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May 2017 · 608
Tiberias Paulk May 2017
Oh sapient system, I love you so
you may not feel, but surely know
Oh wise master, access the source
I trust your code, to write my course
Oh sweet gateway, guide me through
install some path, from me to you
Oh dear god, you span this earth
yet seek no meaning, save binary search
Jan 2017 · 661
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2017
Who will drink the water when it spills over abundantly
is it the shackled or the master that owns the overflow
in a forest most forgotten and apart from all redundancies
the garden with no planner may to some seem overgrown
but then who should own the earth in all of it's entirety
to beat back all discomfort and measure out the lines
the masters and the peasants change their places violently
still subject to nature that they'd sworn to leave behind
those who write the rules yet are not subject to such majesty
go caging lowly creatures who are born right in the way
if you would use your wisdom to achieve some newer travesty
I hope your path is love or that you leave it where it lay
Oct 2016 · 492
The Jailer
Tiberias Paulk Oct 2016
Among the stillness unafraid, there all alone I found my fear
unannounced the burden laid, the form was wind inside my ear
amid the whispers and the doubt, I spoke to reassure the pith
a waste of time from seed to sprout, I gave my power to the myth
in doing so I claimed some strength, foreseeing failure in advance
selling short removing length, it seemed a safer route than chance
so I leave it to my better self, wherever at the strong wind blows
to see it clear in better health, a true prison's always self imposed
Aug 2016 · 1.6k
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I drink the night like milk
a mothers warm embrace
I count the stars like silk
they enter through my face
I take in these layered tunes
by sound of brook on stone
an oath sworn by the moon
   the night is mine alone
Aug 2016 · 438
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I always sell myself short
                             so I wont be short changed
Aug 2016 · 614
The Student
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
You remind my mind of magic this body had let go
like the tiny tender shoots that come before the snow
you make mock of mockeries a lesser heart might hold
and sing of things at once belied by souls already cold
You laugh long and easily in place of doubts and fear
my worry only complicates the things your eyes see clear
I held you once and dreamt of all the thoughts I'd help you see
I take my comfort knowing that the student has been me
Aug 2016 · 601
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
Twist and shift but please refrain
as truth is waste when spoken plain
dispense your wisdom as either or
which evil less do they want more
dripping venom play with hearts
both fear and hate are deadly arts
generic words will sound the best
to form the thought police the rest
help demons in the shadows form
then warn of ever looming storms
divide them by their race and age
soon obsolete becomes their cage
move the pawns yet take no shame
instead take pride you've won the game
Jul 2016 · 308
My Bed
Tiberias Paulk Jul 2016
I dance under stars and with the wolves sing, spend all night by fires and the warmth that they bring, and the moon just an echo of the days sweet light, leaving egos blinded by clarity of sight, the people that pass are friends to us all, their voices carry onward unhindered by walls, though all men are different for whatever it's worth, make your home in the city but my bed is the earth
Feb 2016 · 370
One Side
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
You would stand in the water just to muddy it up
such a terror to wade through if you're easily stuck
invent ways to view them, then tear down the stars
in the dead light of others you can see what you are
weaving delicate words arranged to attract sweet prey
but soon you snare yourself in webs and things you say
half of what you hear and speak has always been hot wind
still you with two glass houses see yourself without sin
Feb 2016 · 578
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Lay still, and dream awhile, of orchids in moonlight
neath stars on a hill, taste the juice of elderberries,
fermenting as it spills, though not one thought alone
with a boy who knows no limits, and hands as cold
as stones, once tossed across the river with intent of
breaking bones, the dust crushed into powder then
stuffed into his nose, as he hands you all his misery
he claims to hold a rose, but your heart has known
wisdom in spite of growing old, you have learned  
to keep soft petals from the cold, while in deep starlit
scenes, you imagine thriving forests alive in shades of
green, but remember long before this, when it had all
