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1d · 71
Poet of Relief
Jena T 1d
I wonder sometimes,
When I let my mind out to play,
On a late night drive
And when I close my eyes.

What happens when we die?
If life’s a game no matter how hard we try?
Is it a shame I smile when I ought to cry?

Life speaks in whips and chains
And sometimes in sweet summer breeze.
Disease reeks,
And I believe death speaks to me.

If there was an answer to these lines of poetry,
Perhaps there would be peace.
Mystics and priests,
Offer no lasting reprieve.

The poet of relief,
Speaks of the heart’s needs.
Jester of despair,
Bringing comical release.

I wonder sometimes,
Of the mystics, poets, jesters and priests.
What tonight will be,
Will my wonderings find relief.
Jan 24 · 36
Jena T Jan 24
Waiting in line
For the train to pass
Storm clouds moving swiftly by

A man steps aside
Lights a smoke
Waiting for the train to go by

Impatience in the air
Traffic lights
Rushhour time

Tack, tack
The tracks shake
Electricity sizzles

Sun fighting for a chance
But the clouds dominate,
Rains held with a sigh

No one watches the clouds pass by,
Not enough time

Love, if you listen,

When you die,
The trains,
The traffic lights

You won’t think of these
But of the clouds,
The gentle breeze.

Waiting for our time,
We’re all ghosts walking by.

The train roars through
Hustle on
If you don’t stop,
The clouds will never see you pass by.
Oct 2023 · 73
Winter Night
Jena T Oct 2023
If it were one last night,
To write a final verse,
A single lullaby,
An ode or a melody

When the moon shines bright
Or clouds obscure the sky,
While the stars cold light,
Is hidden by city lights

The approaching night,
Bringing Winter’s bite.
A solemn night,
Of final fight

Softly spoken,
By heavenly flight,
This warm embrace,
Of you tonight.

Peace to an anxious mind,
A drop of water to the thirsty throat,
Breath for the drowning gasp,
Of this sacred night.

Sing me a song
Wintry night,
Of death and life,
Bitter ends and sunset lights.

A beautiful silence echoes this night.
Should morning wake,
Perhaps not,
A prisoner of the night I’ll stay.
Apr 2023 · 157
Jena T Apr 2023
If life were a cigar…
I’ve taken many slow drags,
Inhaled the sweet, smoky, earthy scent,
Held its warmth in my lungs,
Exhaled its smooth burn,
Watched the smoke leech through my skin,
Felt the cancer spread through,
At the cap it releases the soul left in me.
If life were a cigar…
It’s certainly going to be the death of me.
Apr 2023 · 143
House of Stones
Jena T Apr 2023
A House of Stones,
Built to last till time grows old,
To protect these bones,
Guarded by a sentinel who is alone.

These words trickle,
Through the stones,
Growing moss in the cracks,
Of this old home.

I wish I could go home,
An ache that is deeper now.
Strange as it sounds,
My places of stones is my only home.

All around me are strange sounds,
Smiling faces that surround,
All met with stoney calm
And the sentinel.

The hearth cradles my heart,
Though winter has been long,
It still warms the house.
However the entry is still incomplete.

The lock is complex and I’ve lost the key.
Forgive me,
All seeking entry,
The stones are not for you to see.

It’s a place of sanctuary and grief,
Set upon understanding,
At the roads of vigilance and fatigue.
Oct 2022 · 165
Jena T Oct 2022
Like honey on the lips
A sweet taste of what was,
And will be.
The shadows dancing,
Whispering their thoughts

Does this life within know,
What it has begun?
The veil lifts, Ever briefly
Seeing beyond,
Only a glimpse

Will it live to breathe for a first time?
As the shadows dance,
Life of mine,
Not mine to find,
A lost soul, not this time

A pendulum that started,
Before I knew it swung
The momentum of life,
Runs away
And is starting again

Sweet sickle by my side,
Cleaving golden eyes.
My little drop of sunshine,
I’ve forgotten so much,
Forgive me.

