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Nov 2016 · 431
Venusoul7 Nov 2016

I shall make upon a tempest wind,
the howling lore of kin-dling Kin.
Naked as the growling lush,
exposed to gnarling mangle-brush;
cut deep a-depths~ a ghoul's ravine,
a chasm winding labyrinthine.

The cleric scolds the child's eye,
a vision purer shan't comply.
To each and every soul tis own,
the Majesty alone is known;
what cannot speak or read of such,
we walk alone, to staff we clutch.

Such passing is a bent display,
the overarching ******'s ray~
of light and luster gleams too much;
a subtle sense and gently touch.

The Maker's Mark as center thrice;
completed cross and circled square,
a lighter mist must walk you there.
Through hidden and unveiled descent,
the loving heart must twice repent.

So thorough bound~
the Hallowed Ground and dusty gems
wash clean and clear;
transmit the sound~
a vibrant round,
resounding through the atmosphere.

Like patterned rings and symphonies,
resolved upon each leveled wave;
a sonance much like paradise,
a fortitude as bolden-brave.

The House that thrills the Living Word,
enshrouds the saints upon their throne;
whose gardens groom a rich bouquet,
a fragrant mist of plush array;

Illuminates the Sacred Hall,
in reverence of which moves us all;
in song and dance, Eternally,
I leave you here to rest in me.

dedicated by ~||«§V§»||~ to the prior version of me.
~ So never doubt yourself in dancing onward and upward, embrace the experience; have fun and always be kind and generous ~
Jun 2016 · 592
Round upon the Waterwheel
Venusoul7 Jun 2016
Oh great Mystery ~
My Love, a tangled moss.

What gentleness preserves in playfulness,
like silly string~strung thin
along the limitless landscape
that forms the truth of your existence.

For in your mind is the treasure seen,
in your vision is bliss obtained.
Through the nature of your deeds,
decides the nature of your salvation.

Till thoroughly the soil of your soul,
for the seeds of your thought bear the sustenance for life.

If the flower be fragrant,
the honey is sweet and the trees be fruitful.
It's branches will extend
into the realm of peaceful spirit,
vast and luminous beyond compare.

Such clarity of light will draw down
the plow of eternal renewal and the
soil will be as rich as the seat of your soul.

Go forth ~
Labor in silence and rejoice
in righteous song and dance.
The fields are rich in vajra potency!!!
Venusoul7 Mar 2016
"You who are the Source of all Power,
whose rays illuminate the World.
Illuminate also my Heart,
so that it too can do your Work."
- Gayatri Prayer

...and so Alas, for all along the way
binding Vision with naïveté
spritely skipping as whilst tripping
blinding Truth in night-less day.

though I raise my Palm in promise
I'm as raptured as the rest
uprooted as the lute to lip
charmingly disarming
as the sounding Sirens drip...

the Nectar,
flowing freely from the Fruit
above the Vine, below the Root. may your Wine flow pleasingly & plenty, drunken Bliss upon the Earth
appealing to the healing of All intrinsic worth.

Like the flower, in it's hour of unfolding
bursting Blossom lips
upon the Altar, pierce my Heart fully open, as the Sun and Moon eclipse.

So through this selfless sacrifice,
release the pains of worldly strife.

...and may the Truth bless us Be
within this briefly Mystic blink
in our Moment of reflection with the Universal wink.

*I raise my Cup to thee All ~Cheers!!!!
"the natural instincts of animals and birds during an eclipse is similar to that of dusk falling, then night-time and then dawn, all within a matter of minutes."
Jun 2015 · 530
Blessings to You All
Venusoul7 Jun 2015
~|•|~ Blessings  ~|•|~*

For the Grace of GOD go I

All Good things
In Love &  Light
GOD is Life
Life is the journey of Change
May your Metamorphosis be Great
I have been Gone to Long
Shall return with new Life and much Love :-)
May 2015 · 636
At the bottom of The Shaft
Venusoul7 May 2015
Just another soft spot to bump a thump for a thud that this time finally, proudly could be the long awaited announcement I'd been searching for.  

A deep and heavy voice boomed in reply, "I am Hollow, how's all abouts the Do for you today my dear?"
I was slightly taken aback by the fine display of manners.
"Oh,me oh my! So deeply obliged, you took a stop with a thought to ask so when I say, don't act surprised."

Since I surely had indeed been the party calling person, I'd better fancy making proper telling of my Name. But before I did me muster up some suiting gumption for a gab , I heard the haunting husk of a raspy kind of gasp, it was Hollow keen to ask me, "have You come about the Shaft?"

