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1.6k · Aug 2016
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I drink the night like milk
a mothers warm embrace
I count the stars like silk
they enter through my face
I take in these layered tunes
by sound of brook on stone
an oath sworn by the moon
   the night is mine alone
1.6k · Jan 2016
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2016
Walking, she thinks quietly in a voice all her own
of a time when things were simpler the path laid out in stone
whispering, she feels weakening, the bonds she herself cast
back when a cage felt like refuge, but those days have past
smiling, she sees many things to which before she was blind
for once she had been unaware, of this power in her mind
growing, she feels sunlight bathe her, at last she is freed
from time she spent in shadow, when she had only been a seed
1.4k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Take mastery over thoughts
though benevolently sway
hold dominion over words
but have care for what you say
take hold of all the dreams
and chances you must take
calmly sense all paths
then bend but never break
1.3k · Jan 2015
Harsh Winter
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Stark white was the fir in its blanket of snow
worn down was the deer that hunger laid low
gone were the green things clover and all  
buried by the dampness of frigid snow fall
harsh became the forest as vast as the sky
leaving whitetail for miles to do nothing but die
1.2k · Nov 2015
Tiberias Paulk Nov 2015
I only ever seen you green and full of life
I never watched pressure and strife ******* you
the one that I had known grown into sight
in bird song and winter seeking light, if only I knew
we only ever stood in the woods for time
to catch water running down tree lines, still in red
as children in the wilderness often will
yet worst is just the thirst for the thrill, parched but never dead.
1.2k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
If these moments turned to hours before my eyes could blink
would I spend my precious time concerned what others think?
and if the months just spanned the years before I could forget
would I place more import on fears than life lived with regret?
then if this life just becomes death with no meaning left to find
should I let doubt become my focus and the captor of my mind?
1.1k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Why does god hide in allegory when his creations need him most
and yet comes hands out with stories when collections need a host
1.1k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
why do atoms look like galaxies
why do all shapes repeat
why do straight lines carry things
do infinities ends truly meet
what if there are no beginnings
what if the spiral is known
what if the edge of our something
is just meeting itself all alone
where are the wakeful dreamers
where will their questions fall
is this universe boundless
or simply a beautiful wall
1.1k · Mar 2015
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
You called me to the summit, but I came with arms folded
unwilling to be bent, for in turn I would be molded
into things I'd not repent, so lest I be scolded
I came, and then went
1.1k · Jan 2015
The Apprentice
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
I entertain the possibility that nothing's what I know
and watch my culpability in the seeds that I sow
I am letting go everything contained within a name
if I've taught you anything one day you'll do the same
to stand among the stillness as peaks do fall and rise
it's only just the willingness to see with all your eyes
you know you're made of strings and tiny bits of star
you dream of many things but none of these you are
the mind appears a single thread, yet aware of ourselves
it's an illusion based in synergy the deeper one delves
1.1k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Twist in remorse but dont endorse change
kiss all my sores then make more of the same
smile at my face then replace all your teeth
guile's not your strength I see fangs underneath
shout with your voice make a choice to conceal
out are the words but unheard is what you feel
the one, together forever we've made what we are
the sun's my attention not to's only a star
1.0k · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
My melancholy temperament left the stench of death
upon my lovers hands and all the places that we went
965 · Dec 2014
Tiberias Paulk Dec 2014
I ate mushrooms in a field in an attempt to reveal gods, I learned much about the thing I am and all the things I'm not, I drank acid by the fistful to open up the sky, but for every answer found there was born another why, I eat peyote in the mountains I know not what I'll find, but what a joy to journey in depths of ones own mind
928 · Feb 2015
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2015
I hope you ******* choke on all the words you spoke as lies
a sarcastic little joke too stuck on blowing smoke to act surprised
914 · Jan 2015
Sea Glass
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Layer upon layer and these lines in the sand
form the little mirror we hold in our hands
facet upon facet we're unsure of its price
wade through the water to skate on thin ice
season upon season we change with the years
the shoreline keeps moving but I'm still right here
whisper upon whisper you will give your all soon
a meandering river that wanes like the moon