I came with a restless gaze,
And a stormy light.
My decisions aren’t always right,
And I worry I lack the strength for life,
But I know this time,
It was made long before I breathed my first cry.
Aug 2022 · 140
Weather the Storm
Jena T Aug 2022
Home is a storm
Raging winds whipping life in,
Electricity crackling just to be alive,
Gentle rain starting off light
Until it remembers its torrential might
Breathing was never easier,
Than in a sky that’s alive
A heavily released sigh
Perfect Chaos
The heavens aren’t angelic sent,
But raw power with its teeth on edge,
Rage and creativity breaking its cage,
Where the ancients create,
And darkness plays with the wind

Home is a storm
Only for those who grin like a kid,
When the warmth goes,
The shelters close,
The precipice beckons,
And the storm begins.
Aug 2022 · 150
Year Zero
Jena T Aug 2022
It’s starting new,
Or so I hope.
What made me bleed,
Broke me in two,
Crept inside and stole my warmth,
I sincerely hope has gone away.
My mind was taken prisoner,
Left to rot,
In a place it never wanted to be,
Now this pit I must ascend,
If I am to reach the person I intend.
I’ve forgotten what it means,
Life is nothing to me,
Only a responsibility,
A duty to those around me
And the shell of who I used to be.
Now at this starting place,
An end and a beginning,
I wonder if I have it in me,
I’m not as fresh as I used to be,
And I’ve remembered what haunts me.
Here I start and here I die,
What remains is inside,
Do I get up and climb,
Or seek wisdom in stride?
Aug 2022 · 77
Wonder Why
Jena T Aug 2022
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I cry?
Fall apart inside?
A morbid dialogue,
Midnight thoughts,
To make me wonder at night,
About who I am,
Underneath reality,
Beneath this mask I hide.
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I feel what I deny?
Perhaps this is life,
Knowing better and setting grief aside,
Or I’ve lost touch with what makes me alive.
The former is a warrior’s mind,
The latter a child whose cry died
Neither describe the emptiness inside
Nor the midnight thoughts.
So I ask myself one more time,
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I still be wondering what’s inside?
Aug 2022 · 122
Jena T Aug 2022
Hymns of narrow woods
Tongue of the old mother,
Asking if we remember her ways.

Whispers of Aspens in the winds
Sisters chanting their ancient praise,
Of the vast land in their grasp.

Forest groves around the rivers bend
Reveling in the life water gives,
So they might grow another day.

Into the Unknown,
Wild lands,
Where gods roam.

Mountain folks,
Grasslands where the buffalo roam,
Forest souls,
Jungle dwellers,
Those with salty seas in their bones,
And the desert nomads,
This beautiful place we call home,
Was never ours alone.

It was wild long before we knew,
It spoke to us and raised us to our height,
Until we forgot we were wild things too.

The mountains still speak in silence,
The forests remind us how to breathe,
The seas show us what we need,
And the storms remind us what is ahead.

Where the wild goes,
Our hearts beat and they were never alone.
Jun 2022 · 79
Jena T Jun 2022
It’s an easy swing,
From happy to sad
Like a carousel,
Horse or tiger up and down,
A childish analogy.
Today’s the best day or,
Yesterday wasn’t so great.
Riding on this merry-go-round,
Everything is going to be alright,
Worries will take their turn in stride.
Oh to rise above these white clouds,
Storms and Summer breeze,
Blow on by.
Jun 2022 · 101
Lonely Wonders
Jena T Jun 2022
Some see ghosts in the cemetery,
Some see lights as they die,
Some see the future in their dreams at night,
Some hear the divine

All feel their heartbeat,
The quick pulse when brushed with death,
All will close their eyes one last time,
Either alone or in company,
All wonder what comes,
In ignorance and enlightenment

If it’s you and me,
I want to wonder beyond these white cells,
Touch the veil,
Look into infinity,
Hear the melody of madness
With you here we can see past this lonely weather.
May 2022 · 274
Jena T May 2022
I’ve rinsed these bones for the last time
The gristle of struggle is gone
And the sinews of grief have been stripped away

