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Jun 2019 · 117
Never gonna grow up...
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I miss how boys
                           Wouldn’t like you based
                    on the size of your body,

But...    instead of how fast you could run and how nice you were to their friends.

   I miss  when cussing, drinking  and smoking was weird and not cool...

                     I miss when getting a high
               streak on snap wasn’t a chore

        I miss when our parents would support our choices, and would actually understand us.
Jun 2019 · 147
mr clowen
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Shielding our imperfection into a twist
                                                                      Of concealing veils

                        As to MR.clowns  

                                                         HE was long, mis-shapen and forlorn
                                              All his wifes ran away without a smile,

                                 But full of a gaze unhallowed eyes of stone
Jun 2019 · 168
Pity your mask
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I might know the ending of my time,
but pity for you is all I’ve got, since I wake knowing that I’m dying, but you wake pretending that your not.
Jun 2019 · 258
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Mama bore a girl with a gun for a year

Teeth dripping lead,

And lips bleeding red,

Lashes curled for war

tongue waxing lyrics

Of both beauty and battles
Jun 2019 · 174
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
I have a problem
  I don’t know how to fix it.

  Life is life but what about risks?

  I sometimes want to get hurt or die,
               Just to see if they will cry.

If people will care,
         or go on with their incomplete lives
               or if they will come clean away theirs lies.

          To say they’re sorry,
         to apologise,
            is something I don’t even think they would try.

             So what if I died?
        would you really care.

         The darkest secret
                hidden inside,
      may not be what I hide
            every night.

                     so remember this when you look to the sky,
              for I love you and I just wanted to say goodbye...
Sad unfixable
Jun 2019 · 340
Nsmith15 Jun 2019
Laughing so hard it hurts,
     Climbing into cold sheets,
         Finding a new song,
           Hitting all the words to a rap,
               Swinging on the swing,
May 2019 · 158
Nsmith15 May 2019
If am so smart and gifted with a wonderful mind...
  Then why do all the children run away
Why dose the adult whisper
  Why dose all the  sharp  leers feel like a
                  Is  it because of this confusing grimace

            Is it because of my flapping hands

Is it because of my indifference shadow
Am truly sorry that is not dark and dull like the others....

            But  am not sorry that it more colourful and warmer than your beam
Am not sorry for being neat
Am not sorry for being me
Am not sorry for be unique
Am not sorry for being god new creation
        Am not sorry that god got bored of the same faces the Same colour the same voice...
Am not sorry if this doesn’t make sense......
May 2019 · 215
Nsmith15 May 2019
She wear black but her mind is colourful
May 2019 · 321
Nsmith15 May 2019
As idiotic humans we ruin everything we touch including each other...
May 2019 · 109
Nsmith15 May 2019
Brave (feminine ending).adj. meaning
Fierce, ferocious,
Mad tempered
May 2019 · 141
Night owls 6#
Nsmith15 May 2019
Me, jealous of you?
                                   Bless you’re delusional  
May 2019 · 115
Daily thoughts
Nsmith15 May 2019
The darkest night produce the brightest stars...
May 2019 · 88
A bunch of random words
Nsmith15 May 2019
May 2019 · 108
Daily thoughts
Nsmith15 May 2019
Why do you get to erase every little trace without my permission
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