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Claude Feb 18
a happy end,
but he's the villain
a pleasant walk,
but he's the tremor
a gorgeous dream,
but he's the wake
if only they were meant for him.

maybe they were,
in another end
in another path
in another dream
in another life.
for now, he would lie dormant
in his headspace.
Claude Mar 2020
Have you ever wondered
What we could be?
....We could be,

The sun lighting the world's path,
The lapis blue moon sharing a spotlight,
With the dancing stars,
We could be the lylac sky looming,
But instead we're brooding,
Waiting for the clock to strike
When it's lost in the mountain
Of our best kept secrets.
Claude Dec 2019
I've got no destination
I'm just wandering
No idea where I'm going
No idea what I'm doing.

And that's fine.
No matter how aimless
I am free to explore
I can always discover.

I hold unlimited possibility
Limitless opportunity
I could be anything
And maybe everything.

Soon, everything will make sense.
Soon, I will find my purpose
I just need to stay determined
On this long, wild
just something I cooked up while I was thinking about not knowing what your purpose in life is.
There is ALWAYS hope. Don't give up.
Claude Oct 2019
You've left me for dead
In this dark toy box
Am I that dusty?
Or are you enjoying the new toys more?

You've put me away
In the darkness of the old
In with the new, out with the old
It feels so bleak and it feels so cold.

I thought we would be forever
The playmates that we wanted
Turns out, well
That you've left me for good
In this dark toy box cell.
Claude Aug 2019
When I think of Red
I feel like another person
like in those books I've read;
Strong, passionate, confident
A fire in my heart
A desire to be powerful
but it's simply not enough
to color me
Claude Jun 2018
Potatoes are really ugly
With their brown mushy skin
But peel it off
And see their truthful beauty.
But some potatoes go too far
Too obsessed to be beautiful
That they turn
French Fries.

— The End —