These bones are white as light now
I set them out in the sun
Ready for scorching relief

These bones are ready to leave
They’ve dug into the ground
And found mother’s hearth

I buried these bones tonight
I’ll dig them up when it’s light
Pile them up for the passerby

These bones are full of life
Waiting for the gentle patter of rain,
And God’s grace

I’ve carved my name into one
So it speaks of me in the beyond
And perhaps when the time comes I’ll hear it whispering my name
Apr 2022 · 71
Jena T Apr 2022
It’s been a while,
I know,
Pristine walls I built are washing away
The ever tide comes in.
I was so young when I started,
My walls of sand,
Sculpted terraces,
A moat and giant doors,
Sea shells placed carefully in the walls.
The sand is dripping,
Floating back to source
The waves are gentle and merciless,
Going back and forth,
Canibalising the shore.
A city collapsing on itself,
An empire of dreams falling down
And the builder has long gone away,
Leaving the castle to melt,
Into a pile of sand,
Reclaimed by the sea
It’s ever loving embrace
Like a body taken by the fields,
The castle becomes the sea.
Apr 2022 · 70
Jena T Apr 2022
I’ve been standing on this line
Unsure where I’m supposed to lie,
In the field where I know of home
Or in the raging storm outside?

I’ve been running for some time
And I’ve sat with my demons for a spell
Neither have given me peace of mind
Now it’s time to go

It’s a slippery *****
To the place of lost souls
Ridden with self-told lies
And pitiful holes

Should I stand my ground this time?
Or surrender to the endless fight?
What an empty night
Now that I’ve pulled this splinter from my mind.
Mar 2022 · 72
Toy Mouse
Jena T Mar 2022
It rattles and shakes,
More than half of the fake fur is gone,
Exposing the plastic underneath
That doesn’t change how much she loves it.
A little toy mouse,
Nearly as old as she
She carries it like a teddy bear
In her mouth, safe in her teeth
It goes in her water dish and in her food,
To bed and down the hall.
A kitten and her toy mouse,
Such pure love,
A beautiful thing
I hope any love you have
Is as pure as a kitten and her toy mouse.
Mar 2022 · 419
Jena T Mar 2022
Kissed by a storm
For the moon to see,
Sheathed in naked form
Floating on the open sea

No need to breathe
As the rains pour
And lightening weaves,
Through the body’s core

Gentle patter,
Torrential storm,
Deep water
Wetting dry bones

Wild eyes,
Fresh from heavenly skies
Soiled toes,
Dusky from hellish lies

Welcome the storm inside
Mar 2022 · 63
Little One
Jena T Mar 2022
Salty spray and sailing trips,
Worries of simple things
Come close,
I'll take it all away while I can
Scraped knees and bad dreams
I'll cure any wound and chase the monsters away

As you grow life will change
I'll still be there,
To answer anything.
I'm not perfect,
But I've got strength that never fades,
Something I hope you'll gain.

I'll stay until it's time to sail away
By then I swear you'll be okay,
I'll have shown you how to love,
It’s from my mother and it's purer than any light,
I'll have taught you when to fight to the bitter end,
And when to have wisdom to give in,
I'll show you how to find peace
When all you feel is a storm within.

Little one,
You'll have all I can offer,
Today and tomorrow
You'll have my heart, mind, and this old soul of mine.
Mar 2022 · 82
Other side
Jena T Mar 2022
On the other side
There the energy keeps in stride
Where eyes light the sky
And the people never die

Gravity is a companion of mine
Weaved in cosmic lines
Calling me it’s beautiful crime
Letting me drift in the icy night