I excitedly replied,  "I've been busy bumping thumping thuds all across the Land hoping I would hear a hollow kind of thud coming from the Desert Sands."
But, oh my goodness if I truly thumped my thud in the mud, I wondered must I then descend down that deeply dark and doozy kind of danger way below?

Then it appeared out of nowhere!! I had the Magic Answer in a sing along song with a pocket tight rhythm gots me dancing and a'singing, "There's a piece of a part of the seat of my soul that's awaiting my return at the bottom of this hole. And as I do recall, it was surely you with your haunting Hollow tune and endless droning echo that reverberated my vertebrae so long ago, and so much so that I lost a litte piece of my Soul."

With one final question that I had left to pop, "Is it still with you at the bottom of that drop?? Cause, I've got a grand idea that will bring It to the top. It's a funky fly vibration called Acoustic Levitation!!"

So, I cheered up and down as I swung myself around in a turn to tell to Hollow, "When you kindly wind your voice up the scale from lowest note to high, then my piece of soul will riseth, it will hear my gladdened cry."
It shall float atop the soul note that IS perfectly wrote just for me and my Soul's harmony. It's been such the perfect ending, All's happy and together, at last finally!!!!!!

So never stop bumping for the thump and the thud that is you cause it's really out there somewhere and it's asking, what to do!!!!
Something different:-))
Undertonal references to Osiris Shaft & Priesthood of Anubis
May 2015 · 482
Venusoul7 May 2015
Wide-Open Arms
Outstretched Proud,
Blood Pounding Breast
~•~ I Stand ~•~
So much conviction
resounding at dusk ~
loosed, in layers
abounding, in concentrate
form of unfulfilled
painting the constellations,
dreaming, blue deep of night

un-fold-ing                     c on c en tr ic
     [Un • Open]

E  X   P.   A.    N.      S.      I.       O.        N.

vast yet vulnerable
still I'm nothing but meager,
come dawn, softly upon
craving some reassuring touch,
I fear will never come ~
instead this all will stay,
play, all of it
just out of reach.
Apr 2015 · 936
Venusoul7 Apr 2015
Sit Still


thought comes ¡ thought goes
~ Thar She Blows ~

Sister Beating Heart
to Brother Brain
which to follow to keep me Sane??

Chutes and Ladders to CandyLand
Stick my neck into the sand!
Hungry Hippos
Oh so hungry
Sorry! for th' Monopoly
Guess Who? Philosophy
The Game of Life like Battleships
Palms will twist into tight fists
Twister contortion
Muscle Rips
and all we say is,
"God, we pray"

So I just...

Sit Still


thought comes ¡ thought goes
~ Thar She Blows ~
Warming back up Again!
Hello Poetry!!!
Hello Lovelys!!!!
Mar 2015 · 482
Rumi Wisdom
Venusoul7 Mar 2015
Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.*

This particular verse from Rumi brings a wide grin to my chin and a comforting solice... I instantly feel better about my wild (unconventional) ways :-)
special thanks to John K.
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
Under the Bodhi
Venusoul7 Mar 2015
I cross my legs under the Bodhi tree, sitting
in the sanctity of my well afflicted fortune

I splice the moment’s intermittent air
to drink of the jeweled river cascades
electric plush ~ ripened
to taste like lemonade Nirvana,
puckered up with pleasant chills
flowing through crystalline lattice
works to cleanse my mental palette
with a hint of mint placed on an Other-side
be rest assured the crest rolls atop the tide.

A vacant awareness is aroused from within the
sanctity of my sweet surrender ~
My eyes flutter blissful blinks like flirting butterfly’s
flapping wings resounding good vibrations
across the globe where space rebounds with
positive affirmation of the little girl with wet eyes,
smiles wide, an outstretched palm placed firmly
in a mother’s hand, how safely she's returned,
perfectly as planned.

I celebrate this victorious vision inside my skull
with grunting cheer and a third eye sneeze ~
my air fills with a burst of vision mist coating
my recollections piece by piece holistically,
light as a photon beam phasing in for safe landing,
strapped back in my body for leave of meditation.

I rise out from under the Bodhi tree, in my sanctity
of well afflicted fortune and give a thankful bow
for the good outcomes of the day.
A meditating monk with an uncanny butterfly effect
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
I gaze outwards, hoping to eye
the secret source of my amazement...

Such a subtle notion to be keenly aware of
my concentration whispering soft to me
like wonder washing over the clear eyes of a child.

Standing in the midst of a wild garden,
lost in thoughts and knee-high daffodils
rising to the occasion,
pacing the breeze in celebration
of concentric release and liberation.

