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The thunder has crashed so loudly
The lightning has flashed blindly
What the gods wants to happen will happen
You must listen to these warnings.
I know heaven is a mind state,
I've been there a couple of times,
stock in my ways,
so I keeping on falling down

Beggars die, the heavens don't rage like this
Such a storm warns of the death of a king
The poor has no place
In the company of the lords
His ***** body in the market place
Is a proof of rejection by the gods
Cowards die many times before their death
A brave man only die once.

Yesterday a king died
But today another is crowned
Yesterday there was joy
But today there is pandemonium
One knows whom he loves
But the one doesn't know
who actually loves him
So is the way of the world
The difficulties we suffer
Is directly proportional to our actions
That's the way of the world
A world changed by our actions.
The cut off is a fictional poetry that tells about the way of the world and the ugly situations surrounding it...
We only try to escape,
The imminent doom
But closer the date looms,
Why do I die to live,
When I live to die.

The apocalypse of man
Is near and doomsday glooms,
Forever shall come
Like a whirlwind,
And his face frightened in glum
Lies within the heart of man,
The will to live.
What if I was surviving to die?
What if we're surviving to die? Think about it.
The way of man
Shining upon the rose,
lovely the sun rises
over the midday sky.
Without a second thought
the brightest one steps up,
bends the ear on the ground.
And the roll was called up
For judgment Maybe or maybe not 
one can revive from the
death sleeping at the night.
Hearing the sound 
of the homecoming
beloved foot though by
one can't die. 

The blessed Man heard
the sound like that of waters
and was sure it was the Master
From above,
with a voice of thunder
He said,
"The way of man,
Is the way of continuous destruction
The way of man,
Is not the way of God
The way of man
Is the way of condemnation,
The way of man;
Took away the joy of the world
The way of man is treacherous and  deceitful."

Man woke up in a city
That couldn't sleep
Burning and ruins everywhere
He remembered
They say Hell from Heaven
Will come soon
And he replied
The Master above,
"This is me a man
My ways are evil
My path dark
yet with a little glimpse of light
It shows when I crack
The ways of man
A beautiful vessel filled with doom."

The ways of man,
Of folly and good evil;
Where love is made to hurt,
And souls slain for dough.
As greed adorns him,
Lies lay a bed,
And his shadow digs the grave.
While demons clothe in white,
Angels dance in blacks,
The bare man sings to death.
So the master beneath makes a prophecy;
Let the ways of man exalt me!
Let their blue hearts turn red!
And may their saviour seem weary of them!
Why wonder why man is this way
When prophecies were meant to be fulfilled.
The ways of man, a poetry co-author by Godwin Valentine, Frank Precious  and Oge Umeh, the poets was able to tell how the treacherous ways of man has limited him before his Master and has brought about his fall...
"Why wonder why man is this way, when prophecies were meant to be fulfilled"
                                                  -Oge Umeh
The first two verses was written by Godwin Valentine, the third verse was written by Frank precious and the forth verse was written by Oge Umeh...
***** why are you so cruel
Why are you so cruel to the ones we love
If Only the good die young
I would rather be a Judas to life

Funny how the good die young
And the bad are destroyed
In the lake that beams with furnace
Funny how death made us think
There's no reward for being kind hearted

Instead we'll became
A victim to our fears and pains
A thousand died yesterday,
And more are yet to go
You don't know who's next
Why hid in a nest?

The poets pen is full of dark edges and thought
I was left to write the mystery of live alone,
But then i heard death interrupted
But ***** why???
I'm dedicating this poetry to a late friend, Adaku, She might not be a legend to be remembered but i will forever remember her for being a happy girl and for d smile she puts in everyone's face...
I am an African child
Born with a skin the colour of black
Bright, brilliant, Strong and bold; I'm gifted, blessed and Talented enough to be the best

I am an African child
Sailing far from my home,
traveling to America the land unknown.
Scared and lonely I can only wait,
for the white man I am filled with faith

I am an African child
Sold to the white man
Captured in metal shackles
Work all day and night
I am so afraid
The big white man captured me
Will I survive this?

Often the target of pity
My future is not confine to charity
Give me the gift of a lifetime;
Give me a dream, a door of opportunity;
I will thrive.

I am an African child
Strong, Fearless, Resilient
Son of Eidangbe the Great-Grand father, and Grand father Ugbozorba  the father of Ogudu, and Eluede the father of aziagbemin son of the soil.
Rich in texture and content
Full of potential for a better tomorrow.

© Godwin Valentine 2019
This poetry is a piece about the live And childhood of the the African Child, growing up in the early 80's and 90's wasn't a very good experience for the African child as he was surrounded by so many vices such as slave trade and and human tracking but regardless the African child remains strong, fearless, resilient and full of hope, not letting his immediate environment affect his potentials, the African child is blessed, he is successful and he is the real definition of childhood, and I'm proud to be black and I'm proud to be an African... The names on the last verse are my ancestral African father's names originated from ancient city of Benin...
  Oct 5 Godwin Valentine
I come to them with a question
they speak to me subtly, quietly
often in silence
their insights flow as they are understood
as above, so below,
as within, so without,
they tell me
all is not outside of yourself
That night someone killed me
No weapon, No blood
But teary eyes full of pains
Lips sealed, soul screamed

If you could read my mind
You'd see a thousand paper
Filled with broken peotry
And deadbeat proses
Full off woeful verses
With mornful of unfinished stories

Just a few words
"You deserve someone better than me"
That night a special person
Turned into a Stranger.
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