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1.1k · Dec 2020
Kiss the Sun
Jena T Dec 2020
My dear,
If I were to write you a song,
I'd surely fill my lungs

My dear,
If I were to write you a letter,
I'd surely kiss the sun
Burst into a thousand flames

My dear,
If I were to write your final words,
My pen would bleed
Of all you've been
And never seen

My dear,
If you learned I wrote your story,
Would you understand
Forgive me the tears
The loss within,
If you knew each line was a beautiful creation of mine?

My dear,
You are always mine
From infants cry
To burial time
Don't despair today
This line will become yesterday
You haven't seen my melodies or poetry
We'll kiss the sun another day.
904 · Jul 2020
Red Wind
Jena T Jul 2020
Rising up
Through the smoke
It's coming through to you
Whipping up the clouds
Feel the storm brewing inside of you
Red winds blowing through
Sickness in the air
It'll get washed out
When the rains fall down
After the red winds come through
Been a long time since they've come
They're overdue
Red winds coming in
Westward born and eastward bound
The old is crumbling to the new
Setting sun is rising now
Red winds blowing it down
Won't it be a sight to see the storm come round?
824 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
Jasmine leaves
Blended into tea
Fragrent scents of the day
Petals white or gentle pink
Dragons teeth
Sewed scrupulously
For war someday
Fields in bloom
What will they be?
Dragons teeth
Come to slay you and me
Or Jasmine leaves
Whispering in the steam
776 · Feb 2020
Jena T Feb 2020
Perhaps we love as strong as we do
Because we know we're only passing through.
Wonderous dying flames
Burning untamed.
715 · Aug 2020
Jena T Aug 2020
Someone once called me demure,
I didn't know the word
I looked it up that night
It stuck with me ever since
I'm quiet, I know
But the beast growls low inside
Begging for release
It distracts me sometimes
I don't hear what you said or I nod solemnly
To hide my inner longing to be free
I'll keep my face in the light
And I'll growl at night
BLT's word of the day challenge. Demure
533 · Feb 2020
Shadows on the Wall
Jena T Feb 2020
Do you think a shadow knows?
That it's just a shadow?
Given form by some matter and light?
I doubt so, but what do I know?
Perhaps the shadow is real,
And I'm the one who doesn't see,
The illusion of life lying to me,
Making me another shadow dancing on the wall, thinking I'm free.
507 · Jan 2020
My Friend
Jena T Jan 2020
If I could wipe your tears,
If I could bring you peace,
Know I would
If I could silence the screams,
If I could face your fears,
Know I would.
But tonight, while the moon lights
I'll drink your sins,
I'll grip your hand so you don't fall,
Know I will
I'll push the demons away,
I'll stay with you,
Know I will.
Tonight my friend I'll keep company with you down the twisted way.
A promise I've made to any I call friend.
438 · Jun 2020
Jena T Jun 2020
I was born in the grave
With growing pains
They keep me awake
Even today
Dirt filling my veins
A remnant of my grave
Reminding me of the past I've made
And the omnipotent forces at play
BLT's word of the day. Omnipotent
420 · Aug 2020
Paper Flower
Jena T Aug 2020
Delicate folded paper
Transformed from two dimensions
Into three
Child's play
Placed gently on the water
Floating downstream
The child thinks it will be fine
The paper grows damp
And limp
Collapsing in
But the child's laughter
Encourages it to stay upright
To float a litte further
A sound few could deny
Not even a delicate paper flower
I hear my child's laugh
I must float a little longer
362 · Dec 2019
Ticking Clock
Jena T Dec 2019
It's old and it's new
Going round or changing the numbers that accrue
Chiming and clicking for every moment I ever knew
A stranger that marks each second and moon of blue
Never dying on its march of eternity without a clue
That it was never real but only perception's fool.
358 · Apr 2020
Jena T Apr 2020
Yes Sir!
The last he ever said,
The last many ever said
Generations of dead
Crawling out to us in our beds
Today's war was yesterday made
Think twice
A word of the wise
If you've been too many times
You've said the words
And you may not realized
What you write
Is your last cry.
355 · Mar 17
Jena T Mar 17
Kissed by a storm
For the moon to see,
Sheathed in naked form
Floating on the open sea

No need to breathe
As the rains pour
And lightening weaves,
Through the body’s core

