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Camaury Robinson Dec 2017
Guided by the divine

I move in spaces without time

In so many words

I’ll tell you that I’m fine

Smoking this slow death

With a solo cup

Full of liquid that only gets better with time,

The wild haired baby preacher

Part time lady pleaser

Never too good for lil Ceasars

After a long night of love songs

And unforced bonds

Til this day I hold my tongue

…I shall never speak the words of hate

I often still feel cursed

It just may be my fate

To build bridges over water

I’ll never swim again

Came a long way

From blowing in the wind

And now I hardly rock with anyone

Cause I don’t have time to play pretend,

Being my brothers keeper

And my moms first speaker

I have alot on my plate

So I really can’t relax

If Blue Benjamin’s

Aren’t in my account by friday..

I smile now

When Ï see my moms face

Cause she really all I got,

But I wish

I could go back

To when we would just couch kick it


To that night you was pink blouse trippin


To when me and the homies

Would just mob down battle creek

Looking for a ray of sunshine

And a plug to cop some ****,

Yeah I know **** ain’t same

The world feels different by the day

And at this point all I can say

Is I hope you haven’t lost your way..
Camaury Robinson Feb 2017
Flowing with the moon and stars below my feet, I call out for you with no guarantee, seven letters all at once describe me and it’s cool if you wanna just call me King, I never was type to go around and kiss any rings..unformed lips..or ***** of enemies, I been yo favorite capital seventh letter of the alphabet way before Lebron got his first ring, and ever since I jumped off the porch a ***** feel like he been ballin harder than the legendary 23, don’t try to pick my mind or **** my vibe cause lil bro a shooter regardless of the day or time, and I never fancied the complete thought of having you as mine cause everything belongs to the game but it warms me to see your smile some time, I recall when you were the only one who didn’t think I was outta my mind or that I had lost my marbles..soothing the visible pain loathing in my eyes, I often think of you as a magnificent butterfly, that visits my garden to make sure my flowers are still alive, girl it’s the year of the seven..I know you clock me like time, so let’s continue to grow and one day you can mix your seeds with mine…you know that’s always fine with me, lamb told me I was born to be King and that I shouldn’t play with sorcery, but even Kings fall to mischievous things outside the basic concepts of a fancy reality, at day’s end I’m only a human being with a beating heart and eyes full of liquid dreams, I know you might see me as more than I am but to keep it a Thouxand..I’m only just being me, and there’s so much more to this than what you read, it’s my growth as a creative and a real human being, so I hope your eyes always see me and you know I’ll always hold you as the person who held me while the world was tryna crush my dreams
Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 1/29/17 @ 2:58am
  Nov 2016 Camaury Robinson
the more you love, the more you suffer
The red moon is out tonight,
I'll meet you wearing the red flowing flames.
They might pull you towards me, so keep a distance.
Don't say afterwards that I played an unfair game.

At the top of the red building,
We'll decently get high on red wine
and just like that, unlock our deepest secrets
discovering every truth and every lie.

Hiding in the red sheets,
I'll leave red lipstick marks on your neck.
They'll be a tattoo on your skin ,darling.
Reminding you of our red date, just in case you ever forget.
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