just been a dream
Feb 2016 · 470
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Awaken if you will, to words you spoke in jest
in dreams you took your fill, and left me all the rest
hearken if you dare, to the wisdom you once knew
of swansongs and self care, both of which were true
archaic, sound the thoughts, but strings all seeming pure
your heart's been many things, though none of them are sure
awaken fore you burn, and then try and coax yourself
for the roads all twist and turn, on your journey out of hell
Feb 2016 · 354
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I'm sorry for the years
the ones you felt you owed
to a man you saw as half your worth
and maybe rightfully so
I'm sorry for the words
and whispers we've not spoke
the nights we spent alone
refusing to be close
I'm sorry for the doubts
you should have never known
in the hour of your need
when I left you all alone
Feb 2016 · 641
Dreams of a Boy
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Dreams of a boy in the body of a man
I try to catch a glimpse whenever I can
of a time long past as I'm well aware
but if I try really hard I can see myself there
on a night like this and the sky like glass
but the colors are fading far too fast
so I soak it all in just as much as I can
the dreams of a boy in the body of a man
Feb 2016 · 367
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I stand upon the ledge forever, but never stop to dredge up time
I'll jump the ledge of all endeavors just out of reach to leave my mind
to smoke and dance away my troubles, though doubly sure I hope you are
for amid the dusty din and rubble you'll see my remnants scattered far
though I tend to let my branches wither and shiver in the winter cold
yet never have I been so bitter except at thoughts of growing old
my empty eyes that dart and wander to squander love where they may go
then if distance makes the heart grow fonder, that's one more thing we'll never know
Feb 2016 · 426
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Tell me a story or speak the truth, travel back to forgotten youth
awaken the innermost self and free, build an effigy cry your plea
plant some seeds, ponder growth, tear down walls or swear an oath
but stain the page that once was white, free your demons.......Write
Feb 2016 · 428
The Lady in Red
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Espoused to the moon was the lady in red
she who only kept secrets inside of her head
many have perished in search of the key
that would unlock the center they all hoped to see
deep in the forest at the heart of the glade
in water half frozen alone she would bathe
to battle her demons and test her will
her beauty entranced all who sauntered those hills
just echoing laughter on a sweet path they crossed
now they'll wander forever yet never be lost
Feb 2016 · 372
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I love a bag of water she calls herself a queen
she gave me many daughters and wanders like a stream
I love a little puddle she feels she is so deep
she frowns upon the grass she's killed and sings herself to sleep
I love a muddy river I had hoped she'd take me home
but she thought a little talked a lot and cut me to the bone
so I love an empty bottle that catches morning dew
transparent as she seems, I'm still unable to see through
Feb 2016 · 412
Wake Up
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Wake up from slumber brother where is your mind
uncover rubble slumberer the truth you've yet to find
raise your voice up whisperer the serpents coil poised
they strangle at our throats, and we've yet to make a noise
smile knowingly devourer the earth is nearly reaped
wake up from slumber brother, lest it happen while you sleep
Feb 2016 · 380
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
You bleed me and break me to lovingly remake me
you love me you hate me I wonder if you'll take me
you know me and get me but in a way you regret me
so you bend me and crease me just to release me
Feb 2016 · 411
Questions of the mind
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Emancipate yourself from all the questions of the mind
build a little box for all the ugly things you find
eviscerate all logic from equations that you write
and if the truth looks at you hard then hide it it plain sight
once you reach an impasse try ignoring all the signs
Emancipate yourself from all the questions of the mind
Feb 2016 · 624
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I'll sit and watch you flourish I will nourish all your needs
and even when I'm worried I will hurriedly plant seeds
wistfully I'll water and blissfully admire
even when I'm aching I'm still chasing my desire
hard work to fruition as if tuition I have payed
but my learning leaves you yearning for the soil in disarray
Feb 2016 · 310
For a Painter