The tone of my attention flows outwards
drifting in the vortical tumble
of wisping moments and spiral smiles
only a kissing kind of nature could spin
so effortlessly across the dusky horizon’s curving finesse.

Propelled into the Painter’s portrait of stars swept canvas
sweeping over my vision with the image
of the wonder-washed child standing in a garden,
gazing outwards from the picture quietly searching
for the secret source of her amazement…
..and I wonder if she sees me gazing back at her?
Feb 2015 · 479
Always on Our Way...
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
Where my heart has once been broken,
it has always been...
the cracks in the pavement have served well
to place a mirror...

Where my mind has been lost before,
it has been found again...
my thoughts have burst forth with
wildflower, and with seed
they have been sown...

Where before my soul has taken flight,
before this time even,
it has flown...

We are given to know destiny
and with fate we are thrown...

But in every image lies a backdrop
which we have drawn...
known and unknown,
it is ours, in the promise of living...

In this life, we are brought into circumstance,
to prevail...

We are each Warriors,
in every sense of the Way...
We have each chosen to lose and to gain,

We are Spirit animated for today...
and every day, again and again
We come back...
Always on our Way...
Bless the brave...You know...the Spirit shall always Prevail..
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
I hope to lead a life that leaves me
with nothing more to give when I die
in the simple sense that I will have
succeeded in giving it all away.
*The less I'll have to trudge with me
to the Other-side, the better....
One of Some of the funnier introspective thoughts and wishes I imagine occurring in the mind of a rightfully tired old soul, upon reflection on yet another life lesson survived successfully.
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
Immaculate moments of Mystery,
be my thoughts for me as
I stay motionless in
your Magnificence,
Invisible in your Absence

Please guide my hands
to soothe and to heal,
my heart to know and to feel
with great Capacity
for the Totality in
the Essence of your Presence.

May I live with purposeful intent
beyond the confines of the self
to grasp with great intensity
the gravity of Eternal Love,
binding order in the Chaos,
Cohesion of the One....
Omnipresent Mind....
Incomprehensible Thought,
into You I swear to forever seek,
until Dual is undone and
the Heart shall rejoin,
before the beginning and
back to the One.*

Ishq Noor ~
Feb 2015 · 888
In the eyes of the beholder
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
I arrived into this world
already overwhelmed
unsteady, my eyes reflected deep pleading and worry,
"I'm not sure I'm ready, are you sweet mommy?
Either way we're stuck with each other, best of luck,"
said I to my mother.

I spent my childhood creating sanctuary
in my world of make-believe
so very often I would retreat
to my inner realm of fantasy.

I spent so much time just dancing around
to my own self composed symphonic sounds
I would improvise in my mind
but if not lost in that endeavor
I'd march about feeling clever making up stories to speak on the spot
to read aloud from any book
cause I did not care what the words might read
I'd spin my own tale as I pleased

Still in this way , I overlay
a touch of magic into my days
it makes it possible
the supernatural to coincide with what my eyes perceive what my mind believes to be reality.

So when the night falls
gently over me, I lay peacefully
my body and the spirit of my soul departs easily
into the realm of innocence where all that is has always been and always will be
the ineffable thought of infinity.

When I wake to begin again
I understand the master plan
is co-creation
in the dance of Life.
Beautiful and tragic,
but always magic
nothing appears as it seems
when everything
is but a dream.
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Cat of many Colors
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
Deep Mystique in calico coat
Stealthy Strut as if to gloat

Diamond Eyes
to bend the world to her might
just enough to satisfy
her kitty curiosity

She's mindful and sharing
playful and daring
by winking and staring,
she puts her prey under her spells,
like Pavlov's dogs to ringing bells.

Be careful if you are guided in to cuddle or to coo
If she decides to change her mind, there's nothing you can do!
A tricky personality and god-like gusto
Never underestimate or you'll say, "Uh-Oh!!"

She's definitely a different breed
Not like all the others
I love my feisty feline,
She's my Cat of many Colors.
I adopted my first ever Calico cat last fall to join my little pride of Tabby cats. She definitely had her own style compared to tabby behavior. Of course she quickly took on the dominant role and showed the others how it's done...
Feb 2015 · 788
Cosmic Raze
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
We are the Children of the Sun,
Sister to Moon,
unyielding to none

Rushing gracefully to outrun
the warring tug of our orbit
brutish and unrelenting
naught to be forsaken

We are tokens of synergy
an Ocean of Energy
flaring flames of Inferno
waiting, imminently
we promenade 'cross spaceous sea
to engulf the fragile faun in flight
Hell hath no other to share this night

We are the dark and undetected
electrically affected
magnetic resonance of the One.

