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Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I know the grief of loneliness,
Of how dreadful is sadness,
But all is well.
Bloodyrabbitt May 18
Yung feeling na andito naman sila para sayo, pero hindi mo padin maramdam.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
the Moon bleeds seeing you cry,
the Sun  is dying to see you smile;
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
You're all you,  and pictures are all I have left.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
You keep that mask every time, and tell yourself that you are fine, but you know deep down. You need saving from that sea of sadness.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
We once known what was the meaning of happiness, and how it makes us feel we own the world

Until that smile fade and all out expeditions had gone down a face were once filled with compassion and love now it's just a dull run down pile

I suppose the world will run out of time, maybe the failure of the past can change and the future can unfold it's story

For these memories we shared, the happiest feeling we felt will be a Memento as we part our ways in the abyss.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
I keep my hopes up, knowing one day
One day.. happiness will fill my emptiness inside.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 31
When you leave,
My tears will fall, my dreams will be dull, my heart will blow, my life will crawl;
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
journey we started
                       Is just a prelude to everything.
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
Love is not a test,
Then why cheat?
Bloodyrabbitt May 29
Today my Neverland seems to be dark and cold,
the forest got scarier and all the fireflies been hiding for quite a long time.
But I can do is accept it,
it feels like hell driving your own life to its course, but you have always a choice right?
Either you turn left or right and yet still feel the same.
Telling myself to live life to the fullest, pleasure all the given moments, I think  you call  it being happy,  but all this memento of happiness will just shatter, all it takes is just a single pain maybe its small but grows in a nick of time,
I insured my myself all this tiresome **** will be gone it only needs a rest. Each night would feel a torture thinking all the Stupidest things that I did.
  Just wiping the tears away telling myself I'm strong just like God planned,
  i just woke up feeling that I couldn't handle it anymore, but again i still have a choice it's either be threatened by myself or I could disappoint all my demons.
Each day i  start to seek all my strenght and will to go on, searching  someone to talk maybe have some a little bit of company or rather have someone that can do a little saving.
silly me been  expecting too much from people again.
Cause nowadays people often see you as normal in every aspect happy and Kickin, little do they know I'm broken, too far broken.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Life has been always a mystery, and it unfolds unpredictably.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Narrow roads intertwine as she seeks answers for her twisted life;
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 21
When you care bout things, it always ends up wearing you out.
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 17
Is it suppose to make you happy?
This days aren't inexplicable.

When least expected, clowns should show up anytime right.

But waiting are for nothing aren't they .

Another lonely birthday tho.
I wanted to be all the things you ever loved,
But it seems like everything you love is a bargain for something else.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
:Self love isn’t selfish:
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Tryin to be responsible but
It was too late.
Vices are just outlets,
Tears are regrets,
Silence is an answer,
Dying was an option,
Anxiety is the bullet,
Depression is the trigger,
Death was the antidote.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
Sometimes laughing too much can cover the sadness in you.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
After all the things you've done,
I really tried, I really do Just to understand you.
But it's the heartache that doesn't go away
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 10
He himself has a cell, it’s been always in the dark,
chained by his own desire.
As a penance, In order to make it look like nothing’s falling apart.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
For a long time in my life,
    I have sought comfort in poems and songs.
To heal wounds and hide scars
     feel haven for just a brief moment
Be free of the agony and terror
      brought by a brute reality.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
I wish all your expression were so transparent.
Bloodyrabbitt Oct 18
That magic touch,
Mostly made out lust

Inch by inch with a silent hush,  a pleasure where mostly wild emotions crash

Sweet talks with ***** task, such a diffirent form of love.

Beneath the ribs get what's it's really desired, fed by the Thoughs and ***** mind.
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 10
Tears paved the way out of my pain and suffering.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Where do our hearts go, when our chest is too cold for it to be called its home?
Lost in this loneliness, I wandered alone...where do I find you?
I sought peace as if it was air.
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 10
Lonely leaf, just dancing off the pain, swinging together with the wind and rain.
Must we always have to end and say goodbye
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
When you love someone, you also give them the power to hurt you.
Bloodyrabbitt Mar 10
A game with no rules bound
A game that you will play for free
A game that you gamble with your heart
A game that you will fall apart
Bloodyrabbitt May 13
Come on, i hate being the part where i alway ask where to set my boundaries.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
She's hurt and she cries
But you cant see the depression in her eyes
Because she simply smiles.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
One day this pain will make sense to you.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Nothing seems to matter anymore,
The more I find personal space
The more I am consumed by loneliness
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I saw you again in my dreams last night and it really felt so real,
Bloodyrabbitt May 16
Single is the whole definition of me.
You look fine to them,
a delight,
how long do you have to wear a mask in front of them.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
I’d never love beyond my limits, And here you are dragging me out.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Smoking cigarettes can **** you, it could also comfort you;
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Cigarette always taste better during rainy days,
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
My sadness was suddenly accompanied by pouring rain.
Trust me, when you think the life You own is full of **** Honey, trust me it's not the worst case scenario. It'll twist you inch by inch then ***** the whole ****** You.
Bloodyrabbitt Dec 2018
“If you lost so much, why are you so willing to give more away?”
Bloodyrabbitt Jan 12
Sweetie, a love where no one gets hurt doesn’t exists.
Someone's screaming, can't you hear it?
Someone's  aching, can't you feel it?
Someone's  drowning, can't  you see it?
Selfish mongrel help,
Help yourself.
Bloodyrabbitt Nov 2018
Never gained a lot,
Never had plenty of luck,
What  we wish never comes back..
Oh  how I longed for that.
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 18
When you notice that you always smile even Though it's too much
When you always say I'm fine when it's breaking,
When you say sorry even Though it still Aches,
When you deny your real self to someones help
When you convert all the frustrations to Madness, So, they won't notice it affects you more,
When you  burst into tears just to feel normal when you drink too much with your friends make them think you're too strong to handle all the liquor but deep inside you drink to Mend all the Heartaches and pain.
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