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Shawna Renea Oct 2016
sweet silent
escaped us
we were found in our steady gaze
we cherished our lingering caress
we fell fast at the press of our lips

-do you believe in soul mates?
-no, not before I met you.

dive deep
my soul
I see you in these words
I feel you between breaths
I get lost in the the thought of you

-what did you do before me?

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
Pull me in
with your sin
Drag me under
shake me like thunder
Somehow a storm
rages inside this frozen form
Something rattles within me
it's you shaking me free
You've crawled in
right under my skin
Rain covers
me like an elusive lover
Excitement swirls like a cyclone
silently I beg to never be left alone
At the touch of your fingertips
my will simply slips

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
You are
one of those men
that take a hold
of a heart
You squeeze it
caress it
you hang on lightly
but just enough
so I strengthen
my grasp on us
I hold on to what
I want this to be
waiting for you
to hold onto me
I feel you fall
and you have
a firm hold on me,
on my heart
And I can
slip into the unknown
and trust you'll be gentle
while you hold
my heart in your hand

Shawna Renea Oct 2016
My skin
like water
cool to the touch
daring you
to dive
to feel
the rush
of energy that crackles
like a sudden summer storm
your warmth
can't stop
from pulling
me under
You're like the rain
and the pleasure it brings
Your whispers
are sinful
like chocolate
in the mouth
so sweet
yet so dark
I can not help
but to melt into you

A desire
so strong
it reminds me
of thunder
With a crack of sound
A feeling runs through me
but I can't
to this fire
that's rising
from deep,
deep within
if I were to do so
it would surely
tear me asunder
And soon
I would fall
right into you

Shawna Renea Jun 2013
You were like a white rabbit
and I the audience of one,
you disappeared
I am left wondering where
you have gone
Are you coming back?
Surprised to know you never left
because you only gave the illusion
that you were ever there.
I am the fool that holds
onto these false beliefs
of happiness and magic of love
How could it be lost
if it was never found
and how am I reaching for
something that was never there?

Shawna Renea May 2013
rushing to get ahead
of the
running through my veins
and the
treading to stay afloat
As my
heart races at an uneven pace
deep within
struggles to remain
and I
silently inside to remain calm
but I
for you begging to be

Shawna Renea May 2013
You call out for me
and I've called out for you
Feel you down below
slip deep within
inside my skin
I don't need no boy
I need a man
to fill in this whole
make me feel your sin
inside the skin
I love the fight
of ******* the violence
succumbing to win
to keep feeling you
inside my skin
this is how it will begin
Avoid the break
keep you close
you're to close spillin'
inside my skin
I scream out loud
Keep it coming
I won't give in
inside my skin
Beat of your heart
rush of my blood
I know now
like you knew me then
inside the skin
inside my skin

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