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Rona Librada Aug 6
Cold night breeze
Serene evening sky
Dancing city lights
Walking side by side
Fingers intertwined
Memory lane on our path
People passed us by
Couple they may think
But it was the way of bidding our real goodbye...
May 14 · 25
Rona Librada May 14
Connecting two spacetime with uncertainty where it'll end...
...that is wormhole they said.

My mind, heart, soul
relapsing our past...
...that is the certain wormhole i know,
I said.
May 12 · 108
3.8 '19
Rona Librada May 12
A year had passed
from the day we stood up and walked apart.

The day I lost you
is always been the yesterday I am living up...
Apr 26 · 36
Pull me up
Rona Librada Apr 26
How to think about you
without ripping my heart?
You're still the one I want
with myself falling apart
Mar 14 · 33
Rona Librada Mar 14
in parallel universe
it is you and I together...
just a hopeless maybe
Mar 7 · 120
366 days
Rona Librada Mar 7
Troubled soul since i lost you...
Will i ever stop
On my track
For your lost hue?
Mar 5 · 47
Rona Librada Mar 5
You are my favorite thought of the day..
Feb 27 · 55
Rona Librada Feb 27
Hihinto,  lalayo ngunit 'di magawang maisarado ang pinto...

Araw ng kalayaa'y dumaan subalit nakatunghad pa rin sa nakaraan...
Nakaraan na puno ng alaala, nakaraan na araw ng iyong paglisan..


Mahal ko, gusto ko umusad sa gitna ng karimlang ito...
Sa mundo nating ako ay mag-isang tumatakbo...

— The End —