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Mar 7
The prettiest smiles, hide the most secrets.
The most beautiful eyes, have cried the most tears.
The people with the kindest heart's, have been hit with the most pain.
Kind people help and support others, what do they gain?
They don't gain money.
They don't gain fame.
They don't gain anything that involves physical and appearance.
It's not dissapointment.
What they gain... Is emotions, and that's the most important.
Don't always think of yourself. If someone is struggling, you should help them. Especially if it's someone you care about. Cause if you actually care about them, you won't let them go on with the struggle alone. Their holding up a huge ton of problems and stress right on their backs, if you care, walk up to them, and give them a hand with ton. You're not going to let them get squished. You need them to know you're there for them.
And that you love and care.
Ash Bash Smash Crash
Written by
Ash Bash Smash Crash  14/Hell
   Darison Strange
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