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Aug 15 · 62
Cries of Karachi
Tughral Khan Aug 15
We're living in pain and it's such a pity,
But no one cares enough for my city,

Lords of doom keep ******* its belly,
We’re human, you demons, you’re bleeding my alley,

Save us from evil, we don't complain,
Please let our cries not go in vain,

Karachi is out dry from cuts of corruption,
Please save its people from utter disruption,

Please help us Allah, we aren’t bad in behavior,
Imran Khan is the one, please make him our savior.
This poem was written on 11th Aug 2019 when a rain spell hit Karachi just a day before Eid Ul Azha, killing multiple people due to bad governance, corruption & incompetence of Provincial Government. This poem prays to Allah (SWT) to send help through Imran Khan who's Pakistan's one true leader.

— The End —