Gentle patter,
Torrential storm,
Deep water
Wetting dry bones

Wild eyes,
Fresh from heavenly skies
Soiled toes,
Dusky from hellish lies

Welcome the storm inside
352 · Dec 2019
Midafternoon Ramblings
Jena T Dec 2019
I wrote some poetry today
It doesn't rhyme and it doesn't sing
Just some thoughts I put on a screen
For someone and no one to read
I wrote today
For old times sake
Of when I was younger or free
Of characters only I see
352 · Jan 2020
Winter's Tears
Jena T Jan 2020
Winter's tears,
Shed like the dying day
Until the moon rises
And the wolf calls home.
A child dreams,
Walking in certainty of all that never is.
339 · Jun 2020
The Plain
Jena T Jun 2020
I saw myself today
Standing on the plains
The sky was grey
And the breeze smelled of rain
Tall grass brushed against my legs

I turned and saw myself
Asking why I came
My answer was a smile upon my face
Electricity coursing through my veins
My breath a part of the day
Giving life and letting go of every pain

I saw myself today
Sitting in a storm by a single tree
The winds never disturbing the place
Laughter on my lips
Sadness in my eyes
Questions and answers dancing happily
While I rest

I saw myself today
Having nothing and everything to say
On the grassy plains
I let the scene slide
Knowing it's where I reside
Where heaven and earth collide.
335 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
To my back sit the stars
Under my feet lie the clouds
An endless staircase rises both ways
I breathe the clouds
I feel the void on my neck
Sit with me on the steps
Talk a while
Labors of my love came today
And I had to go away
Do not grieve the loss
It was always meant to be
I'll return to the skies
Where walls of captivity cease to be
Change has arrived
Birthing pain of a new day
It is growing late
The stairs go both ways
I sit on the steps
My final wait
Weaving stars and galaxies.
317 · Dec 2019
Jena T Dec 2019
I've been formally trained
Yes I've brewed some strange things
And I've dissected some things
I know where Frankenstein got his name
But the craft I practice I never learned
It's the purest of the trades
And it's stronger than any compound I've ever made
I've distilled it many times
Till it was pure
Just a drop is all you need
Stronger than any liquor
Trust me I could brew no ninety proof that could compete
Just a sip is all you need
A sip of the purest pain
Aged through the decades
Wouldn't my old professors be proud?
I think not
Only the Philosophers and Poets would nod their heads without doubt
The rest surely know I've abandoned all they taught me
A brilliant scientist I'll never be
But come to me when all is broken and gone away
I'll give you a taste of my brew
Perhaps I can still become a healer
I know the body but it is your soul that needs mending
So pull up a chair and sit on down
I once was a scientist but I've given it all away
For this pain that stretches through us all
Tell me what you think and I'll let you have a drink
We'll grieve together and it'll be okay.
317 · Jun 2020
The Cliff
Jena T Jun 2020
Standing on the broken cliffs
Watching the tide retreat
It carries my heart
Every beat,
I wait for it to come in once again.
I'm always here
In stalwart verse
Providing words of certainty,
Lionness of the pride,
Reliable everytime,
Soldier marching in stride
Are you frightened by the quiet blaze in my eyes?
I know it's a little intense sometimes
I'll close them for you tonight.
I keep myself on a leash
Knowing when the day comes I am released
I'll admit it was a lie
While I stood on the cliffs
Waiting like a guardian of ancient times,
I wanted to be free
Join my heart in the sky and seas
Longing for the moon and stars
Bringing in high tide
So I may feel one more time.
BLT's word of the day challenge. Stalwart
314 · Aug 2020
Burning Skies
Jena T Aug 2020
Burnt orange
Pastel of pink
Intermingled with purple hue
Breathy haze
Of mountain cool
Aspen and pine reaching high
Meadows of deer grazing in dusk's light
A peaceful fading sight
Full moon rising
Broached by tips of trees
Beautifully rising night
Burnt orange
Of smoky skies
Mountains rising above the hazy light
Breathe this burning sky
One last time.
310 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
Last to leave
Never to break
Swirling the drain
It's not okay
But the lie remains
The lives of others come first today
Don't break
The world's not that kind of place
I don't remember if I ever didn't feel this way
I'm tired
And I've only begun the race
I despise my face
It lasts every poker game
Life granted me solidarity
My personality looks complete
Denying what I feel underneath
I'm breaking tonight
I don't want to see
I'm tired but it's not up to me
I'm looking for my strength
It's eluding me
A race to the end
Of the mask versus me.
A stressful week but here I bleed.
297 · Jun 2020
Cover Me
Jena T Jun 2020
Mountains, cover me
Sands upon my sleeves
Take me down to the sea
My sails of sleep
Let my burdens drown
Down to the watery deeps
Let my soul run free
Up to the mountain peaks
Snowy caps, cover me
To my knees
Cold air grant sweet release
I'm coming down
Where the ground rises up to meet
The sky and ocean black
Sparks set free
Fires, cover me
One more round
Of air in my lungs
Battle worn and ready now
Cover me until I'm complete
294 · Oct 2020
Jena T Oct 2020
A bird flew today
Through the leaves
And trees
Knocking dying leaves from their keep

