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S Apr 2021
You are a bright light
that filled my dark heart;
You disappeared as fast as you came.
Though you were there
only for a short time,
the light that you spread during your stay
will last for a lifetime.
S Apr 2021
What if,the tree didn’t shed its leaves
in the fear of looking ugly?
It would be breaking the hearts of all those thieves
Who wished to capture that scene for an eternity.
What if,the star didn’t want to be seen
‘cause it felt intimidated by the moon?
It would be letting down that person who was keen
On wishing upon it for things to bloom.
But the tree chose to shed its leaves
And it became a beautiful masterpiece.
The star chose to keep its insecurity aside
And helped its believer and his fortune collide.
What if I decide to conquer my fears?
Maybe I’ll be remembered for many more years.
Facing your fears will let let you glow,
After all a hurricane is followed by rainbow.
S Jan 2021
My heart waits for something

Something that can fill it

At least by 1 percent

My soul aches for something

Something that can reduce this agony

At least by 1 percent

I long for the feeling of something

Something that can make me live

At least by 1 percent
S Jan 2021
Before you,

I was hiding in a shell

A shell made by the regrets

On which my demons dwell.

After you came,

You shattered that shell;

Making me realize that my life

had been everything but mine…

Before you,

I was trapped and choked,

I never dared to look my demons in the eye.

Let alone raise my voice.

After you,

I aimed an arrow right at the demon’s heart;

I raised my voice high -So high

that all the hisses were drowned.

Before you,

Though I didn’t live, just survived

I could see my carefully controlled future.

I was relieved and maybe satisfied.

After you,

My present seems like a complete mess;

My future is totally blurred,

And my past became a distant land, in a faraway galaxy.

After you came,

I was hurt again and again.

So often that my wounds never seemed to stop bleeding;

So often that I was sure I would be covered with scars…

By the time I realized, what was happening

We were already in too deep.

You left me; I was alone

nursing my wounds, each wound

a painfully beautiful memory.

That was when I began to wonder,

If the demon was just trying to protect me

maybe the demon cared for me, in its own way.

Maybe I’m too naive to realize that.

But even after all those realizations;

Even after all those scars and lies;

I couldn’t turn my back on you

Like a fool I ran back to you.

You were relieved when I returned

I’m glad I behaved like a fool.

‘Cause after being back, I understood

how broken you are.

When I looked closely, I noticed

that all that beauty of yours that I was drawn to

was covering all the scars and pain

you had to endure.

I believe that together, over time

we will heal each other.

With a bit of love and care,

I can put back all your broken pieces

And you can cover all my scars.

You have the capacity to bring out

the worst in me;

And you did do that.

I have the power to bring out

the best in you;

And I will keep doing that

‘Cause whatever souls are made of

yours and mine are the same

Our lives before each other

were…were beautiful disasters.

And now after each other…

I think it’s just…After;

— The End —