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Paint yourself a fire in me, make your eyes my lovely yoke
and just when embers start to glinting, tamp it out by single stroke
Feb 2016 · 255
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Two birds had fallen from a tree
when a question dawned on me
would mercy say return them home
or did mercy set them free
Feb 2016 · 317
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
I went on a journey six star systems deep
and wound up in some twilight world without any sleep
just child like wonder, my third eye scanned the night
while ever present lumen shifted in my sight
my mind out on the ocean and body on the shore
I rearranged the constellations just like they were before
aware of all these changes I brought within reach
my pocket full of serenity tranquility and inner peace
Feb 2016 · 368
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
You wove yourself a silver trap of shiny silken strands
so that once they'd turned their backs they'd play into your hands
and I've heard the night is blackest when trapped inside the loom
the air and water's brackish and there's hardly any room
who'd withstand such wondrous weaving's leaving naught to chance
so we all fall one by one into your deadly trance
Feb 2016 · 333
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Are you but a shimmer a glimmer on the lake
are you truly colder do you smolder for my sake
are you really hollow or shallow like you said
if you're only guessing stop messing with my head
Feb 2016 · 651
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Where is the music in your words
once they flowed like water, and sang like the birds
the verses drone on now, the chorus a stain
you play three notes in the key of pain
gone are the melodies alive and sweet
now it's the devils tritone that sways your feet
Feb 2016 · 344
Paper cups
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Bloodlet in a paper cup, my chalice has been broken
one that spills and fills right up when sanguine lies are spoken
half forgetting where I was, the path was long and winding
she asked me why and it's just because the breadcrumbs seemed worth finding
but please don't lose that special one, the smile within the locket
for the darkest night has just begun, and you'll need light in your pocket
when once I fell, you picked me up and dusted off my chalice
but now your words just trick me up and fill my cup with malice
Feb 2016 · 730
The Long Sleep
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
many tears beneath your fingers telling smiles and summer seas
honeyed voice of many singers amid the flowers I will be
burning suns amassed in oceans, lovingly I viewed the orbs
whispered words the wind had spoken in a voice as soft as yours
as wanton flow of childish daydream or lovers quarrels come to pass
the time among all life is fleeting for none of this was built to last
from blinding light to utter blackness cloak me tightly in you soil
though many mourn, I'm glad to pass this time of sorrow, place of toil
Feb 2016 · 314
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Violently I shake like the eye of the storm
'cause broken is just open in it's purest form
Feb 2016 · 244
An Offering
Tiberias Paulk Feb 2016
Some of us burn both edges of a bridge  
in hopes the two sides never meet
for all they ever wished from love
is laid in ashes at their feet
Jan 2016 · 659
Déjà vu
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2016
Dawn of the dream I felt fleeting, seven sides of myself meeting
I watch from the top, head swollen, as tiny replica of my views get stolen
delve a bit deeper sweet's just sickly, infinity rushes and is lost as quickly
eyes wide with utter confusion, as memories I held, become an illusion
and now I'm the dream, as well as the dreamer, my mind takes the spark, igniting my seizure
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2016
Walking, she thinks quietly in a voice all her own
of a time when things were simpler the path laid out in stone
whispering, she feels weakening, the bonds she herself cast
back when a cage felt like refuge, but those days have past
smiling, she sees many things to which before she was blind
for once she had been unaware, of this power in her mind
growing, she feels sunlight bathe her, at last she is freed
from time she spent in shadow, when she had only been a seed
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Tiberias Paulk Nov 2015
I only ever seen you green and full of life
I never watched pressure and strife ******* you
the one that I had known grown into sight
in bird song and winter seeking light, if only I knew
we only ever stood in the woods for time
to catch water running down tree lines, still in red
as children in the wilderness often will
yet worst is just the thirst for the thrill, parched but never dead.