A bird fluttered today
In my heart
Or in my stomach
I never knew

A bird left today
Taking the warmth
And summer daze
With prompt haste

A bird told me today
To take it easy
Let myself be
Spring will come

For now let death have its peak.
269 · May 2020
The Last Dance
Jena T May 2020
The music plays
Another chance
The hall is set
For the final dance
My heart quivers
For what is to come
It's longed and feared this final song
Sweeping beautifully I weep
Shadows lightening my step
The melody strings as lights go dim
The final dance
Of fires and grace
Let my fears slip away
As I forget my place
To the rhythms of my soul
The last dance is playing my song.
244 · Feb 2020
Jena T Feb 2020
Strung up for all to see
Hanging lifelessly
I see no reason to think you mighty.
It's one thing to ****
Another to hang it like a morbid trophy
No respect for the life it was,
Return it to the field and let it be
A beauty it once was even if you couldn't see.
Hanging corpses by the roadside
What have we become?
Or have we returned to the Romans of old?
Maybe some dumb kids with nothing better to do but chase a Coyote.
It hangs,
A sign we still have far to come
Before we can claim we are humanity.
244 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
In the shade the desert ground is blessed
In scars survival fights
In broken ground life is sewed
In storms water is split
What is pure was distilled
What is life but a healing wound
Broken hearts and souls
Empty grief within
The cracks let strength grab hold
The end isn't coming
The beginning has just rung in
Broken vases
Has made you see
Just shells hiding are we
Set down the burdens and you'll be free.
240 · Feb 2020
Jena T Feb 2020
It came about in the strangest way.
My heart sitting on the divide
Wondering why.
The fault was never in the stars
Ceasar is not better than me.
It was written this way
Three fates cutting strings.
Arts and wars
Walking through doors.
Death's wife sleeping in the night
It was written all before.
For my history teacher who taught me the importance of understanding the way the ancients thought.
237 · Jun 2020
Jena T Jun 2020
The voices of a plague
Arguing every which way
They never cease except to agree on better pay
Until the Emperor stands
Quieting any in his way
The prisoners will be hanged
And the people are needing grain
Enough of petty and greedy mistakes
If the Senate is content to do nothing but harangue
Then the Emperor will rise from the grave
And squash democracy for tyranny
For the people's sake
So they can eat and live in peace
And that will be a bitter day
But Ceasar may already be on his way.
Inspired by BLT's challenge word of the day harangue
229 · May 15
Jena T May 15
I’ve rinsed these bones for the last time
The gristle of struggle is gone
And the sinews of grief have been stripped away

These bones are white as light now
I set them out in the sun
Ready for scorching relief

These bones are ready to leave
They’ve dug into the ground
And found mother’s hearth

I buried these bones tonight
I’ll dig them up when it’s light
Pile them up for the passerby

These bones are full of life
Waiting for the gentle patter of rain,
And God’s grace

I’ve carved my name into one
So it speaks of me in the beyond
And perhaps when the time comes I’ll hear it whispering my name
225 · Mar 2020
Jena T Mar 2020
I was ten and you were fourteen
I thought you were the coolest thing.
Our families were close.
My father liked you and your father wasn't there.
Those were early days
Skaters were in and Green Day was sick.
I was a kid and probably bothered you
But you treated me like the younger sister you didn't have
And I worshiped you like any younger sibling would do.
You taught me to snowboard,
"Keep your toes up and I'll teach you how to jump."
You let me have some of your Rockstar
And I stayed up all night.
You'd make sure I was by your side
And if anyone got rough you'd push them out of the way.

