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Nov 2015
Ok, you can laugh, 'cause this might seem absurd,
it's weird and very crazy, yes, weird is what you heard,
I like to think they bring tons, and handfulls full of luck,
'cause I much want to collect every type of rubber duck!

From the original to the modern type,
from monster ducks to ducks that skype,
from ducks that are theives and like to rob,
to angel ducks that do their job.

There's so many to collect and buy,
to say I have them all would be a lie,
I'll tell you when I get six more,
but for now my number is ninety four!

Rubber ducks are cool and rubber ducks are great,
rubber ducks I appreciate!
To say my last line, I will not stall,
but to describe this poem, I have to say LOL!
Written by
   Tahirih Manoo
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