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Jul 2018
Stark in his nature fleeing the authorities
He barely perceives the shocking cold under his bare feet
The snow crunches as his toes grip the concrete
He accelerates across the land as hexagons spin in his vision
Complaints from surrounding society echo across the property
"Get down on the ground and stop what you're doing" the responding officer murmurs
The zombie man sprints across the snowy sidewalk away from him.
Blood runs down his hands and torso as he is physically confronted by officers.
He breaks through their grip running back where he came from, attempting to escape to a warmer place as he breathes in mace.
No one will open the locked front door to the building
As the light reflects off of his skin, he is tackled to the sidewalk and handcuffed on the ground.
He scrapes his top teeth against the cement on the sidewalk to distract himself from the physically unbearable sensation and licks a cigarette **** off of the ground and swallows it, saying goodbye to his world.
He looses consciousness and passes across the realm of consciousness for a brief moment, seeing that life continues. As he is rescusitated, he feels as if a better place lay across the plane he has recrossed. He slightly regrets his recent actions, anxious to see the consequences and their requirements of him.
Written by
OblertPumpernikle  27/M/United States
(27/M/United States)   
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