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Regan Apr 2021
Turn out the lights.
Hide everything away.
Lock down the door.
No one is here to stay.

Put the bottles in the cellar.
Wipe the dust from the shelf.
Close all the curtains.
I need to be with myself.

Turn out the lights.
Make it all go away.
Don’t touch the door
No one wants to enter anyway.

Clear all the tables.
Tuck in the chairs.
Shut down the kitchen.
I have my own affairs.

Turn out the lights.
They aren’t needed anyway.
Put another bolt in the door.
No one has anything to say.

Cut off the music.
Tell everyone to go home.
Load up the dishwasher.
There’s nowhere left to roam.

Turn out the lights.
Get out of my way.
Board up the door.
I’ve watched my mind decay.

I will turn out the lights.

I will lock the door.

Since no one else is here anymore.
  Apr 2021 Regan
Max Vale
We grew up on the same street,
We blew dandelions into the sky.
We chucked shells into the blue sea,
Wondering what it would be like.

To grow older.

I came back to the same street,
It's not the same without you.
I can still hear the sound of your feet,
I can hear mine too.

Wish we didn't have to grow older.
Regan Apr 2021
Who am I?
Who am I really?
I don’t understand what I used to see so clearly.

What am I?
What am I becoming?
For I have wounds that are no longer numbing.

Where am I?
Where am I headed?
I feel like I am what I’ve always dreaded.
Been too long since I’ve written anything, glad to be back.
Regan May 2020
I wanted to go to university,
And then I failed college.

I wanted to be a writer,
But now my words have lost all meaning.

I wanted to love someone forever,
Yet they couldn’t love me for a day.

I wanted to live a healthy life,
Now substances hold me hostage.

I wanted to be somebody great,
But not anymore.

I don’t want anything at all.
I am sorry I haven’t been active in the community recently , I hope everyone is safe and well.
Regan Apr 2020
Do you ever just forget what’s going on?
I forget.
I forget that the world isn’t normal.
I forget that nothing is the same.
And every realisation is just as heartbreaking.

I really wish I could forget for a lot longer.
Just forget.
I could pretend that nothing has changed.
I could pretended that this is normal.
But my heart would still sink just as hard.
Been a little inactive recently so thought it was time I posted, thank you for all the love ❤️
Regan Apr 2020
Life used to be so dull,
My heart used to be so heavy.
What I thought was an eternal pain,
Is now just a memory.

Since you came alone,
I can finally breath again.
Your soul fills my lungs,
You are my oxygen.

You’ve brought back my brighter days,
I never thought they’d return.
Thanks to you my angel,
I couldn’t ask for more.
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