*~ forever we will be the Children of the Sun ~
A poem about cosmic radiation and other space things that go bump in the night sky
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
The human mind is running
the latest software upload
of this paradigm shifting program~
that calculates genetic algorithms
into vast patterns of random regularity
birthing the seeds of intelligent transformation
by out-solving itself
upon a flowering field~
of continuously evolving functions
displaying fractal solutions of subtle nuance~
braced in between a boundary of infinitely opposed edges.

...the Universal Mind does this in every dimension for an eternity.

I simply cannot complain about the aches in my brain
out of a shear respect for the absolute profundity of the situation.
I've started reading quite a stimulating book called, "The Singularity is Near", by Ray Kurzweil.  
I haven't made it to pg. 100 yet but was inspired to attempt to summarize the main idea in the verses above...Enjoy:-)
Feb 2015 · 467
Soft, the touch...
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
Soft, the touch of arching lips dancing

Plush, the blossom petals bloom

Often for you darling...

Bright, the shine of new skin reflecting

Wholesome youth tender to view

Playfulness assuming...
...before it blows away
Feb 2015 · 920
the muse of music
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
I used to bang on fretted strings
frilled out chords and pretty things
I closed my eyes and let it flow
no boundaries did imagination know

I still can feel the rising rush
of blood electric through my veins
reminisce of all the chains
I've busted through
me and my crew
we did the do and so much more....
out of this world we did explore

through the sound, through the music, through the sound, into the mystic, so profound, to feel the music...

in our blood, hearts of lust
a musician's kind of kindred trust

i miss those days...

I sometimes weep inside
I hear a verse and groove the vibe
but something inside me knows it died

A life once lived, so true...
so true
That life I lived is through...
so through

But still I keep an acoustic propped against my wall
in case that the muse of music does call...
*please call
I feel like I've lived so many different lives...please tell me someone feels the same...
Feb 2015 · 574
Sudden Impact
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
So very fast
traumatic Impact
total White Out
shook out from me
what's left of me
is now

Once what was
well-oiled cogs
still miffed
by the *****
Sudden Shift-ing.

I raised up from
my Chest Cavity
in a Mist ~
my Primal Scream.

This wasn't
a dream
but rather
some kind of
film flickering

howling beast,
Blood Lust

Wipe up these wounds
and earthen dirt,
Arise, Re-connected.

Focus on the life inside
~to see You through~

Stand up Staight and Proud


Head held High


Only the Strong know why~

would not
Shake Away~

with You
It stays


Please keep an awareness for those who have experienced Sudden Impact / Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD. They are changed by the experience. Share a kind Heart and Smile with them/us even in the midst of the struggle to readjust.
Feb 2015 · 884
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
the trees gush every time you're around,
the song of your sound is the best thing in town,
the heat from your feet melt the snow on the ground

the wind whistles a warmer rushing movement
expanding out from the flush of your touch
twirling, twisting and reminiscing
this double helix kind of feeling

I'm sewing the growing knowing of rhythm around into a flowing ballroom gown
blushing a crimson kind of steam under the spotlights in my dream ~
when curtain calls as morning falls,
I take my bow and change of scene.
Lucid dreams are wonderful for a lot of reasons...I personally like the out of body sense of control...however strange the sense of direction I seem to take a narrative...I often will play out many potentialities of a situation just to drive my self into a tizzy, it seems...and then I wake up...head-scratching, glad to end the iterations.
Feb 2015 · 563
Womb of my Room
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
It's dark now
in this room...

My heart is
stiller than
it was...

The hushed
rush of
warming airs
rising up from
inside there's...

I'm not often
with comfort
within these skins
I'm ins...

I sometimes
feel a rolling
like spinning
on pristine

Only the tire
are in my

and it feels
a tad bit
my skins
the quiet
of this dark, warm
womb of my room

*still the rising airs of burned rubber smells quite badly...
I'm sharing some personal....I feel more in my body and able to access the symptoms of living after a good workout at the always...Enjoy
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
In the Caves of Ellora
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
~ I dreamed a dream yet still it seems
a life of deja-vu ~

Kings & Queens
Scripted leaves of Velveteen
Picturesque & Celestine

My honor lay in balance
of the Two
was I to marry??

I am in love with a Lady of the Jeweled Fauna
Yet bred of royal dread,
be deemed to marry
the one and only appointed Queen.

I died alive
from the tears I cried
I heard the voice
of Heaven sigh,

the Sky is Wide
Reflected in your Eyes"

Tear through the Veil to the Life you decide...
I fled from the Halls of Ajanta
through the caves I arrived at Ellora.
I threw down my Crown
and turned back around...

