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Oct 2015
**** Day is the very best dayย of the week,
at least, if fun is what you seek.
It's the day where camels come out to play,
so let's all give a cheer for **** day!

But there is one evil that lurks within.
It smells alot worse than a trash bin.
It is a day where everything is gray,
it is called Over the **** Day!

Wendsday, ah Wendsday, the nick name of humps,
you make us not feel not at all in the lumps.
But Thursday, the nick of the core of all evil'll,
destroy you and claw you and eat you yes he will.

So let's all give a cheer for **** Day, why not,
even if it's on the day that we hate alot!
**** Day is great, and that's just so true,
so join the fun on **** Day, if I can do it, so can you!
Hey Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, what day is it mike?
It's **** DAY! WOOP WOOP!
Written by
   its gonna make sense and Nikki
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