Voices from the other side
Seeking life in this light
Love amidst the battle cries
On the other side we’ll die tonight
Feb 2022 · 76
Flood Waters
Jena T Feb 2022
Empty ride
My heart sits in the passenger side,
While my soul drives
Passing deserts with the occasional swath of life
My mind navigates while my emotions tune the radio
Sometimes it's just static and there's nowhere to go
I watch them from the backseat,
Like a child with no concept of distance or time.
They speak of an ocean not too far away
A place to bathe, Baptise some would say
I've never seen the water but I've heard the waves
Terrifying in their never ceasing might,
Why we drive to them I don't know
My soul knows why, always telling me it'll be okay
While my heart beats away,
Ageing with each pulse and quiver
My mind is busy calculating, though someone should give it a break
While emotions can't be satisfied,
They know why we need this drive
Peace in the journey, we were never meant to stay
In the rearview mirror I see all the cities we've passed by
We never belonged in them and they let us go without a goodbye.
The water awaits
I know it'll be my final fate
A breath to end all days
Flood waters to fill my chest
This body of mine, it follows
Even to its demise it knows
My soul will lead us home.
Jan 2022 · 153
Jena T Jan 2022
I’ve knelt to these blows

Taken my lumps of coal

It’s hardened my bones

Scarred my soul

Now they say it’s time to go

Rise above the smoke

Though my fire burns cold

The mask is gone that hid the old
Dec 2021 · 60
Jungle Floor
Jena T Dec 2021
Wet slime under my feet
Mud in my teeth
On the jungle floor
While you sit in the canopy above
Watching over me
As the stars circulate

I'm lost below
Searching for a path amid the vines
There's too many trees
And I can't take this **** heat
Eyes glow as the only light
Sounds rage above the quiet night

You know I'm lost on this plane
I don't remember the fall
But I recognize the jungle sounds
My body aches and my blood seeps
I crave those lights at night
Peaceful empty skies

But here I am
Roaming the jungle floor
Looking for my place
Though you wait
I don't know how long it'll take
Before I can leave this dark place.
Dec 2021 · 73
Jena T Dec 2021
Drop the beat
Whistle that final wheeze
Blow the ram's horn
Strike matches on three

Hangman's knot
A fine collar for mortal decor
Ends hanging those ****** cords

Heaven above
Watching as soaring souls are freed
Lifted from mortal coil
At the hangman's drop
Chanting gallows horns
Deep chords of aching hearts

A dead man's walk
A final trudge
Whether sinned or not
Fate has been ordained

If I hang from that noose,
Will you meet me one last time?
Under dark skies
Before my gallow walk?

It's better this time,
Last time they set me alight.
I still smell ash,
The sickly sweet burning flames

Kiss me one last time
Before my drop
I'll carry our love to the final swing.

Don't look when my eyes turn grey
Glazed and faded away
I'll have left,
Freed to the skies
Where I'll roam and breathe free
Waiting for my captors,
So they'll see they could never **** me.
Dec 2021 · 68
Jena T Dec 2021
Silver lines stretching infinitely
Atoms of dust
Stars crushing themselves alive
Checkered across the plain
Webbed waypoints supporting the tapestry

Life among the stars spinning fast
Fading brilliant lights
Scattered dust among the skies
Pondering an infinite cycle of why
Oblivious to the Weaver's gentle nudge
A cosmic string intertwined with dusty lives
Cradled by gravity to keep stomachs tight

Stories of old
Creation's magic and a socerer's stone
Fervent prayers of desperate souls
Each cry an echo vibrating a string
Of the untold and grieving nights
And heroes and villains of the heart
Empty throes if only known
The pain would surely go

A Weaver of majesty
Knows her tapestry
Each fiber taut or loose
Is a making of her own
If gravity should let us know we aren't alone
Our stories will never grow old.
Nov 2021 · 60
Jena T Nov 2021
Home run
From ghost rings
Solar wings
Written in threes
Angels sing
Of divinity
And how we are meant to be
Of stars as far as can be seen
Dead light
For you and me
Perhaps we'll join the living
In infinity.
Nov 2021 · 117
Jena T Nov 2021
Do you get lonely up there,
Hanging in the dark sky
All by yourself in eternal night
Perhaps you hear us
Our music and cannons
Screams and sweet whispers
Our constant breath keeping company
Though you've seen many beyond us
We're the newest toy
Hopefully we don't break too soon