Then suddenly,
just like a Switch
the nakedness of Flesh on Flesh.
Sliding in
I pushed, She pulled
On top
from the back
We rocked, then rolled
in our Song
we were lost
as we echoed
the Caves with our Love.

Not Once or Twice
My honor lay in balance
of the Two
was I to marry??

*~ I dreamed this dream yet still it seems
a life of deja-vu ~
Had some very involved dreams last are the parts I would dare to share...enjoy :-)

*quotation taken from a lyric by the PainTeens, "Manouche".
Feb 2015 · 678
Toroid Cannibals
Venusoul7 Feb 2015
Were it motionless moments of Vacuum,
a nowhere Awareness,
a blackness of Space.

so full of Color yet self-contained,
where toroid cannibals feast on each other
never satiated nor satisfied~
Nothing is leaving and Nothing goes in.

this is a place in my memory,
a chip in the wood.
Devoid of a thought worth conceiving,
a sleepless hollow,
deprived yet still not Broken.

This is my precious serene,
a darkness deflowered,
a Secret no more.

Loudspeaker Monsters Awaken
Food as fodder for feed in their gullet.
Pronounced for Announcement
I proclaim to the World.
Jan 2015 · 518
Rotation (FULL Spin)
Venusoul7 Jan 2015
Rotation is Optional*

What makes up the Dance of the Spin?
Whence to forth have came of This from?

What happened to have Spun
such a Spiral to arise
~ Entwined ~
of such likes as this kind?

From the Void of Shadows,
~ unspeakable Bliss ~
what only Knows of this depth's Abyss?

I decline,
this current paradigm
make to rumble
thus impending Rise
would grow beneath
to tremble the ground
of outgrown belief.  

I weep in prayer
on bended knee
before the alter of
the quaking Core.
If not the many visions before,
mine have eyes once forseen.
Then from the Sacred Secret
it's Truths have been.

When the Wings of the Mother
are rightfully addressed,
our tears will flow
bring heave to our chest.
It is then, will we contend
of what such Powers
we provoke & offend.

Then do we enter
without Vision in Center,
the Dance of the Spin?
For surely we fall Dizzy
Heavy our State...

Flux will Flash
if not with the Flow
that throes asunder
now thrash and grow,
stronger than this
only One we all know.
With Hope we pray
for what we sow
but She is all that's left to Go...

Of what I speak I dare not Know
Repost of my very first poem on HP
This poem references Egyptian Mythology and Spiral of Life.
Venusoul7 Jan 2015
Into the Clearing
I make note
Of the uninterrupted
Brightness, Unbroken

This makes for instant
naked at best

Interim testing ground
Stop and take a look around
When Elements invade
The private places object
Unknowing of the merging
Of a natural nature unto itself

Oh, the soft and sacred
Whispers softly unto
Those with ears to hear
Let the mystery of the Holy
Slowly unfold for thine eyes
Once distracted from the
Wonders of my Wooded

Here stands You,
untethered by the
Winding ropes
Of illusive lore

We no longer care for There,
Now that we are here
It is Here
where we Refuel and
Recenter for our next

Choose with careful
then Commit
This is It
Next Lesson
Or Level
I will revel
From my
Place of Power
And Knowing*

Journey Onward my fellow Wayfarers :-)
Venusoul7 Jan 2015
And in the beginning, there is a cry unto the void as black as night ~ before the word is spoken...this is her story of Creation.

She had been punctured from the inside~
and Her shattered Core harnessed the wailing waves of this Primordial Mourning.
Into violent vibration arose the Creation of this Principle...

We are all but the Sacred Wounds of Her Original Innocence

It's not the Sound...It never was the Sound~
It's what I heard before I fell back into this All again ~ so Now all the Things I've Lost~ I find It All in Time...
I can't pretend It anymore.

It's not always in this Place to Go and Live and Lose and Love and Be All that ever was...
~See ~

No one tells You anymore what to expect so You just have to guess and You guess...and You get what You get.

But You won't know what You knew before...Oh No.    


That's restored to Everything that could ever have been explored..

And You fell to It All again because You knew It was something that you would have to find..

Lost in the Rhythm again...Love...
No one but Eye could be able...too wrapped Inside.

And Gone...Emeraldly
And Gone In...A Head

And I fell again to Heavens Dance ~
to Heaven's Bed.

I guess I took out of my Heart...
I guess It made Itself known why I Love You so~

Nothing here pretends to know ~
it just goes on and lives and grows and knows that it falls back to its Heaven...


...and Heaven begins again.

