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srijith kn Nov 2019
Me, sometimes too slow
sometimes raring to go.
And you? like a ray of sunshine
that walked into my room,
Oh! my room full of my lonely
tumbled gloom.

Like a star that lost her moon,
like these rains that makes frozen
doors, inside my caged rooms.
I always saw myself, mostly through
the window, of my dark uneven mind.
Many of those characters I made
in my narratives could have been me!
But were never me for a reason.
Oh! did you ever know that
my beautiful silent vamp?

I usually sit down in my room
unsparing my mind, body and soul
sometimes in relentless pain,
but that was a story lost long back.
Now, in rosy curvy overture
you need to wake me up
with a sweet little pen lamp!
Read my vulpine runes
which I pen late nights
and then wake me up
to my own chorus tunes!
Also please use
my mystic crafty hands,
to give fire to your words
everywhere you wish to write!
But then again let me ask
with my mystic cryptic voice
where were you all this while?
Oh! my invisible little pen lamp.
srijith kn May 2018
That day!
having felt the fresh taste of her
skin deep glowing sobriety.
Her thunder
was felt all over my body
under the blanket
of her deadly vibrant kisses.
She gave a fiery love
to a man's hidden nerves
to finish off her last
surreptitious desire
of her not so lasting human life.
Ever seen her?
with no makeup on?
Enough rejuvenated for years, I was.
Her naked shoulders
her wispy thin hair,
her muttering of my name
still echoes my ears and eyes!
Years later I'm unblinking
those days of my dead past.
Her eyes were like a flower
of some magnetic aura!
So many miracles, that day!
Maybe I could never write in words.
Those nights were so frozen
and her desires were too chilled
More bottles of whisky, we tasted!
My naked dominance met her
untouched naked curves.
Thirsty days were lost, after that!
It's this new enigmatic perfume,
and her butterfly-like unbuttoned shirt, that vowed me to write!
A poet with her stolen butterfly wings.
But the inebriation of that baptism
under those fiery waves of her pure soul which left after an incomplete life keeps haunting me somewhere......
srijith kn Mar 2018
Save these pristine words
that spin from the mind
of this clairvoyant writer.
Cherish the candour
of his truthfulness
that is blazing inside.
His copious devotion
now falling here as
blue rays, a myriad
of his endless imagination.
This is only the beginning
of his roaring and firey
sea waves, that hides
many icebergs, to
sink and bury these
Titanic writers
once again, forever....
srijith kn Jan 2018
Her shadow is all what he saw
and he drew her
shading her beautiful body
with a body paint.
Serpentine curves
towards her abdomen
with a brownish touch.
Reminded me
of those beautiful colombian rivers,
with brown sand and silt
having those beautiful curves
less those tiny gorges.
Her wavering hair
like those short tributaries
in directions, south west.
Nearing her chest
reminded me
of those shady trees,
slanting slightly into.
Depth of this breath taking art
gave me a sudden eagerness
to meet this divine soul.
Her eyelashes here
like tiny dark blue fishes
seen unmoving on these clear
slow moving river waters.
Mesmerizing indeed
so did this charming eternal beauty.
A shadow is all what he wanted.
Gracious artistic! Awakened here.
Might have seemed inescapable
to her shadow even.
O! divine woman!
srijith kn Dec 2017
That bright light
between those mountains
fell on her radiant face.
Then it just got reflected back
to the innermost nerve of my heart.
Unsparing any approval of the mind
so into, so straight.
Everything here,
the sun , the mountains,
the river, the heaven
and the space is all about her, now.
All of these makes me too lost, now.
Well, if I would land back here
then it would be her eyes
that would be glittering everywhere
detaching me, from the life I'm into.
May I, ask this please?
Are those diamond blue eyes
that I saw, that day
on those mountains?  
May be, yes.
But to my less fortune
I shall live in silence
and utter no words
cause I'm weak for any disapproval
and I don't want to deprive
myself from the little attention
and love that you might show or spare....

— The End —