Is it lonely up there or are you too close
Perhaps you're a prisoner
Tied to us
Always trying to break free
From a deadly grasp
Burning the night with your light
A cold silent scream of your distress

The maiden gets undressed
Sheathed in skin
Dedicated to you
In sin
Silver bow crossed
For the wolves have come
To run the night
Cruel and beautiful
Your light shines
A watcher and goddess of death and life
You've seen us from morning till night
Nov 2021 · 96
Jena T Nov 2021
Dawn and dusk sit at the edges of my sight
Night sky waits when I close my eyes
Day was foreign sky
Me feet carried me across starry sands
An endless ocean of black
Weighted with the comforts of home
Gravity holding me tight
Though vacuous and cold I felt loved
As if the stars and comets knew my sound
And plants and moons greeted me as kin
Nov 2021 · 104
Jena T Nov 2021
Flipping the ****
Break-up song followed by a pop song
Switch the static
Hear the raging machine
Screaming over society's idiosyncrasies
Minor chords tickling strings of how we're numb
Classic love with the brass fading just right
Keep turning
Someone's writing philosophically
A lyrical potion with a catchy beat
Doesn't that chorus sound nice?
Flipping static
Searching for the sound to match inside
At the edge wondering if you can still feel pain,
Or feeling free to live and let die
Throw in something for the ride
Smoking cigarettes like it's the last run
Stuck in the static
This is all just a replay.
Oct 2021 · 67
Jena T Oct 2021
Who has seen
The midnight hour
Filled with hope
Of dying day and birth anew
Scarlet tags hanging
Upon the changing hour
Of all coming and going
With baited breath
The clock chimes true
Lost for all who blinked
Death is in bloom
A new day
Born in darkness and quiet
Stilling hearts with a whisper
Sleep and all will come true.
Oct 2021 · 63
Dead Words
Jena T Oct 2021
If the dead answered our calls
Would they tell us all they knew?

Wisdom of all those before we came
Would they reach out from graves
Or some nether place as the poets say,
To tell us the secrets of today and yesterday?

If the dead spoke
Would it be like a parent comforting a child?
Or a haunting cold of nightmarish souls?

Heaven and hell
Our daily landscapes
Dead speaking each and every day
Whispers in our bones
And shadows at the edge of our gaze

Perhaps this soul already came
And I'm speaking of yesterday.
Oct 2021 · 61
Jena T Oct 2021
Her solemn gaze,
Fade into black with hints of cold light
Her echoed name,
Ghostly foggy breeze
Her sweet lullaby,
Thrice times the raven calls
Her wisest words,
Winters harshest night,
Her gentle kiss,
Little one
Your laugh is the brightest day,
Youth's grace,
Your smile is full of ease,
Your tears raise life from barren seeds,
You're heart bleeds life into dying days,
Aged and grey,
Your eyes don't hold back
O' moon up high
Hear the chant
Born to death and life
Endless cycles
A daughter's craven namesake.
Sep 2021 · 108
Jena T Sep 2021
My love,
My words have gone
I've lost the fire within
My mystic ease has run thin
This letter is my caged song
I have nothing left to give
And I'm tired of fighting to the ends
I never bought future dividends
So I write,
These lines you shall never read
To say the darkest things,
Deadly ease
Floating away in the breeze
Let my bones be
Spill my blood where the ground doesn't freeze
Set my eyes on the endless horizon,
High enough to see where the sky meets the sea
Bury my heart where my people be,
And if that is too much for now
I'll wait until Grace sees fit
Though my soul is ready to flee
This pain is deeper than it should be
And I've lost sight of the child in me
Sep 2021 · 197
Perhaps Today
Jena T Sep 2021
I'll remember what I came to say
Or live and let die another day
Though my heart calls home
It's too far away
So I'm here to stay
Till the battle fades
And my hair grays
Perhaps today
I'll remember why I came
Or I'll find another way
If not tomorrow is another day
Sep 2021 · 113
Cold water
Jena T Sep 2021
Harken the dark
In gulps and gasps
How easy it is born
Quenching itself
On a soft light
A candle amidst a black night
A friend or foe?
Empty and alone
Rushing in
Black waves of oceans cold
Home below
Beats a frozen sound
It's gotten so loud
The candle has lost its glow
And there is no one around
Aug 2021 · 100
Jena T Aug 2021
It's dripping down the walls
Sweet in taste
Bitter for the soul
Pleasant for the mind's control