Never, Never did It end too long to go back again...No!
~too long to know that Nothing lasts Forever.

Just your Soul...just your Holy Sigh, You leave the rest behind because You can't refine and You can't resign in this
until you've lost your Heart~


The broken pieces You can find went Home~
...Are never's just to find them again...That's All.      
A repost from the beginning...
Venusoul7 Jan 2015
From the fires in the sky,
births a flash of brilliant insight...
spiders down into a fork
of arms and legs.

Quick to intimate in the echoes
of her startled repercussions
when she mumbles rolling rumbles
as the thunder claps a splintered
aftershock of sharp distinctions
in her wide, awakened sky…

“You will hear me cry,
when upon my weary weight of burdens
raze a scar across the scape
of my freshly sheared horizon.”

“Unto you, I shed my sorrows as a blessing
down onto an eager and accepting Earth.”

Awaiting with open arms of a Mother
kneeling to embrace her mournful babe,
drinking hurried tears freshly fallen from
the cheeks once forsaken….

“As reward for your rescue from
my ripped and rattled rapture,
you shall bear the ripened fruit
from the prairies and the vine.”

“Out of the greatest growth
shall sprout abundance from
the heavy laden secrets
that I weep.”

“I will know of the comforts from below
that remain ever vigilant and faithful.
In return, you shall share in the
treasures of my mystery.
In the tears that I cry
live the sustenance for life
and for death…and in both
you will come to know
the Glory of my Story.”

Yet for now we must part
for the time being in return,
we will dance with the darkness,
come to life and rejoice
in the fires from the sky…

*...until appears a lighted lantern
with a lesson of the Gnosis
from the Fire in the Sky.
fun fairy tale to tell....
Jan 2015 · 414
A Sight for Seeking
Venusoul7 Jan 2015 therein
           within flys
my Wonder-vaulted

I return the Call to my Attention

...­and it is Here, My Dear
           that I could
care to dare to bare the Stare
           from where
the Heart-Center feels so

I close the windows of my Soul
            to Open wide the
Doors inside
            for Me to See
my Hopes and Dreams

Of lapping tides
rhythm like
                  this Be my Sight
        Everywhere and all Around

Beyond the old, into the New


             ...*I search for You
Seeking what I wish for, I need a heart centered focus and concentration.
Jan 2015 · 461
who Am i??
Venusoul7 Jan 2015
Who am I that seeks to know
in relation to another
the self I wish to identify,

when it is only from the larger
scope of living Earth
I feel not a need to compare…
though contrast of Elements
exist and mix to many of
varied form and kind,

that each constitutes the All
Is known through the One

and from this view
what makes of relation but
an ancient natural Knowing
from which the Spring moves
forward the River that
flows out to Sea.

A Body much bigger need not compare…

into all parts shall flow the living Life
from this Reservoir,

so what more must we search for
from an Essence beyond compare…

when the answers we seek to know
have always been there.

*in difference yet alike
I grow tired of the self doubting that circulates in and out of my mind...questioning every idea of who i am.
I must remember it is not through the incessant comparisons I try to make that any real understanding of my true essence will ever be found.
Dec 2014 · 509
We Fall and Rise in Love
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
Fall back into the flow
just let go
of your
Vortical Love
Tumble tuck
Drop kick down
the vacuum
Sea of me
Be Free
with our bodies
Sacred Space
In descent naturally

in all four
Aspects of Me.

Perfectly positioned friction
to spark ignition of your
fire spinning crimson
Cosmos Creation.

I will hold you tight always
never to fall too far
from my Embrace.

Then upwards in my arms
you go rising round and round
soaring swiftly up through space
climbing to your Peak of Power
Falling perfectly in Place.
and it keeps going and going and going and....
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Silver Waterfalls
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
Clouds roll by overhead
Like giant rays coast a dried up ocean bed
Dancing winds blow a parody
Of swirling currents in a long forgotten sea

Shimmer glimmer shimmer on me
Oh the sparkling souls of dreaming children call
Shimmer glimmer shimmer on me
Oh in streets that shine like silver waterfalls

In your eyes in the skies
In the blood burning Indian sunrise
Shimmer on me

We were here long ago
And now we roam like ghostly buffalo
First two lies then two tears
Subtle curves, now glistening souvenirs

Shimmer glimmer shimmer on me
Oh the sparkling souls of dreaming children call
Shimmer glimmer shimmer on me
Oh in streets that shine like silver waterfalls

In your eyes in the skies
In the blood burning Indian sunrise
In sleep we grow

In your eyes in the skies
In the blood burning Indian sunrise
Awake and glow

Shivering in silver waterfalls
Anoint me in silver waterfalls

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Silver Waterfalls Lyrics
hear this !!!!
Dec 2014 · 328
Untidaled 7's
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
"Undercover, Underwater

maybe then we can discover
the hidden secrets drifting
in the depths...
letting go of our old identity,
creating a new One.

