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Tecola Smith Jun 2020
‘At the root of desire lay dormant pain and despair’
Tecola Smith Jun 2020
There will always be a beginning.
There will always be an end.
‘But the stuff in between could be amazing’
Tecola Smith Jun 2020
Through the MIST of all things
CLARITY is still a
Tecola Smith Jun 2020
I’m feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied, why?
I’m happy, in love, why?
I hate my job, why?
I love my career, why?
I read, I write, why?
I smash things, I cry, why?
I’m so unsure, why?
I’m so sure, why?
Pain, so painful, why?
Happiness, so happy, why?
I’m angry, frustrated, it’s all frustrating, why?
Emotionally unstable, physically bound, mentally free and spiritually alive, I’m living and I don’t care why.

— The End —