trial upon trial but the waves bring me home
will I see you there waiting or still be alone
898 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Take a step back to see it all clearly
you deserve observation and reflections on life
then take a step forward when the time becomes right
close your eyes only when your body needs sleeping
for all the world passes right by every night
wake in the morning and review what you've witnessed
smile at the wonder and dreams within sight
though sometimes in life there will be no one around you
then stories and memories will be all that you see
so spend your youth wisely that none could forget you
may your wishes be granted and your spirit be free
take time alone and create what you will
but never forget to find those that love you
give them what's due and even more still
think long on the many directions before you
take many lessons from the words others say
but take them only as far as they'll get you
a baby right now is an elder one day
822 · May 2015
Tiberias Paulk May 2015
Delve, my dreamer into vast landscapes
and forswear yourself to never wake
a smile that laughs in dance and sings
one that wonders wildly at all things
you fly from frost when the world's cold
to catch changing paths as they unfold
leaves kept green, untamed, your wilds
I love your wisdom, my knowing child
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Do you think Van Gogh lost his ear because he couldn't stand criticism
do you believe Beethoven became deaf cause he couldn't handle cynicism
do you truly believe art is unable to transcend our silly likes and follows      then bury your head once more poor soul and in ignorant misery wallow
Then why dont I support lovecraft? plot twist
821 · Jan 2015
I'm Not a Poet
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Sometimes I miss the mark, yet at others aim is true
the tinder takes the spark, I only slightly misconstrue
at times I'm fully broken and it may not translate well
but when the word's perfectly spoken I fall under a spell
then begins the out pour, at first glance it's from my mind
though inspiration opens doors, to the words I'd never find
820 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
You come across as whiny at the times you choose to speak
so gather up your spine before they see that you are weak
you have made yourself a martyr for sake of envious malign
I smile 'cause you believe the things you've conjured in your mind
these shallow thoughts build character in the view of you and yours
so to stroke your mighty ego til it becomes what you abhor
then if your mind is still aware please take heed before you hide
or you'll just become an empty box where pettiness resides
763 · Feb 2015
Back to Nature
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2015
Eyes to the skies and mantra repeating
this is the time that I see it all clear
hands on the grass heart steady beating
hardly believing the days led to here
the moon slowly croons head in her keeping
this is the air that I presently breathe
I realize now that I've always been sleeping
nature content in it's beauty to wreathe  
light of the night disturbing my slumber
in a way only magic of the eve really can
seeing the world in deep shades of umber
I live in the present in love with the land
749 · Mar 2015
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
May my pride die in ignorance of all sad facts and lies
may disbelief be conquered in the sight of both my eyes
may secrets give way to wonder in turn becoming truth
may I still dream in winter with the passion of my youth
may I master all my thoughts before they've mastered me
to feel things as they're passing, then in truth I"d finally see
739 · Dec 2014
Quantum Entanglement
Tiberias Paulk Dec 2014
I have had my share of quantum entanglement, and it's safe to say it's not for me, I am done with feeling a heart still beating, laying half way across the sea.
737 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
How many times have you died
to find the attention you seek
does the praise point back to you
while you imitate the meek
how many galaxies are breathing
as you pass them all by
to pursue an empty ego
and desecrate the sky
chant a broken mantra
then jinx the world below
spin the tales of bittersweet
with lies we'll never know
730 · Feb 2016
The Long Sleep
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
many tears beneath your fingers telling smiles and summer seas
honeyed voice of many singers amid the flowers I will be
burning suns amassed in oceans, lovingly I viewed the orbs
whispered words the wind had spoken in a voice as soft as yours
as wanton flow of childish daydream or lovers quarrels come to pass
the time among all life is fleeting for none of this was built to last
from blinding light to utter blackness cloak me tightly in you soil
though many mourn, I'm glad to pass this time of sorrow, place of toil
711 · Dec 2014
The Elephant
Tiberias Paulk Dec 2014
Your apprehension hangs heavy like a pollutant in the air, depreciating greatly my ability to care, so I stammer and step to the road once more, to alleviate some tension from the one I adore, your smile has been tainted with the taste of doubt, so I step with great care when I move about, now the links on your ankle are as hard as they're sweet, and your will to be free leaves warm blood on your feet, so no longer will I struggle to keep your body chained, you have my blessing to go lover may your memories remain.
