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Nov 2020
Oh my dear Corona
What on earth have we done to you?
With or without wearing a mask
We could neither live nor die.

You came in through the air.
To stop us travelling by air.
Object us from breathing the way we were
To walk maskless on the streets became so rare.

You flew in uninvited.
You made people become intimidated.
You took our rights ignoring legislation norms.
You made our lives miserable by questioning our norms.

The old has almost lost its worth
The colours have almost faded in youth.
The bride and groom are chocking to accept maskless wedding bells.
The newborns won't know how a maskless dwells.

Like a demon, you ****** our blood in the ways possible.
Eliminating a commoners purpose in life is the norm for you.
Should an infant learn to wear a mask before it treats to suckle?
Should Shutting down a layman's joy be a delight to you?

Who the hell are you?
An uninvited guest ruining everything around you
Wasting an individual's precious time,
Spoiling a wonderful year.

You got your name and fame
by Stealing one's beloved possessions.
How cruel could you be!
Butchering lives with or without attacking.

Should you stay forever or be gone before dawn!
Written by
Sasevardhni  25/F/Singapore
   Jeremy Stacy
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