Surrounding sounds
Nature calls and wild growls
Too much eaten
Yet starving despite it all

All the blood raining down
Doesn't relieve this hunger,
This dying ache
For love and fear surrounds

Won't you let me know
Before I go
That you heard my sound,
My hunger wasn't lost
Amid the jungle sounds
Jun 2021 · 112
Jena T Jun 2021
Tonight is a night of hallow
One we cannot share
In light or dark
It's a night beyond compare
Of wonders and horrors
Blatant to disregard my care,
Of what I speak
A wile of mine
That wanders my sacred places
Of grey and white
And where the caged beat roars,
Upon the midnight stars
Roam the horses
Of winds and dreams
Running fast
Upon cosmic sleet
The void of all who seek
An endless well
Reflecting each question back on thee,
Tonight is a night of hallow
The trees have said to me,
Follow the roots
Twisted and gnarled as they may be
White and black
For every scar and age
Ash upon your feet
Not to return from this night,
A night of hallow
A lonely journey of the soul
That must be complete.
Jun 2021 · 59
Jena T Jun 2021
Tonight is a night of hallow
One we cannot share
In light or dark
It's a night beyond compare
Of wonders and horrors
Blatant to disregard my care,
Of what I speak
A wile of mine
That wanders my sacred places
Of grey and white
And where the caged beat roars,
Upon the midnight stars
Roam the horses
Of winds and dreams
Running fast
Upon cosmic sleet
The void of all who seek
An endless well
Reflecting each question back on thee,
Tonight is a night of hallow
The trees have said to me,
Follow the roots
Twisted and gnarled as they may be
White and black
For every scar and age
Ash upon your feet
Not to return from this night
A night of hallow
A lonely journey of the soul
That must be complete.
Jun 2021 · 111
Jena T Jun 2021
I don't know how much to give or take
Should I live and let go
Or fight every moment I wake
I don't know

Fear hides in every corner
Dark whisperings asking for more
It's why I face forward
Never with my back to the door

I'll take it in stride
I can live without the light
It's not suicide
To gather my might for another fight

Sensitive is what I worry about at night
It keeps me up along with anxieties of the daily why
Do I love too much,
Or not enough for us to be alright?

I'm too tired from life
To give my all tonight
My faults give me strife
It's why I write

If I'm too potent for you
Say it when the sun dips
Just below the view
So I can take one last sip
Apr 2021 · 247
Jena T Apr 2021
Flickering vibrant life
Flames in your eyes
Tell the story of your life
Smoky hues of struggle
Rich blues of the destructive side
Your fire pleads for life
Raw and barren flames
Asking for respite
Fed to stay alive
Squashed enough to die
Your flame is brighter than this hue
Let it grow
Till it blazes
And you fear it burning you
Then you will see the fire in my eyes
And our dance will light the night
Feb 2021 · 154
Fields of Gold
Jena T Feb 2021
Ships coming down
Straits of bone
To the bottom hole
Last to see
First to go

Hallowed fields of gold
Brushing gently
Upon little toes
Running to hearth and home
Earth grown

Empty sounds
Go unnoticed
In this field of brown
Ghosts roam around
Knowing not life

Like a winged fowl
Piercing gaze
And hunter's scowl
The reaper comes down
To mazed fields

Graced by dark and light
The fields change
While shadows roam by
Seeking peace in dualities
Opposite extremes

Scythe in hand, harvest is swift
The shadows gaze with uncertainty
Of the unseen
And all within intuition's grasp
Of the threshing fields

