you how I feel is just an option.
Look at me a coward, simple words but I can’t tell you,
I maybe be a coward will not tell you how I feel but deep inside I’m The Who cares loves  you more than you know.
prayed for you when someone else wouldn’t.
I’m afraid.
Afraid that I’ll be a burden, a person that will not give what you want, be what you want.
But I promise you even if this love is unrequited I’ll still care cherish you the most and be the man you’ll run even if it’s against the world.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
Tears only leave my eyes dry and hurt me.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
It's easier to say I love you specially when you mean it the most,
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