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Venga Feb 20
i closed my eyes

and there i was


in the blink of an eye

everything was white
and i was warm
and i could hear singing

it was a strange place
but a comforting place

familiar place
  Feb 17 Venga
ive been struck by an eternal love
through every shape and form
i will love you one way or another

i love you
and out of all that i am uncertain of

this will always hold true.
Venga Feb 17
i asked
this question with not a lick of malice on my tongue,

“why don’t you ever look for me or anyone else in this family”

and was met with,

“did i do something to you? is there a problem?”

exasperated and stunned
Venga Feb 17
i’m so disappointed

in my mother

you could call me an ungrateful child

but jesus

all she does is blame me
and create all these problems within me
all these doubts
i wish i could say it’s from myself
but it all goes back to her
Venga Feb 15
My mom grabbed my shoulder firmly

“that’s more like it”

with a sigh of relief

her eyes flickered my body up and down

“those pants do nothing for you” she added

I looked at the pants that once gave me confidence and they became something I hated

not because I actually hated them though

I just hated myself
Venga Feb 14
no longer pushing my

keeping myself for
Venga Feb 11
i walked on the water
in the midst of a gloomy cloud

i walked only but a few steps
to my rock

my getaway and my peace

I sat there waiting for the storm surrounding
to pass by

it was beautiful

i often visit this place
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