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Samantha Feb 2019
There once was a young girl from China
Who found a sprig of Spartina.
She went to the web
as her marsh it was dead
And found it’s from North Carolina.
A native of the east coast of the USA, Spartina alterniflora has been introduced to marshes up and down the west coast as well as to countries such as China. The species has a dense root system that hinders filtration and out-competes native species
Samantha Feb 2019
Down in the Chesapeake Bay
A boy looked down in dismay
He went looking for Blues,
but there was some bad news
The Green Crab had ruined his day.
Samantha Feb 2019
Of all the creatures of old
that fly to escape from the cold
no journey compares
to the trip that is their's
Dendroica striata take gold.
Also known as the blackpoll warbler, their nonstop migration takes them over 2500km from Alaska and northern Canada in the summer to South America and the Caribbean in the winter.

Recently their classification has changed making them part of the Setophaga genus. Their new scientific name is Setophaga striata.

— The End —