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7d · 32
Life cycle
Start preparing for your bad days from the very moment you are happy with your life.

Vice versa .
7d · 108
Healthy wealth
To start taking care of your health , become happy in your life .
7d · 17
The ships that are sailing in my life are known as hardships.

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No shore found
Aug 4 · 202
Satvik gupta Aug 4
True wisdom is not always talking a lot ,

but ,

knowing when you need to be quiet.
Aug 1 · 63
Oh Lord
Satvik gupta Aug 1
Leave me alone again ,

I will call you GOD ,

when I need you again.
NF is love
Jun 16 · 325
Satvik gupta Jun 16
The ups' and  downs' of your life are analogous to the highs' and the lows' of a musical note.

Guess , the first makes a different song  the other makes a different  you .
Jun 8 · 102
Satvik gupta Jun 8
With practice and time you can acheive anything in life .
May 18 · 176
Satvik gupta May 18
You don't have to be in love to show love.
Apr 24 · 123
Means nothing
Satvik gupta Apr 24
Your mistakes means nothing if you never regretted doing that  .
This thought will change according to your will , that is how u take it !

I am confused too .

regret enters
Apr 18 · 665
Satvik gupta Apr 18
Try to identify the difference between your "needs" and your "wants " .
Apr 14 · 237
(◍•ᴗ•◍) Random
Satvik gupta Apr 14
You are hated now ,

                                Because ,

                                            You were loved once.
Apr 3 · 71
Satvik gupta Apr 3
We have this habit of stop believing in possibilities of different futures and that's all because of making a single mistake in our past .
We gotta change this .
Mar 30 · 307
Satvik gupta Mar 30
The Wet Eyes


                                                    The Dry Eyes
Mar 22 · 191
Satvik gupta Mar 22
the moment could be of seconds , but the memory can last forever
Mar 17 · 182
Satvik gupta Mar 17


Mar 8 · 309
Satvik gupta Mar 8
SMILE is the best makeup that can cover your PAIN .
Feb 20 · 68
Satvik gupta Feb 20
Jan 3 · 89
happy birthday 2021
Satvik gupta Jan 3
I was not waiting for this new year ,

I was just waiting for a new day that just feels different than the others .
happy new year to  yall
Dec 2020 · 285
🦊 Promises 🦊
Satvik gupta Dec 2020
I promise ,

You will be the first person to hear about my happiness .

I promise ,

I will be the first person to hear about your sadness .
Dec 2020 · 194
Satvik gupta Dec 2020
| Time is the money that I will spend on you |
Richie Rich  :  say no more bruh !
Dec 2020 · 465
Lost love 💔
Satvik gupta Dec 2020

Back then ,

we were lost in love .

And now,

The love lost us .
Sad music enters
Dec 2020 · 258
Act 1 : : Scene 2
Satvik gupta Dec 2020
( The scene takes  place in the park )

14 February , 2027

The  Valentine Day

Peter is currently holding a cherry cake 🍰 .
Alisha just finished eating the pastry.

He : so , how was it ?

She : to be honest , I enjoyed it .

He : good to hear , by the way the cream is still smiling on your lips .

She : is it ?  
                      ( Wipes )
       (But , the cream seems to be stubborn )

He : looks like , this cream loves you . ( giggles )
         Ok listen , just hold this cake .

( Meanwhile Alisha tries to wipes it again before receiving the cake )

She : grabs the cake

He :  look here .

( Peter  moves forward and gently kisses her )

Alisha is astonished  !

He : have a look ( showing camera ) ,
        wiped the cream .

She :  ( blushes )

He : By the way , the cake was not bad .
         Isn't it ?
My final write for the collection.                     *the forbidden ink*

Check my other writes :

Hope you will enjoy it .

Here's the link of my other writes from the same collection .
Nov 2020 · 75
the three states
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
Our bond should be " solid " , versatile like " liquid " and cosmopolitan like " air " .
Nov 2020 · 152
" The Path "
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
It seems our love is like the one between the Magical Moon and the Twinkle Star that appear to be  very close to others.

But sadly ,

Not even the moon's or the star's light (feeling) is able to show them the path on which they can cross each other  and  die peacefully.

Since , meeting each other will bring the utter chaos that will end this heartless world.
My second presentation from the series -" The Forbidden Ink "

check out my first write -

The support which you guys showed to my first write was like blessing to me , it makes me happy to see people around me feel the same way as I do .
looking forward to your support
Nov 2020 · 487
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
I don't know why ,


Sometimes it feels good to see you in my inbox .
Presenting you my first write from the new series -" The Forbidden Ink"
Hoping that it reaches your soul .

check out my second write - " The Path "

Check out my 3rd write " Act 1 :: Scene 2 "
Nov 2020 · 183
What is hell ?
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
What is hell ?
Ya leaving parents in their age.
And celebrating Diff Days to show your love

What is hell ?
Once I saw brothers holding hands .  And now all I see is  brothers in arms .

What is hell ?
Ain't got money for petty beggars , orphanage and those , too good to pay for that ****** brand clothes and cheese

What is hell ?
Humanity, erasing it's letters ,the very moment second hand ticks .

