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 Nov 2021 SK O'Sullivan
 Nov 2021 SK O'Sullivan
I need

...but have been too long alone
untouched by desire
the presumption of love
in joints of dust –the lame of lust


Years creep by
Silent, numb

No one remembers
who I was

Raising my eyes
to the window—
–a flock of sparrows rise as one
into a gray sky
of mind

Beauty left by the back door of day
unnoticed in fading light

A dull ache
is all
 Nov 2021 SK O'Sullivan
The infantile moon
With its smile of mischief
just short of malice
among the waves she drags along behind
A single diamond
in her navel

The rest of her
to the black sky
of my imagination
Sky over the ocean.  The city has no candle to compare.  No darkness to spare....
Something to be said for the first light of her sliver.
 Nov 2021 SK O'Sullivan
Peter J
I know where you live
You live at the end of the sea.
All the way to uncharted waters
And undreamt shores
Then I who is of this colour.
Circles you count from a solitary pebble.
I who wave after wave surrendered to your insatiable Jade
He who waited to be mounted in patient stillness an uncalming beast.
I know where you live.
You live at the end of the sea.
I haven’t been on here for a while.
I’m sat out on the patio listen to the October leaves rustling in the breeze and a warm sun belies this cold air.
Just thought of someone and here I am at the other end of the sea. Ar lan y Môr x

The impetus
               Of being
     Always on the run
               Through pinwheel eyes
    Those standing by
        The mystic roadway :  River

   Blues yet to be brushed
             Or in blush
         from Evenings’ chill / a breathing Canvas,
        Like windows we
      dreamers felt / all mindful
   And chock full O'
         Then ponder
      Yonder—"window breaks"
    Past the wilderness' sleep
                       Bone-heavy wood
                            Umber earth
    Past whoosh and rush of liquid
                Folding on itself like a soundtrack
                    Listen now
      Pedestrian be
                        Mindful of the cautionary whales
                                                   Old Ahab’s yell
                            Or loathing.
If one is drowning in one's sleep
         Look wildly
                     Down river  
Or up there beyond finger's point
       Until sky and below it
All meet
The distance
                      Now only a line
         Coalescing what is beyond
    Our ability to see
Far and away
                     Ever after      
                             River. / Life.

Here we are / being / proud
       With the rapid rivers, loud—
                     always on the run...
The currents like a child's curiosity,
     How goes it, then?
                   When or why                               Does it end ?
                  Where do we go?              
                                 And like most things beyond just existing
                            Will be lead to the high art /
Love’s deep ocean...
                      Nights full of stars.          
     We wish often and forget to seek
                    the sublimations/                   driftwood.
       So, Let’s then
Begin with a dot . a speck of dusk,
          burst of sunrise
              or dark, starry skylines
                   pieces to masterpiece                                             Raging fragility of waters’
            (Unctuous undulations)
    Folding upon itself in volumes
Or falling from on high
                             A droplet cry.
Then Flash! /of lightning
                  (crash or bloom)
           From the heavens
                        like electric rivers
                                                         So brilliantly Festoons...

Where do we go
                With those under toes
       There and here / underfoot /
       Over north / southern sleep
           to Oceans’ twilight deeps?
Go wrapped or map-less
Or no,
               Up yonder
     There Up there
                       All without fear...

My heart like the river yearns
             To go toward the sun
                       A flow / afloat
                 the beating drum
Always on the run
 Apr 2021 SK O'Sullivan
It has happened again
While I'm not looking...
Snow drops and crocuses
tumbling into tulips and azaleas
The slow muted understory of color on the snow
Traipsing toward the waking sun
that herald robin
V of the geese
ever-pointing the direction
out of darkness
into life reach the crescendo, yet again
Leave behind the bud ~
exquisite ~ Hope
of mere possibility
of dew jewels scattered in the green

And never grow tired of this procession

to love life
to love life

Love ~

Love inaccessibly fragile
fool of a child
we always long to be
Love ripped apart at the V
does the dawn fall in love with
the receding night?
does the sun long to merge with
the silvery beams of the moon?
does the blue sky ever attempt to kiss
the earth in a tight embrace?
do the mountains strive to touch
the stars of the firmament?

is it not the red tint of the morn
that colours the cheeks of the dusk?
is it not the smile of the moon
that lessens the wrath of the sun?
is not the sky sharing the earth’s pain
as she sheds tear drops in sweltering heat?
aren’t the twinkling stars covering the darkness
lending a radiant sparkle to the black granite?

love turns the world around,
enriching the donor and the receiver
it gives more than the soul can aspire
it lights up more than darkness can hide
it fills the void, makes us whole
a light house to the sailors at sea
the greatest gift, a treasure of measureless worth

so love as never before, love till you die!
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