Shadows move in sun and moon
Fields of gold,
An end to rough terrain,
Answers to the pain
Jan 2021 · 130
The Talking Fox pt. 2
Jena T Jan 2021
I crossed my legs and sat
Listening to the silver fox
Our shadows stretching in the moonlight
It's easier at night, he said
The shadows like to play and dance
It's how I came to know them
I've been the predator and I've been the prey
Both left me pondering what the stars say
Do they pity the mouse who lives to die?
Or praise the man who dominates everything but his life? he asked
I wouldn't know,
I've seen the mouse and I've lived a human life, I said
And now you aren't satisfied? he asked
I nodded
He chuckled with gleaming whites and said,
Like the shadows
It's an illusion you've lived
This is why we sit in the four winds
Each blows, saying it's time to grow
You're pulled all ways
But your mind has yet to let go
Release what you think yourself to be
And we'll begin the journey into the untold
First we'll roam,
There is a forest with haunted souls
Several are calling you home.
The Talking Fox pt.1
A fox spoke to me last night
I thought myself insane
His bushy silver tail stood *****
As he gazed at me with bright eyes
I ought to run,
But you are of no harm, he said
I nodded, stunned
He chuckled and asked if I had never talked to a fox before
That would be ludicrous, I said
He shook his head and his muzzle bared the finest smile
Oh my lady, we foxes do speak
We are not as well heard as the wolves
Or as majestic as the owl
And we pale in comparison to the cougar
But we do speak
Tonight you've come to hear I think
I've been waiting a long time
For you to listen
I've come before but all you heard was a fox
Now sit and listen to my tale
I'm Keeper of the Winds
And it's time you learned about the storm within.
Jan 2021 · 112
Twelve Candles
Jena T Jan 2021
Should you ask of me
I'd give it all away
Light each broken candle
In eyes of grey
I'd find the silver in me
Make them gold
So they warm you in winter's breeze
Each drip of wax
Runs down my cheeks
Burning before its path is complete
Oil and sweet scents
Burn brilliantly
Each night I light what's left of me
Watch myself burn
Feel my warmth radiate through me
A thousand tears for each
Light the way
Twelve Candles
Lit in me
Jan 2021 · 225
Jena T Jan 2021
I turned on the gas till the flames took light
Watched the fire with flames in my eyes
Walked right in
Flames didn't even touch my skin
Cursed soul
Can't even burn alive
Heart tempered by starlight
Smoke in my lungs
Devil's child I've become
Special light
For every breath was my lullaby
Candlelight and explosions bright
The flames are the only time I feel alive.
Dec 2020 · 238
Kiss the Sun
Jena T Dec 2020
My dear,
If I were to write you a song,
I'd surely fill my lungs

My dear,
If I were to write you a letter,
I'd surely kiss the sun
Burst into a thousand flames

My dear,
If I were to write your final words,
My pen would bleed
Of all you've been
And never seen

My dear,
If you learned I wrote your story,
Would you understand
Forgive me the tears
The loss within,
If you knew each line was a beautiful creation of mine?

My dear,
You are always mine
From infants cry
To burial time
Don't despair today
This line will become yesterday
You haven't seen my melodies or poetry
We'll kiss the sun another day.
Dec 2020 · 60
Jena T Dec 2020
I see them in the night
Feel cool whispers on my neck
Dancing in midnight sun
Shadows run
Down the street
Behind the willows weep
In the canyons
And monolithic retreats
Is a lone tree
Where the shadows dance and sing
Hear them now?
They speak of you and me
Nov 2020 · 65
Pine Tree
Jena T Nov 2020
Mighty pine
Age has rotted your branches
Your roots no longer caressed by vines
Your needles have fallen
Eighty feet high
You've touched the sky
Heard its whispers and sweet mysteries
Now you sway dangerously
A stiff wind shakes you horribly.

Mighty pine
You've seen seasons pass
Longer than many alive
Now it is time to rest
Your wood turns into a sweet smoke
An offering to the sky you reached
Freedom from your solid stance
A guardian you no longer need to be
Be free and kiss the sky for me
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