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*****, *****, I **** *****
***** get ****** when I **** *****
No ifs and’s, and/or buts. I **** *****
I **** *****

Nice girls are nice but no good for nut-*******
They'll need a serene night to green-light a **** *******
But that'll be easy with ****** old **** *******
Boo to the nice girls. Praise be to **** *******!

I have a list. A list? Yes
A list of all the ***** I've missed
I've never ****** or ****** these *****
And thus my nuts are ******* ******
So when I **** the lucky **** my nut removes her from the list
Another dumb ***-bucket struck from my nut *******
**** it ****, **** ******* bucket-list

***** can be white, black, brown, pink, or almond
They can be skinny with ******* or be skinny with small ones
***** can be perky, preppy or posh
With their brains and their clothes all shrunk from the wash

But other ***** are pretty and funny and smart
These ***** can lift all your thoughts from your **** to your heart
They can talk about science, music, or art
They can put you together or they can pull you apart
But don't trust these *****, don't, don't you dare
They'll force you to trust them and love them and care
And then they'll be gone and then you'll be aware
Of that hole in your heart that that dumb **** left there
I love this loll
The prettiest smiles, hide the most secrets.
The most beautiful eyes, have cried the most tears.
The people with the kindest heart's, have been hit with the most pain.
Kind people help and support others, what do they gain?
They don't gain money.
They don't gain fame.
They don't gain anything that involves physical and appearance.
It's not dissapointment.
What they gain... Is emotions, and that's the most important.
Don't always think of yourself. If someone is struggling, you should help them. Especially if it's someone you care about. Cause if you actually care about them, you won't let them go on with the struggle alone. Their holding up a huge ton of problems and stress right on their backs, if you care, walk up to them, and give them a hand with ton. You're not going to let them get squished. You need them to know you're there for them.
And that you love and care.
You were always there, and always knew what was wrong.
I'm not too happy you're gone.
Your pretty smile has melted away, and you're blue eyes have faded to a stone cold grey.
I look around when I'm afraid or sad, than remember you're not here.
Can you see me?
My mom and other family members say you're in a better place. Ever since you left to that better place, life has moved at a slower pace.
I'm sad you're not here, I try not to show tears.
I miss you, and want you to come back.
Can you see me?
You and I used to sit outside and sip tea.
We would talk in secret and laugh all day long.
But, I can't do that anymore since you're gone.
Please come back...
I know where you are, but am upset you are there.
Don't be sad that I'm sad, don't you dare!
I stare at the sky on this calm evening, still wondering life's meaning.
Can you see me?
I was very close with my grandma, but she's gone. And I am forever in her debt, for all her kindness, all her lessons on life and all the things she taught me... What did I do in return? Get in trouble and not care about myself even though she always told me to take care of myself.
So that's why, grandmother, I'm sorry, and will forever be in debt.
The sky is dark and cloudy and I am left alone.
Nowhere to go, no one to turn to, to place to call home.
I stare at the moon and wait for a sign, a sign of hope, a sign of my lost love.
No one could be heard, no can be seen, why is the world so mean?
Why can't I be with her?
All because of her ****** birth givers, along with mine.
"You're a disappointment" says my mother, "no being in love with the same ***" says my father.
I want to be free, I want to be able to be me!
Help me! Please! I beg for your help, lift me out of this living hell!
Without her I have no reason, no motivation, my confidence is gone...
Please, world, do me a favor, I can't live without her.
If you love someone, you truly just want to be with them, right? I miss her, I want to be with her, I want to be able to kiss her, I want to tell her how much I love her, I want her to know how much she means to me.
She's my beginning, she will be my end.
For she is the one and only one for me, my brokenheart will mend.
She's beautiful in more ways than one, she my special little someone.
But, sadly, a witch has come to tear us apart.
I don't want us to go down badly.
So I am here to the grave to dig.
though the witch that is trying to tear us apart is as fake as Donald Trump's wig.
The one I love is being forced to leave again, but I love her so much, I will wait forever if I must. I swear, wherever she is in the world, i will find her, and I will fall in love all over again, and we will be together again.
Do you guys ever just realize out of nowhere that you exist!?
I've been in the dark for so long, never knowing what went wrong.
People stuck knives in my dying heart, and soon it all fell apart.
I don't have much to say about a specific feeling.
It's an emotion that keeps coming back to me, and again I found myself clinging.
Love isn't real.
Love isn't worth it.
My broken heart says it all, love is a living hell.
Maybe since all the people who've made me feel that certain emotion, killed my heart, with a unlovable potion.
I don't see the reason to keep going, my inner demons drag me down, to keep from floating.
I'm gone.
I'm done.
I had a good run.
This is goodbye to all love life.
I don't want to be stabbed by another knife.
As I close my eyes for rest, just all tired of this mess.
The darkness suddenly brightens.
And my eyes widen.
I stare at the burning flame that sits beyond the glass wall I've created.
I don't want to be again defeated.
I can't look away, I feel a pain in my chest.
I know this feeling.
The emotion I hate, I really thought I locked that gate.
I don't want to feel it again, but this light seems different.
I place my hand on the glass, and feel a burning warmth.
The light then speaks without words, guiding me forwards.
I follow the light from the other side of the glass.
Visions of the past, and what has happened before, no, I don't want it anymore.
But for the first time in forever, my path is lit, my body trembled, I keep telling myself I don't want it.
Not again, please not again.
Love isn't real.
Love is gone.
Love is dead.
But, still, what's going on in my head.
I can't think anymore.
And soon I unlock the secret door.
Love has punched me right in my chest, I can't believe I fell again.
But the light caught me, and told me to believe in it, and believe in me.
For the light, will set me free.
No more pain.
No more lies.
It said it loved me, and will be there till the end of time.
I can't believe I'm doing this, but the light, I trust it.
It never once wronged me, it guided me out of the darkness, and soon I felt a happy brightness.
I come to see the light is human.
And she takes my hand and says, "unlike the others, I am not a demon."
She embraces me, nothing else matters.
So you see, that's me so far, please be carful, don't fall to deep in the dark.
Who knows my friends who have read this far, you will find your own burning flame.
They'll save and protect you from all of the despair.
You are a broken machine, and they will definitely repair.
They will never hurt and never lie.
And best of all, they will never say goodbye.
I know I write a lot about how much love doesn't exist. I've been hurt so many times, by people I actually really liked. But, there's this one person who hasn't once hurt me or lied. And I think I've fallen, so far they've been nothing but good.
I don't know what to do.
But, I swear to God and on my life, if this special person leaves or breaks me.
I'm definitely done with love.
It's been nothing but pain and it's so tiring.
But with this person, I'm always happy and never really tired. I can tell them anything and no matter how stupid I am, they never judge me.
Knowing this love is coming from her, I can live forever.
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