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Shawna Renea May 2013
the one I loved
the one that loved me
that loved all of us
has gone
It's like the sea
swallowed her whole
A wave came
and washed away
the pain that was pulling
her under
into its calm embrace
erasing her suffering
But now
we are stuck
in this labyrinth
searching for our way
though this suffering
Trying to see the light
at the end of the maze
Looking for our
Great Surrender
I, we, the ones
she left behind
are wandering in the
past, the memories
of this beautiful creature
who has left us too soon
We would give anything
to have one more
second, minute, hour with you
we would spread that time out
to make it seem like
it is our
for now
with you.

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
Why can't I feel
the pain
the emptiness
the need
All I am is
Cut me
and I barely
notice the blood
Embrace me
and I barely
feel your touch
Love me
and I barely
see your longing
All that's left
is me feeling

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
what you think you need
and I will be there for the taking
whatever you are free to
give to me and I will
the fact that this is how it is
and all we have to do is
us for not being more for now
but we have to remember
that this all will come around
in the end to find us
finally together inseparably entangled
the way we have envisioned

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
I willingly walk the short distance
that spans the space between us
I have prayed for this
You reach right through me
like you're trying feel my soul
Have you prayed for this too?
I listlessly look into your eyes
drowning in pools of desire
I have prayed for you
With your tentative touch
you caress every inch of me
Have you prayed for me too?

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
The realization
that I yearn for something
my body will not allow
I want you to hold me
but it will only cause me pain
The desperation
that this leaves me feeling
is a loss of something
that has never been attained
I need you beside, engulf me
wrap me up tight tonight

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
If I could
escape right now
I would wish
you could
escape inside me
for a while
To entangle
yourself beside me
I lose myself
when I am with you
You are my escape
from this monotonous life
Everything falls away
for a while
as you slip inside
You are my favorite
form of escape

Shawna Renea Apr 2013
I am learning
to leave the light on
to keep hope alive
in this dark heart
I am learning
to live because
I want to give
this life the love
it truly deserves
I am learning
to accept love's
blinding faith

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