My family moved away one day.
You'd visit but distance made it hard.
Age and struggles muddled it all.
I was fifteen when I saw the look on my father's face.
He said you died, the call came earlier that day.
Overdosed on stuff you took for ADHD.
They said it may have been a mistake
But deep down I know it wasn't.
You were smart and knew how that stuff worked.
You were in a rock and a hard place.
I felt the same when I was your age.
I can't snowboard to this day without thinking of you.
Playing Green Day on the CD player
And nodding our heads real cool.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams was written for you.
Things I associate with you feel like Deja vu.
David I still think of you.
To my friend David who died shortly after turning twenty. I'm afraid he was alone and when someone finally came they offered no hope. The specifics of it all were lost and uncertain. Suicide is a frightening word and no one wanted to say that's what happened to him. He was kind when many chose not to be and perhaps that's why he left so soon.
215 · May 2020
Country Roads
Jena T May 2020
Sprawling hills interspersed with trees
Ah it felt like home
Like driving down a barren road
Cities aren't for me
Don't get me wrong
I like the hustle and faces I see
But I'll take the quiet land
No matter the nation it is,
I call the country home
From the cliffs of Gibralter
To the ruins of Gobekli Tepe,
And back round to the massive Red Wood trees,
I'll roam
Down to the burning sands of Berber lands,
I'll stay in the country
Leave the cities to the people
And listen to the trees.
210 · Apr 2021
Jena T Apr 2021
Flickering vibrant life
Flames in your eyes
Tell the story of your life
Smoky hues of struggle
Rich blues of the destructive side
Your fire pleads for life
Raw and barren flames
Asking for respite
Fed to stay alive
Squashed enough to die
Your flame is brighter than this hue
Let it grow
Till it blazes
And you fear it burning you
Then you will see the fire in my eyes
And our dance will light the night
200 · Jul 2020
Healing Moon
Jena T Jul 2020
May my blood of this moon
Fall upon the stones
Creating life tonight
May the earth hear my cries
In the heat of night
I'll hand back with warriors might
Every grain and stars alight
Heal these wounds
Mother of the land and sky
Incantations of spirits on my side
May this blood flow bright
Down the stones to river beds and watery depths of absent light
Sky grant me one more breath tonight
I'll whisper my creation into life.
Inspired by an old Norwegian song
199 · Mar 2020
Jena T Mar 2020
I lost myself along the way
In the mirror a stranger stares at me
But everyone still calls me by name
I sit in reality's shade
Pondering the day
It's time I leave this place
To where I don't know
But it's too strange here
The sounds and colors aren't the same
I think today I'll make my escape
190 · Jun 2020
Jena T Jun 2020
Chandeliers of crystal glass
Refracting light
Across the stage
Open strings
Playing harmony
Delicate lace
Stretched across the face
Sweet scents on the breeze
She came late last night
With rested gaze
And confident ease
Drifting by on light feet
Whispering things
Hauntingly sweet
187 · Dec 2019
A Place of Mind
Jena T Dec 2019
What I know I've never seen
It comes from inside
This place I reside
Speaking of wrong and right
Where fairytales are written and myths live in might
A chaotic place of dark and light
Behold its beauty and beware its bite
186 · Jan 2021
Jena T Jan 2021
I turned on the gas till the flames took light
Watched the fire with flames in my eyes
Walked right in
Flames didn't even touch my skin
Cursed soul
Can't even burn alive
Heart tempered by starlight
Smoke in my lungs
Devil's child I've become
Special light
For every breath was my lullaby
Candlelight and explosions bright
The flames are the only time I feel alive.
179 · Feb 2020
Jena T Feb 2020
Chasing dreams
Of a sleeping reality
Muses whispering many things
My delusions of my illusions
Chasing perfection
With broken perception
Enter this elusive house
Filled with incantations written during conception.
176 · Jun 2020
Meat & Bones
Jena T Jun 2020
I thought I'd parse this meat for some bones
Something to build these words around
But **** if they don't keep falling down
BLT's word of the day challenge. Parse
175 · Sep 2021
Perhaps Today
Jena T Sep 2021
I'll remember what I came to say
Or live and let die another day
Though my heart calls home
It's too far away
So I'm here to stay
Till the battle fades
And my hair grays
Perhaps today
I'll remember why I came
Or I'll find another way
If not tomorrow is another day