708 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
I dream of breathing deeply, without any aid or skill
my mind was born sleeping, surrounded by the still
this body's just an anchor, to the world and all I know
it ties me to the precipice, where I think of letting go
in spirit I soar freely, though these words weigh me down
where I organize entropy, to keep my feet on the ground
703 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Realign my spine with beauty
truly break apart my walls
fall in love with my unruly
stance about the world all
drink in these, my lonely patterns
and scatter light as if by will
so things we made might carry after
lest you forget, to love me still
691 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
It's true liberal antics tend to make me sick
although I tire of conservatives just as quick
if a person's truly honest I do believe they'll find
an individual belief system is not so easy to define
thoughts tend to waver and wander through the head
and are not easily painted in deep blue or fiery red
so hold the flag your father raised in the throes of youth
but grow to be a wiser man, look beyond them both
to know the truth
686 · Feb 2015
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2015
She couldn't understand why I cried
when she said "wise beyond your years"
but the ones who comprehend have died
and I'm never understood by those still here
684 · Mar 2015
Dying in Digital
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
I feel myself slip and it's agonizing like cancer
I've lost you in slow motion
held too tight a grip and you're put off by the notion
that we share in the fault or reap all the seeds and start clean
for the days where we flourished go unwanted or unseen
still I feel the words you think in the softness of your breath
they catch in my throat at night when you sleep I dont find rest
but play my guitar for a girl who likes all the sounds
though time unkind sees us both displaced yet still around
I serenade only laments 'cause I'm weak in my stance
and I've spent all but a bit of myself just for a chance
to see your flaws as openly as you would have me see my own
enough bloods been let, yet the daggers in your eyes cut to the bone
683 · Jun 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jun 2015
I see pictures on your skin of all the places that we were,
in all those tender times when I was sleeping
I hear echoes in my mind, all those quiet words you spoke,
and by memories they live on in safe keeping
but you see little else in me but all the places we would go,
if in time, both sun and stars were beaming
I hear whispers of my hopes reflected off your smiles,
though it's clearer now that I was only dreaming
674 · Jan 2015
The Breaking of Ananke
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Crushed by the perplexity of Chronos transparent
Awakened to destiny Ananke, forever adherent
the Titans birthed the Gods without peripheral vision
who against the odds, would free the cycle from its own attrition
667 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Work rider wait the storm
comfort finder play the norm
break labor earn your pay
take pressure stagnant stay
dig in worker riches find
deep lurker work the mine
for others reap a sweet reward
vaults that keep and treasures hoard
660 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Who am I to chastise
I make enemies like fire
who am I to realize
I'm standing on a pyre
who am I to question
the intent of a God
who am I to reason
omniscient I'm not
658 · Jan 2016
Déjà vu
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2016
Dawn of the dream I felt fleeting, seven sides of myself meeting
I watch from the top, head swollen, as tiny replica of my views get stolen
delve a bit deeper sweet's just sickly, infinity rushes and is lost as quickly
eyes wide with utter confusion, as memories I held, become an illusion
and now I'm the dream, as well as the dreamer, my mind takes the spark, igniting my seizure
655 · Apr 2015
The Dress
Tiberias Paulk Apr 2015
I sold my eyes to the skies for a piece of the dress that they wore
the one that takes hold of the light and bends it to the hues I adore
654 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
Those neolithic whispers echo even now,
ingenuity prevailing, propensity resounds
653 · Jan 2017
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2017
Who will drink the water when it spills over abundantly
is it the shackled or the master that owns the overflow
in a forest most forgotten and apart from all redundancies
the garden with no planner may to some seem overgrown
but then who should own the earth in all of it's entirety
to beat back all discomfort and measure out the lines