Maybe when we lose ourselves,
what we lost can then be found...
searching quietly
for treasures in the tides
becoming One with the waves..."*

Within and Without.

- Norstar7
Venusoul7's other half talking to her present future self in the comments section of YouTube.
If you haven't checked out Underwater by Bassnectar yet...Do It!! :-)
Then if you want read Venusoul7's inspired interpretation of that musical eargasm in poetry piece titled Too tough to go deep??
Thank You and Happy New Year to Each and All on HelloPoetry!!!!!
Dec 2014 · 498
Caught in a Moment with You
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
Sprinkle some Happy
all over my Body

Silly times feel so fine

Squinty eyes and rosey cheeks
belly laughs and tiny leaks
A rolling Laugh so sizable
My state has changed
to Condensate

makes my frozen face feel
like a visage vice
oh how it pulls my skin
sooo tight

Doubled Over
Double back
Reach for me
My luscious Love
Let's find the floor
and Cuddle Up

Release at last...
the pressurized
gasps of groaning

God, how I love
the Wonder that
You bless me with

Today could be the rest
of forever...Together
Dec 2014 · 400
Come to be
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
Come to be
Then in the Night
Redeemer of what is Right
Light up this Love
that you speak of

Be our crescent hint of Hope
What else remains...remains
Of this time and space
feeds sustenance like
Tree sap and Earth


We have Minds
That know no bounds
Thoughts as Sparks
We send them out

On Golden Wings
The Conscience Sings
A symphony of Energy

One Age ends
Another begins
No more
will the horror
carry over

Just resounding ~



Come to be
Then in the Night
Redeemer of what is Right
Light up this Love
that you speak of
In response:
Yes, we all have this moment in history to be Heroes. We claim it when we hold ourselves accountable and in attendance.

I'm off the slippery soap box now...
Thank you for listening.
Dec 2014 · 419
Shifting Faces (Eyes Avert)
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
Ahhh…you, yes You
…You know,
it’s in the motion
in the follow-through
until too
with gravity
hooks that hold me
together much better
leave me
such a tease
to have been baited from
those who rest among
the Placid Pond.

Ahhhh…you, yes You
…You must,
Trust me to breed seeds
wild and much bigger
Sprouting out
from the past
walk-about shoe's
of my grooves
& the steps that I take

Five hundred and twenty eight
hertz a lot sweeter
the more trips that you make
On Love’s circular soundtracks
Another round of aftershocks
& Gods' greatest flashbacks.

Ahhh…you know, yes You…
…You now,
Avert eyes straight
A head of You
Shift faces

Super-vision is suggested
but not yet required
of the diametrically
opposed Divina
to whom you've inspired.
all of Life will rise to surface and come full circle.

A fun free cultured itself without much purposeful direction, however I am rereading and I think I am taking a little lighthearted jab at myself for being such a silly ******...I must laugh or I would cry.
Laughing works for me....
Dec 2014 · 423
Higher Purpose (ten word)
Venusoul7 Dec 2014

I honor my fellow warriors armed with a higher purpose

Rock On
We Shall Prevail
Dec 2014 · 563
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
We gotta Love what we got


This is no Child's Play
"Look to your Orb for the Warning"
Creatures are Crawling

The Horsemen are Coming
Black and White



Come What May
Let Us Pray

Metaphor for a Panic Attack ~ in the midst of the spinning fear, holding on and knowing it's gonna be all good.
that's All folks
*Monster Magnet lyric in quotation
Dec 2014 · 657
The Shift (its Time)
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
I hope You get It
If You don't,
that's Fine.

Collective Conscious
is Shifting.

It's Time

The mole is Unearthed
Faring Fatigue but Healthily

Jolting ball bearing
ignition is stalling
the gears are Intact
the Children are calling
I pray that I feel
when the Spirit
is Coming....