175 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
I feel it in my bones
Going to feel it tonight
Isn't glorious
What you can do with a light
Going to feel it when I'm old
Whipping in the wind
Like a child's lost balloon
Coming in the storm
Going to feel it coming through
So much to lose
If that ain't life
What to do
Going to ride till the call comes through
Yeah that's just a clue
173 · Jan 2020
Lies of Mine
Jena T Jan 2020
I wrote a simple lie
In this house of mine
Scribbled it on the walls
So I always see this lie
All the time
It always reads
It'll be alright.
169 · Dec 2020
Jena T Dec 2020
I see them in the night
Feel cool whispers on my neck
Dancing in midnight sun
Shadows run
Down the street
Behind the willows weep
In the canyons
And monolithic retreats
Is a lone tree
Where the shadows dance and sing
Hear them now?
They speak of you and me
166 · Dec 2019
Forgotten Desire
Jena T Dec 2019
I crave the gentle feel of your hand on my thigh.
Just that simple sensation.
No words needing say.
Just you and I.
But you gave it all away.
In the harshest kind of lie.
So I sit with this craving I cannot deny.
Knowing it's something I must contain.
148 · May 2020
Jena T May 2020
In the darkest night,
I found you
Dripping truths,
Rinsing sheets,
Of blood and tears
I knelt before you
Surrendering with hands up
And you adorned me
With oils and scents from afar
Despair whispers in my ears,
Fear shadows my steps,
Love burdens my heart,
Prophecy touches my lips,
And peace dwells in my eyes
To each of them,
I surrender.
143 · Jan 2020
Sinking Ship
Jena T Jan 2020
I'm tired,
To my bones I think
Sleep doesn't fix,
What my soul emits
A tiredness so deep,
Time quits
I've lost all sense
As I bail this dying ship.
143 · Apr 2020
Hello, I am...
Jena T Apr 2020
There are some poems,
There are some stories,
I write with so much heart
I dump them onto the page
Hardly sorting them out
The way they came is already better than I could say.
They are beyond blood
They are little pieces of my soul,
Children of mine,
Should I let them go?
Let them free for all to see?
Something beyond words and philosophies
I feel them when I breathe
Gods, monsters, and prophecies.
Heaven and hell are within me
I see the lives in me,
And more than that I see them in you.
No matter the times the story never dies
See a myth and read it twice
It is your life
Your journey to find both hero and villain inside
I write not because it's a hobby
I write so I can breathe,
Would you like to take the journey?
140 · Jan 2020
Jena T Jan 2020
I have given.
Too much?
I wonder
But it is my soul
So let me burn as the wound grows
Let the embers burn and glow
It's the fire of my soul
Let it go
Until I have turned to ash
Let me go
Burn and smoke
And perhaps I'll learn
An honest soul burns so it can grow.
139 · Jun 2020
Jena T Jun 2020
I lay my body down
I've got no further to go
I'll hear the call come round
Until then I'll lie here and listen
Hung my heart so I could hear it play
It was a symphony
So achingly bittersweet
Each beat seeking majesty
Percussion of obsession
Strings stirring the currents longing
Woodwinds calling dreams
Brassy passions
The argot of my friends in arms
Battling my mind for possession
Each beat a harmony and a tragedy
My symphony
Always in my mind
Granting pain and peace
BLT'S word of the day challenge argot
139 · Sep 2020
Jena T Sep 2020
I wish,
I didn't float so easily,
That my lungs didn't rejoice so with cool air,
That the night sky didn't fill me with longing,
That my thoughts didn't touch eternity every night.

I am,
A million lights and a void with nothing in sight,
A tempest given form,
An echo of past life,
A sunrise and sunset folding into endless light,
A storm of unparalleled might,
The child of my dreams crying at night
And the one who comforts her each time.

I will,
Attach my willowy ways to sinew and bone,
Stick my feet in the Earth,
Find peace in my temporary home,
Ask the highest of you
And not think less of you when failure is due,
Be the gentle breeeze caressing your face,
And the violent hurricane bringing change,
Be the storm inside of my wildest dreams.
136 · Jan 2020
Bleed Away
Jena T Jan 2020
Love comes in many kinds
A few wolves trapse under its guise
They can be hard to surmise
I've learned a few times what love is not this way
I asked myself what love is one day
And the heart said,
Love bleeds the pain away
It isn't always grand and often has little to say
It's not always romance in some Spring day
True love bleeds the pain away
Every time,
No matter how grave.
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