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Sweta Jan 27
I know you since we were so young ,

I had my hair short and you had long .

Really admired you the way you carry yourself with your hair ,

Your hair was long smooth silky , making everyone stare .

Half of the females wished to have hair like you ,

Your trend weren't getting anywhere to old but so **** new .

We grew up with our own vibes and energy ,

I turned out to be Tom- boyish and you managed to look like westerly gallery .

I loved watching you then , still do now ,

You amaze me and make me whisper the word"wow ".

Critique and other nonsensical comments you won't allow ,

To affect you and your mentality then and now .

My adoration towards you is just not a mere feeling ,

But whatever you do and pull it off , looks appealing ,

I have watched you from a distance ever since we were young ,

From your long hair to a piled messy bun .

From the way you lift the skirt and walk by ,

Walked in sari looking elegant chick in heels high.

I watched you grow and turning out to be blooming rose ,

I will be the top most fan , if you become model in one of the top fashion shows .

Your beauty enhanced the way you chose to grow ,

Believe me you have never failed , but amazed me more and more .
Sweta Jan 27
Voices got unheard,
Ignored the Echoes of thunder .
When souls  around were getting tired .
Of screaming and using high pitches loud enough.
Everything was building up like mini cyclones,
Words of fire and stars in the crown enthroned.
Unleased it into the scattered sheets .
I knew my thoughts are wild,
Exposing the the stories untold ,
Releasing the power of pen that I hold .
Writing with my all might ,
Craving the words coated in ink ,
creating a feeling of fright .
Words and writing came out to be bold ,
They printed to be read , not to be sold .
Words are chants that writers uses choruses,
No doubt in calling them writing geniuses .

— The End —