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1.5k · Jun 2017
Jaded puzzle pieces
Venga Jun 2017
Kids these days
Are not loyal
All they like to do is quarrel

I have no friends
Dont feel bad
It only makes me a little sad

These jaded puzzle pieces
We are only human
Leads some to ruin

I try to ignore and be patient
I would want forgiveness too
But sometimes your words and actions
Just make me so blue

I thought you were my friend
I guess i was wrong
Its easy to preach what is in a song

As i cry myself to sleep
Ill try to ignore the pain
And i guess not be so vain
1.3k · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
The swan perched its calm head
Above the dewy pond
To show it was there

The other swan fluttered
It’s wings wider
And the sun gazed on her

The perching swan sighed

The other swan sung
It’s enticing song

And the perched swan
Swam away with the widest of wings
The most beautiful voice


No one saw her until the other swan
Went away

And the dewy pond cleared up
A story
1.3k · Aug 2019
Venga Aug 2019
you never know how much
you truly suffer

until you’ve caused your
own sufferings
1.1k · Jan 2
disgusting thing
Venga Jan 2
you know what’s worse than killing yourself

failing at it
975 · Jul 2017
His words
Venga Jul 2017
Why she smiles
Heres the story

She smiles
To make those
Who hurt her
Wonder why
She is

She smiles
To convince
Herself life
Isnt that bad

She smiles
To keep
From sleepless nights

She smiles
To prove
She is happy
When she is not

She smiles
To keep
From darkness
Staining her mind


Smiley girl
972 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
The grey cloud
Stretched the entirety of my
Visible world  

Vacant earth tears made
Themselves known to
My window
Venga Apr 19
I was stuck in the bubble
I kept screaming at the people around me


they couldn’t hear or even see me
I was like the wind
invisible and quiet


I caused a tornado
703 · Apr 2019
The End of The World
Venga Apr 2019
I asked a simple question

“Can I die for you?”

I received a long and hard stare back


I thought about that answer for a long time with the goal of forgiving you. Forgiving you for not loving me, never loving me. Forgiving myself for letting my love grow too much. I wanted to die for you, so you could live. But love doesn’t work like that, I guessed.


His reply;

“I’m already dead.”
I fell in love with an emotionally  dead person
621 · May 2017
Venga May 2017
'I cant help you
If you dont talk'

Maybe I cant
I Silently whispered

It is a swamp
Of silence

Not even my
Can sweeten my pain

My unwarranted

The pain that
Shouldnt exist

Im too young
To know what
Pain is

Too young to
Have scars on my

The sun should
Always be on my
Youthful face

So i move on
Ignoring my
Invisible pain

The scars nobody
Cares to see
536 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
I fell
And felt

And fell a little
More and felt a little more

So far down I fell
And so fast I went

In the deep blue
Vast and unknown

I knew what
Happened at the bottom

But I fell harder
And faster than ever before

At the possibility
That I didn’t know what would

But it did happen
Just like I thought
367 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
She sat in the center
Of the dark world with nothing

Surrounded by a thick fog
Of darkness

Thinking nothing
But knowing pain

I sat there
A little girl

Crisscrossed apple sauce
With nothing

Sitting in the vast and dark earth
Absorbed by the black fog
316 · Feb 14
Upper Left Corner
Venga Feb 14
no longer pushing my

keeping myself for
Venga Feb 17
i’m so disappointed

in my mother

you could call me an ungrateful child

but jesus

all she does is blame me
and create all these problems within me
all these doubts
i wish i could say it’s from myself
but it all goes back to her
277 · Aug 2020
rotten apples
Venga Aug 2020
The world is full of sad people

that’s why it is the way it is
267 · Jul 2020
Rings of Jupiter
Venga Jul 2020
The devil danced
and God blessed him

The angel flew to the ends of the earth
and God scorned him

The devil laughed
and God laughed with him

The angel sought Gods approval
and God became angry

All these things happening on
the edge of Jupiter's rings

The devil and the angel
riding on the edge of
Jupiter's rings
Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.
266 · Dec 2020
Love thyself
Venga Dec 2020
I got used to the feeling

of being loved

because that’s what that random magazine I found online told me I have to do in order to receive it
259 · Dec 2019
lilac white
Venga Dec 2019
full of color
but originating from


poetry is a one of a kind art
unlike anything that draws what the
mind can’t put into a picture
258 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
She opened
A new

And looked for answers in herself

She searched
And searched

All the


Pages stared back
239 · Nov 2020
peace lilies on my desk
Venga Nov 2020
so wish i could read my mom the poems
i’ve written about her

maybe it would bridge the gap between us

come to an understanding

because she doesn’t understand me

nor i her

all i ever do is want her to understand me
but she takes it defensively

it’s extremely numbing and heartbreaking
234 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
I got a feeling



In my stomach

A desire unlike I’ve ever felt before
For you
232 · Aug 2019
the truths and lies
Venga Aug 2019
legs intertwined
and breath drawn

one heartbeat

and the sad fact it was over

rain droplets shadowed the clear

exposing what was there
but could never be
228 · Aug 2019
Venga Aug 2019
veins ran cold
like ice they froze


except the one who was distant
Venga Dec 2020
Being told your opinion

is invalid

is the single handed most
feeling in the world

-my 5 mile long tears
214 · May 2019
Words of My Heart
Venga May 2019
It was the two of us there
On that



We walked to the spot
Destined for us

We sat there
And then we laid there
Cause we wanted too
And because we were bored

