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If only the stars
are enough proof
to tell you
how I wonder
and wander
about your beauty
maybe you'll understand
how it feels
to admire your soul
but they aren't enough
because it takes
a thousand galaxies
to define such beauty
I hope you see
how I still write for you
those lines,
built with too much
unwanted emotions
sleepless thoughts
and longing goodbyes-

I hope you could
read them
the way you wondered
how the stars
glows at night
how the moon is still loved
despite of the surrounding darkness
and its changing shapes

I hope, that with all these lines
I have written filled with all those
none-rhythmic feelings
you'll see that you appeared to be
the galaxy for me

Triggered Letters
I know
it is way
too much
to compare
your eyes
with stars,
when they're
just bits of you.
his words
are his swords,
cutting deeply
to whoever meets it..
leaving marks
decryptable by
one who yields the same..
I wish
to run
my fingers
between yours,
hold them
like you're
forever mine
and just like that, to wishes I could only hope
I heard her
screaming out
for love,
she thinks
she deserves--

she was
to the wind
I fell
in love
and I thought
every storm
is beautiful-
until I saw
it ended
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