Love Me, I Love You
I Swear it's True
Love You, I Love Me
You do
I do

Dec 2014 · 567
Too mad to be sad...
Venusoul7 Dec 2014 hushed tones of porous
red, eye bled
too much sour fragility
born of nobility's bed

watch me crack Pandora's box
breathe the spirit's aftershocks

I'm wheezing the nauseous
dread instead
the chloroform storm
is brewing

I'm locked and loaded
bloated and bad
oh me oh my
too mad to be sad
Affects of a fuller Moon
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
The time has arrived
to come back correct
to say the things that
remain unsaid

the futile mind
in heaps and piles
can rearrange into files
in cabinet drawers that
go on for miles
slam them shut and
give me smiles

we dance our fingers
over paper pasts
to understand that
nothing lasts and
with this freedom
I build my kingdom
in Honor of...

forever come what may
my shining face will praise
the words I choose to say
Finding peace of mind by speaking our truth.
Dec 2014 · 566
Come Unhinged
Venusoul7 Dec 2014
An inkling of something from nothing has broken free and come unhinged.
I doubt we have stood in line so long just to turn around and come back later.

Who new blue Shew?!?

What's a masked Marauder look like peeking outside her shadows, twinkling like timed Christmas tree lights on an Eve with no presence?

I don't care for 20/20 in a life with no Zen on a scale without balance ranking 5 out of 10.
"Go back to the front!!", scream ten Stone men.

Who new blue Shew?!?

"...just what, why and when??"
black Crow down, caws the cackle of Raven.

I'm sick of being broken
...let me come unhinged.
Nov 2014 · 446
Many Loves and be Merry
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
Happy day to You all ~

friends and lovers
mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers

I extend my many Thanks ~

a feast scent
of well wishes
smiles and sighs
of fulfillment

May You feel radiant warmth ~*

in heart and belly
sing many thanks
to your Loves
and be Merry ~
a thanksgiving piece for every day :-)
Nov 2014 · 2.0k
seeing stars
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
I'm seeing stars
seeing stars
paisley patterned
sparkling stars
quasi quilted
layered quarks
seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
sugar-coated stars
sprinkled Spangled
pavement frost
seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
walking to the
doggie park
stepping along
the shiny
glittery stars
I'm seeing'em
seeing stars
glittery stars
this morning before sunrise walking my dog to the park the thin layer of frost shimmered under the streetlights like glitter mimicking the stars above
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Redwood Wisdom 10w
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
The director yells ~ 《!!CUT!!》

The California Redwoods definitely yell *《¡¡DON'T¡¡》
Sweet Redwoods (be kind)
Nov 2014 · 336
Dark Age Pop (10w)
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
Don't bereave,
Dark secular pop will do that for You.
Apparently there was "Pop" music in the Dark Ages (obviously), often composed for secular services.
Nov 2014 · 523
...and the madness descends
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
Beware: a cautionary tale~*

Is this for you a madness true?
We must find out, do not kick or shout~
Let's let the madness descend....

Realer than the realest scream shrieking into your left and out your right.
It begins quite innocent, your mind's descent still lowly you go in the acrid stench.
Your sensitivities perk and sizzle then pummel down to a grizzly pulp.
Your eyes begin to cry a milky film, a sick white goo for which to see through as objects appear like silhouettes.
Outlines are faceless, places are nameless ~
a ghastly ghostly hollow view.

The horror begins to penetrate your skin, tightens around your brittle spine ~ magnetizing your jello brain, your texture has now become insane. Yet lower and lower you let yourself go, you've left behind everything that you know and crept in its place a circus freak show.

You surely would scream for help but the echoes are piercing your hollow shell in which you dwell grows a thickly and prickly personal hell ~ hardens to form your prison.

This story is cautionary, be very weary and please do not go to this lowly low.
It's not so enticing but rather its frightening now that you know how this gruesome ride goes.

All beware and please take care.
Nov 2014 · 453
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
You are exquisite and lovely
when You laugh
You are wrathful and firey
when You're mad

You are kind and thoughtful
when You touch my heart
You seem small and distant
when we are apart

My eyes stay quite stationery
lest I'm moving through Worlds
My perception's are momentary
as I'm moving through Worlds

The angle of light that strikes my eyes
is neither acute or obtuse
how I choose to see my Worlds
depends on my Point of Views
Everyone sees and feels things differently
This is a good thing for the most part :)
Nov 2014 · 305
Venusoul7 Nov 2014
I'm too tired and deflated
To rise up elated will be belated
Until the sorrow passes through

There are many levels
of healing properly
For this I will take
the Time to do.

Thank You
Healing Trauma takes Time
Honor the Pain properly and it too shall pass through :)
Nov 2014 · 488
Before the Fall
Venusoul7 Nov 2014

*I reckon the autumn wind

bemused yet solemn

a stillness stains the blue

before the fall of crystalline

water drops busily commencing

communities, merging all as One

a more graceful union of individualities

migh'nt ever be lest we take

heed and follow their lead
Nature is the Ultimate Teacher
All things can be learned if we choose
to carefully watch her ways and those of her most innocent creatures :-)
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