Bored teens looking for
On a beach
187 · Jul 2017
Venga Jul 2017
I ponder
All the memories
And space you take
Up in my brain
Worth over 365 days
Wasted space
184 · Aug 2019
7 20
Venga Aug 2019
my heart opened
and i cried

not a typical cry

not a cry for attention
not a cry from falling on concrete
not a cry of happiness

this was chest open crying
translucent tears plastering my face

a raw real with yourself kind of cry
hands break hearts
146 · Oct 2017
Sulking paradise
Venga Oct 2017
Matte feelings
She craved matte feelings
Excluded from the world
Shielded from emotion

What was it like
To be happy
To have it all

The foggy rain
Without a paradise
Is all she knew

She had come to
Love it
Too much
139 · Feb 20
black turned white gas
Venga Feb 20
i closed my eyes

and there i was


in the blink of an eye

everything was white
and i was warm
and i could hear singing

it was a strange place
but a comforting place

familiar place
138 · Nov 2020
Soul Soup
Venga Nov 2020
I spelled your name out
in the letters of my soup

Hoping the universe could tell
I wanted you back

I ate the first letter
then the next
and so on

You lived in my head
free of charge

And you know what I miss the most about you

Your name
136 · Sep 2019
Venga Sep 2019
i’d like to think

there is more to me then the surface
that I can bring joy to lives

I blame others for not willing to try
to meet my deeper person

when my deeper person doesn’t
want to meet others
132 · Dec 2020
flannels and ugg’s
Venga Dec 2020
i became who they were
so maybe they would like me

people called me a “pick me”

but all i wanted was a friend

I tried to be like them so they would accept me
but it didn’t work
125 · Nov 2019
blankets of heat
Venga Nov 2019
i kissed your





but you burned my lips

with the tiny vibrations from your throat

my shriveled lips
and teary eyes were all that was left
118 · Aug 2019
the taste of the sea
Venga Aug 2019
bitter salt
escaped the sea

at the rim of his lips the taste entered

and the saltiness
stung and stayed

for awhile like that in his mouth

like that it stayed
notes from the 98
116 · Apr 2019
40 Volume
Venga Apr 2019
I bleached
That strand till it was blond

With every second that passed

A new identity was manifested
112 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
Have you ever heard yellow words before? They are so bright you just want them to yourself. To surround yourself with yellow words is the epitome of warmth. Say more yellow words and softness will enter people’s minds. Yellow words.
106 · Aug 2019
like the new
Venga Aug 2019
i wanted the classic

“good morning”

i didn’t want money
i didn’t want anything extraordinary

i wanted the classic

“i love you”

i wanted loyalty and trust

i wanted to be wanted

but that is too much
Venga Dec 2020
blacked eyeliner

and creamed pigment under overtired eyes

curled lashes and a wand full of black hope

sprinkles of fragrance crushed the air
that smelled of a combination of the moon and the ocean

exchanged baggy pants for fitted ones to “accentuate my features”

Disappointed in the mirror at the figure reflecting back
Venga Jul 2020
Each wrapper

Each piece of clothing

Each stain on my suede chairs

Each empty deodorant bottle

Each pair of lashes on the dashboard

All these things compiled into my tiny space
So evident of what’s within
My soul
83 · Aug 2020
Angles of a Triangle
Venga Aug 2020
there’s so many things
so little time
so much hate
so little love
so much responsibilities
so little leisure
and so on and so forth
82 · Aug 2019
Venga Aug 2019
“girl it’s ‘hot girl summer,’ don’t get caught up with these ******.”

i understood but that statements was blanketed with unhappiness and insecurity. wanting to have fun but sacrificing so much for it. like drugs and war. we fought for drugs in the wrong places.
82 · Apr 2019
White Dots
Venga Apr 2019
My eye lids bounced
For the first few seconds
When I first re-entered the world

It was quiet

All the thoughts that had slipped

The morning sun rays
Peeked in through my single window
And rested on my plush blanket
The morning routine
79 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
One can only hope for a love

So bright

Annabel lee
And the kingdom by the sea

Robbed of their joy
So prematurely
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s- Annabel Lee
75 · Apr 2019
Venga Apr 2019
You told me to meet you there

                      Under my sheets

Circulating my breath

                        In and Out

You said something to me

                        Some words

They made my heart race

                        The glow from my phone

Evident on the walls of my room

                          Talking to you

Telling me to meet you there
72 · Sep 2019
red arrows
Venga Sep 2019
i’ve been ghosted
way too many times

by guys who didn’t deserve my time
and my energy

i’ve been told i lack
so many things

i’ve been vulnerable
and it was pinned against me

all of these guys
67 · Aug 2019
Venga Aug 2019
spooky season

a simple time for fun

turned out to be the nightmare it should have been
all in the head
67 · Nov 2019
Venga Nov 2019
it’s always easier
to yell


words chew you up
spit you out
and let you dry up

they let you
turn into concrete

and get run over and over and over and over
by cars

the concrete
gets *** holes
and withers away

but that’s easier
67 · Dec 2019
pitch white
Venga Dec 2019
i always sit in this white room alone
thinking of how i’m always trying
to do good
but the lives of those who hurt me are
better off than mine

for some reason I just think i’m not
meant to be here
i don’t belong
and i never have
and i never will
66 · Dec 2019
raining pain
Venga Dec 2019
I write this

my love

in hopes that you do better

your lost right now
and I hope


I pray with every bone in my
small body that you find what your looking for

that thing you
couldn’t find in me

although I know you tried
and I pray you would have

I love u mi amor
te amo mucho

my love
cries from the clouds
63 · Jan 2
Cookie Cutter
Venga Jan 2
Th greatest tragedy

is that someone who has been loved
denies it
63 · Aug 2019
stats from hell
Venga Aug 2019
i knew the outcome
it wasn’t good
but i took the chance
and gave in

rawly left there like
a breadcrumb
that fell off of someone’s mouth

after they enjoyed
their food

worthless breadcrumbs
that get thrown out

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