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NoPoe Oct 2021
ive come back
the doors in my brain
had been locked
I had forgotten
I’m the girl with the all Keys
In a world with all the Locks
NoPoe Sep 2021
the convenience about being
a magical women is that
I can be gone
just as quickly as I came
and if im still here
i wont wont be for far too long
NoPoe Sep 2021
scared child was taught
vulnerability is a weakness
a disease
she was taught to keep it all to herself
for somebody
everybody would be out to get her
if she was weak
now she is hard and cold
which is weaker
NoPoe Sep 2021
people are often miss interpreted
the phrase
their is more than meets the eye
is always
too true
but where does that silver lining cross
of knowing somebody
of knowing you
NoPoe Sep 2020
answers to the universe were all hidden inside of you
they ran deep alongside your finger prints
knowing this
you'd coat your hands, your body
in layers and layers of clothes
enjoying the ascendancy you held on me
all I've ever wanted was answers
but you never touched me
you never touched anyone
NoPoe Jan 2020
you warned me so gracefully that you might be unpredictable and reckless
but that only made me want you more
you didn't know yet that I fed off destruction and chaos
like a starved vulture
maybe it was you who should've been warned
NoPoe Jan 2020
each morning we'd sit
and sit
only sit
and view the worlds first awakening men
the sun would come crawling from behind our hills and
buckets of light would be poured right above our head
but I don't think we ever shielded our eyes
we'd just sit
and sit
only sit
we shared quite the routine you and I
I dont think im done writing about this boy quite yet
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