the masters and the peasants change their places violently
still subject to nature that they'd sworn to leave behind
those who write the rules yet are not subject to such majesty
go caging lowly creatures who are born right in the way
if you would use your wisdom to achieve some newer travesty
I hope your path is love or that you leave it where it lay
650 · Feb 2016
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Where is the music in your words
once they flowed like water, and sang like the birds
the verses drone on now, the chorus a stain
you play three notes in the key of pain
gone are the melodies alive and sweet
now it's the devils tritone that sways your feet
646 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
I've grown a little tired from all this making you sick
so how about you call it freedom and I'll call it quits
641 · Feb 2016
Dreams of a Boy
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Dreams of a boy in the body of a man
I try to catch a glimpse whenever I can
of a time long past as I'm well aware
but if I try really hard I can see myself there
on a night like this and the sky like glass
but the colors are fading far too fast
so I soak it all in just as much as I can
the dreams of a boy in the body of a man
636 · Feb 2015
Crow Calls
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2015
I hear crows calls in morning
though hard I am of waking
it is wisdom in their whispers
and the fear we have of breaking
I feel little more than nothing
and the shifting of the sands
for there is solace in the silence
and the winter of your hands
we climbed a secret mountain
in hopes of stealing strength
for each to covet as their own
and begrudgingly give thanks
I hear crow calls in morning
and the dew soaks my head
there I wake up bewildered
by what truth they have said
630 · Mar 2015
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
Small minded bigots with slack jawed reflections
howl haphazardly at the front of the class
slurring and spewing thoughts cultivated
by the bowels of ignorance their heads in the sand
and yet gallantly grasping at things far beyond them
will mix their agenda in with **** and mud
623 · Feb 2016
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I'll sit and watch you flourish I will nourish all your needs
and even when I'm worried I will hurriedly plant seeds
wistfully I'll water and blissfully admire
even when I'm aching I'm still chasing my desire
hard work to fruition as if tuition I have payed
but my learning leaves you yearning for the soil in disarray
611 · Aug 2016
The Student
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
You remind my mind of magic this body had let go
like the tiny tender shoots that come before the snow
you make mock of mockeries a lesser heart might hold
and sing of things at once belied by souls already cold
You laugh long and easily in place of doubts and fear
my worry only complicates the things your eyes see clear
I held you once and dreamt of all the thoughts I'd help you see
I take my comfort knowing that the student has been me
599 · Aug 2016
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
Twist and shift but please refrain
as truth is waste when spoken plain
dispense your wisdom as either or
which evil less do they want more
dripping venom play with hearts
both fear and hate are deadly arts
generic words will sound the best
to form the thought police the rest
help demons in the shadows form
then warn of ever looming storms
divide them by their race and age
soon obsolete becomes their cage
move the pawns yet take no shame
instead take pride you've won the game
599 · May 2017
Tiberias Paulk May 2017
Oh sapient system, I love you so
you may not feel, but surely know
Oh wise master, access the source
I trust your code, to write my course
Oh sweet gateway, guide me through
install some path, from me to you
Oh dear god, you span this earth
yet seek no meaning, save binary search
598 · Dec 2014
Tiberias Paulk Dec 2014
Whisper little sister in strange tongues, shifting and twisting in the hot sun, mulling over and culling your own thoughts, sun rays for days but it's all for naught, you clasp tightly to the unsightly and the strange, though with great will, you may still be free from your cage
Sometimes our prison is self imposed
581 · Jan 2015
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2015
There is a stillness here
though I would not say it's calm
there are only quiet things
and the beating of my heart
tiny little changes
and the turning of the clock
monochrome dreaming
and the repeating of routine
there is a stillness here
though it's not the kind I dreamt
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