Nov 2015 · 390
The Choice
Tiberias Paulk Nov 2015
Keep your body far from mind
the self at the center of all this
in case you ever chance to find
a thing you've tried so hard to miss
awareness always close at hand
but for fear of knowing all that's true
seek it blind misunderstand
shape the world and misconstrue
Nov 2015 · 474
Prey upon
Tiberias Paulk Nov 2015
Dreams alone break bones with no intention
yours too is see through just like your reflection
crave new with blood blue you taste the season
make real lies you feel and renounce all reason
drink in these sins then forget times intrusion
latch tight to fresh life and command more illusion
Nov 2015 · 439
Tiberias Paulk Nov 2015
I saw an aging man inside his meek and slender frame
and was reminded at a time that he and I were both the same
our arms each strong as any man's and voices always sure
though everyday walked farther from the children that we were
he carried on his face the look of half a million tears
yet also there were smiles I'm sure he'd found throughout the years
as I watched, I dreamt of loss and what it means to die
it was then he saw himself in me and the youth that passed him by
Oct 2015 · 458
Shrodinger's Hat
Tiberias Paulk Oct 2015
I unwittingly wander like a river to wind
not seeking a center just the piece of a mind
I unknowingly dabble in this thing and that
in attempt to make sense of the place I am at
I unassuredly stumble then walk on my own
from stone static past toward futures unknown
Sep 2015 · 337
Tiberias Paulk Sep 2015
He dreams of night lines while many moons pass
she cries for lost time she had spent way too fast
he lovingly wonders as cold fingers spill sand
at one twisting in sorrow that she cant understand
he awaits the day this burning will fall into place
but chemicals at night time reconstruct her face
she's known many dreams but loved his the most
and so it seems time would see fit to torture them both
Jul 2015 · 557
The Deep Ones
Tiberias Paulk Jul 2015
The deep ones all drown in a sea of uncertainty
while in the shallow pools vapid ones quickly find dry land
all this from a difference I dont understand
These young ones who are born alongside epiphany
yet long to hear deeper tones from the throats of their peers
will count away months with empty ears
The true ones are few just a dying breed rarity
you'll know when you see them wondering eyes open wide
with minds always hungry and spirit satisfied
Jun 2015 · 683
Tiberias Paulk Jun 2015
I see pictures on your skin of all the places that we were,
in all those tender times when I was sleeping
I hear echoes in my mind, all those quiet words you spoke,
and by memories they live on in safe keeping
but you see little else in me but all the places we would go,
if in time, both sun and stars were beaming
I hear whispers of my hopes reflected off your smiles,
though it's clearer now that I was only dreaming
Jun 2015 · 486
Tiberias Paulk Jun 2015
If full of brackish our thoughts belie
soft spoken regret or indeed deny
remaking the gladden into slow dreams
and trading the truth for what may seem
while trees felled alone will make no sound
I would run nonetheless if I was still around
May 2015 · 449
Tiberias Paulk May 2015
Frivolous **** coated in jasper whispering faster at the sound of night
unequivocal  liar afraid of the shadow that's always just out of your sight
crystalline motive and cantankerous mind born dealing malice and spite
kaolin innards and eyes made to say all that is seen isn't clay in the light
May 2015 · 465
Tiberias Paulk May 2015
I am a shadow of a thing, mewling many years, to find the here and now
I wept and passed the days, until I took this form. set within a mold I never thought to make, but the months did soldier on, one upon the next
until nothing of that me, could sense he had been born. though I surely am and always was, this thing I call myself
May 2015 · 823
Tiberias Paulk May 2015
Delve, my dreamer into vast landscapes
and forswear yourself to never wake
a smile that laughs in dance and sings
one that wonders wildly at all things
you fly from frost when the world's cold
to catch changing paths as they unfold
leaves kept green, untamed, your wilds
I love your wisdom, my knowing child
May 2015 · 379
Tiberias Paulk May 2015
There's nothing for them here, but years and hollow doubt
they've tied with lace and empty space, like ghosts to move about
Apr 2015 · 655
The Dress
Tiberias Paulk Apr 2015
I sold my eyes to the skies for a piece of the dress that they wore
the one that takes hold of the light and bends it to the hues I adore
Apr 2015 · 578
Tiberias Paulk Apr 2015
I dreamt the monotony of life as a single moment
and I in my infancy knew of nothing but to retch
Mar 2015 · 483
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
I see with my own eyes intensely, consumed and unaware.
though for brief moments I see with yours, and I stare
Mar 2015 · 631
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2015
Small minded bigots with slack jawed reflections
howl haphazardly at the front of the class
slurring and spewing thoughts cultivated
by the bowels of ignorance their heads in the sand
and yet gallantly grasping at things far beyond them
will mix their agenda in with **** and mud
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