What is hell ?
Bioweapons to Bragg off and reign fear .
I am superior that's crystal clear.

What is hell ?
Another news on the paper about the girl who lost her respect in the society for the stupid joy of a man .

What is hell ?
Another ditch , cutting his nerves to show how **** he loved

What is hell ?
Hell is not a place ,
Where satan lives with a trident.
Or a couldron filled with lava  

It's all inside our brain .
I can go on and on .......

This poem will never end just like the Haye which we bear towards each other
Nov 2020 · 352
Blacked white
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
I won't get  hurt as long as the wound is on the surface.
Nov 2020 · 71
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
if life gives u pains then feel free to share it with your friends.
Nov 2020 · 198
My yard
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
Be the person ,
who either breaks the rules or makes the rules.
Nov 2020 · 83
Oddly satisfying
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
Be even, even if conditions are odd.
Nov 2020 · 61
Satvik gupta Nov 2020
My mom told my girlfriend to stop hanging with me.

As now , I am already dead .
Oct 2020 · 115
Satvik gupta Oct 2020
who needs paint colors ,
when you possess rainbow feelings
for others,
for others.
haiku !
Satvik gupta Oct 2020
Sometimes you fail in your life
the door shuts , the curtain falls ,  the wind freezes , the water stop altering in different containers . Everything just ends , a complete state of stillness , nothing but just you and your loneliness.
Out of nowhere you start to realize about ,your mistakes , your deeds , your acts , etc etc. Everything clings your hands and u just want to vanish your existence from here but that too is unavailable for the moment . Nothing works , then , then u start hating yourself , your dilemma grows and screams in each and every cell of your body .  Negativity , Negativity , Negativity

Even though you try to stop this but your efforts become futile . You realize your nature , your feelings , your burns , your stitches , your despairs ,yours regrets , your failures , and what else not !
Flow of sand siezes in your hourglass , you are left alone , no-one is around except your new friend ,loneliness.

The last leaf of your plant welts like your dreary face . You fall apart ,you wither ,  your growth stops .  
But you know what ,  "Mistakes are like gravity , always keeps you down " but up to some extent after that it converts to "FAILURE"

We just need to realize that level  ,  but it ain't that easy my friend.

Sleeping with regrets daily ,
Even I will have a bright future ,
maybe .
Oct 2020 · 345
peace piece
Satvik gupta Oct 2020
The wind was still still ,
Her hands rose rose,

To her ,
The night present present
the moon's shine shone
the stars winked winks
the sea waved waves

her Heart hurt
closed the door
to love darkness
like never before
i m trying my level best to make a poem with homonyms , but it seems like it aint my cup of tea , still i  will try again .
Sep 2020 · 56
Satvik gupta Sep 2020
the late a flower blooms,
the better beauty it possess.
Sep 2020 · 82
life is filed
Satvik gupta Sep 2020
A hollow believe is quite the reprieve.
Sep 2020 · 127
Satvik gupta Sep 2020
You buy money by spending time in your work.
Neet Ended
Sep 2020 · 147
hurt heart
Satvik gupta Sep 2020
from heart

to hurt

from ❤

to 💔
Aug 2020 · 209
buy that roley
Satvik gupta Aug 2020
Time is the money that i need for my investment .
money money i need that

nas got that
Aug 2020 · 115
Satvik gupta Aug 2020
If running was the only option left to escape awful situations  


Beleive me

Our athletes would have been the most happy persons alive
Something to change
Jul 2020 · 119
I walk on water
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
Be like water , that adjusts itself in every situation , what so ever it is.
it  acquires the shape of container right !  yeah that's the imagery I used.
Jul 2020 · 112
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
You will understand my presence in my absence.
Jul 2020 · 93
More than just Cartoons !
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
****** AND Shaggy taught me how to handle situations.

Ash and Pikachu taught me never to give up.
Goku and Vegeta taught me how a friendly competition helps you to grow quickly.
Phineas and Ferb taught me how to keep rejuvenating!
Grandpa max taught me that your brain never gets old.

Ya , I never got inspired from those big brains but those virtual characters really helped me to keep trying new things .They motivate me for sure.

I know you will laugh , but yeah! That’s what it is ,  I still believe in them .
real me
Jul 2020 · 64
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
If you will say something that I don't like then i won't say you about that but surely show you
Jul 2020 · 99
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
GO through the pains first , to find the cure |

Just pay the price of your cure in terms of pain |
pay the price of cure in terms of pain
Jul 2020 · 110
Cold war
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
The world is so cold outside  , even though it's summer |
long time no see guys
Satvik gupta Jul 2020
You need not to show everyone that you love her.


You do need to show her that you love her.
Jun 2020 · 95
Satvik gupta Jun 2020
Keep changing your changes or else your changes will surely change you .
Jun 2020 · 469
Star struck
Satvik gupta Jun 2020
They : Are we together  in this ?

Me : yeah , sure why not !

My inner self : I guess  , i m with them just like stars .
Appearing too close virtually  , but light years in reality!
Jun 2020 · 68
Satvik gupta Jun 2020
You have tendency to ignore things that you don't wanna see
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