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NoPoe Jan 2019
Thunder in my belly
Apple cider vinegar it is
Eyes water from the taste
But I don't care
I don't care about the pain
I don't care that I'm living on half dead
It's makes me skinny
It's all worth it
As long as I'm
NoPoe Sep 2019
Each night as I'm stuck in bed
My eyes our sewed opened
So I could relive all my sins
I lay each one out on bulletin board
In my mind
Connecting each one to one another
With simple red yarn
Im trying to pinpoint
the exact moment
My life became filled with
secret regrets
Its suffocating me
I want to speak up
To tell some other living soul about
All the bumps and bruises
That is my life
That is me
But i cant
So I lay with my dry eyes
Unable to blink away this feeling
Regret is tortuous
NoPoe May 2019
he left you a song
that you don't want to here
you plug your ears and scream
your eyes turn red while your heart turns blue
his love for you is gone
and all your left with
is this stupid song
NoPoe Feb 7
I am not the same person tonight
As I was this morning
Time moves slowly for me
The hours drag on
A constant sense of boredom consumes me
I watch the hours go by as I feel my white blood cells turned to red
Don’t take this the wrong way
For life does not bore me
I’m curious
I love and I hate
I’m simply referring to the neutral state between human antics
I’m referring  to the constant void that is my consciousness
I’m unfamiliar with the definition of contentment
Satisfaction is a boredom induced daydream how could I ever expect to sustain a satisfaction when within the 24 hours of the day
I am 24 different people
NoPoe Aug 2019
Pretty girls cry over other pretty girls
Its a harsh routine
To want what others have
wanting it only because
You don't have it
Fixating on beauty
Making it a mirage
Please just look in a mirror and love what you see
Is that so hard to ask for?
NoPoe Sep 2019
A nun
Dressed in lacy red underwear
Sold her holyness
Begging on raw knees
To a selfish man
But a clever one at that
Bold isnt it
NoPoe Jun 2019
The windows shatters
The walls caved in
The floor boards burned
The food rotted
The water dried
The furniture vanished
All that was left was a door stuck in it's jamb
And me
The door and I left standing
I made it easier for the door and kicked it in
Now it's just me
NoPoe Jan 2019
You are exquisite, Sun
You are destruction and creation
You hold our world so dearly
Yet you could crush it
When you've grown too tired
To feed us your light and warmth
You are not just another star
Trapped in our gravitational pole
You are the keeper to this world
Keeper to my happiness
NoPoe May 2019
every beautiful
simple object
that you have run your hands on
I've burned to ashes
NoPoe May 2019
Stuck my fist
down your throat
grasped onto
what seems to be your heart
I ripped it out
NoPoe Oct 2021
ive come back
the doors in my brain
had been locked
I had forgotten
I’m the girl with the all Keys
In a world with all the Locks
NoPoe May 2019
Every now and than
I see you
in crowded halls
Your beautiful
I'm Pluto
your like the Sun
please come closer and keep me warm
I have a crush on this boy that Ive never spoken to but gawd I wish I could. sorry if this is cliche
NoPoe Jan 2019
I am with you
I was with you
I was in love with
Light that you gave to the world
Freckles were scattered stars
Forrest of deep dark lashes
Protecting the depth of your brown eyes
It was as if you were my Sun
Wearing your heart outside your chest
Making it so easy to know your soul
How was It possible
I had fallen for the Moon
Her skin icy cold to your soft warmth
Eyes the deadliest of blue
So fragile but so beautiful
The biggest mystery of all
She wasn't just light
She was darkness
And I wanted to grab a flashlight
To explore that every inch
every crevice
To understand
To feel
I have been so intrigued by this beauty
I loved both equally
Moon and Sun
Sun and Moon
I just wrote this on my bus on the way to school so sorry if it's bad lol
NoPoe Jan 2020
my life is in pause
i've lived the same day for six months now
I eat gray food
in my gray house
well trying to breath in gray air
than i lay and stare
and stare
at blank walls
only walls
its so suffocating
NoPoe Apr 2019
if I could i'd the kiss the sun
NoPoe May 2019
I played a song
A song that took me back in time
My carpet was warmed from the sun peaking threw my window
My room began to be filled with vibrant purple light
Nostalgia was intoxicating me
I was in peace
NoPoe Sep 2019
the sound of love swallowed the room
my limbs become silk
every step I was taking
felt as if I was melting into this word
taking its shape
I've lost control
I danced up and down the walls
the room began to be silk
NoPoe May 2019
didn't you know?
I casted a spell on you
a spell of binding
binding you to me
and me to you
NoPoe Sep 2021
the convenience about being
a magical women is that
I can be gone
just as quickly as I came
and if im still here
i wont wont be for far too long
NoPoe May 2019
join me my love
as I will teach you
how to properly dance  
with such effortless movements
the edge of a knife that you do not see
NoPoe Apr 2019
I had a dream last night
of you and I  
we were together
Medicine Man and your Violent Blonde
walked Earth making each dry leaf
every crevices under our footsteps
turn to flame
Every step we took we were shifting into something
we ran making the world behind spring off into colors
of wild reds
oceans of blue
violent violets
we jumped into the coolness of yellow
we were creating a new world behind us  
we didn't look behind us
we just left the new world to be
NoPoe Feb 2019
I'd like to believe
when I die
my earthly soul
will sink into the soil of our world
giving it life and colour
feeding to all the good
to all the right
helping create someone else's story
NoPoe Apr 2019
and I mean
Everyone has Darkness hidden inside them
Everyone is capable of doing nasty things
I know i'm capable
I wear my Darkness on my sleeve
allowing it to swallow me whole
allowing it to define who I am
It wasn't until that Darkness turned my world into black tar
binding me to nothing but destruction
i'm destruction
NoPoe Jan 2019
Dazed and confused
Hiding from the world
Hiding behind the canvas of your mind
Seeing vibrant colors in a world that's black and white
Seeing things no else could ever possibly imagine
Making our universe your own personal portrait
Pulling the moon through the window
Dividing and conquering most of our planets orbit
Paint brushes for fingers and oil paint running through your veins
Creating beauty in mass destruction
The boy with all the keys in the world with all the locks
True to yourself and full of life
Dazed and more confused
Still hiding
Not from the world but from oneself
The vibrants colors melted down into the cracks of earth
Leaving life dull and grey
Tore down your paintings and replaced them with posters of models
Not the models you want to see
But the models you’ve convinced yourself your suppose to like
Lies,lies and more lies
No longer true to oneself
Paint brush fingers got wilted and turned into something ordinary
Surround yourself with the oblivious
Drink and party to fulfill your emptiness
Copy of a copy of another copy
What happened to you?
Allowed the moon to turn on you and allowed your world to switch
I wrote this about my favorite character from my favorite book "I'll give you the Sun"
NoPoe Sep 2021
scared child was taught
vulnerability is a weakness
a disease
she was taught to keep it all to herself
for somebody
everybody would be out to get her
if she was weak
now she is hard and cold
which is weaker
NoPoe Sep 2019
*** was never vulnerable to me
I krept into a small corner of myself
Attempting to keep me safe
While  hundreds of your hands
Groped every inch of what you thought was me
So you could come undone
NoPoe Aug 2019
Blank piece of lined paper
Is who I am
Im just blank
NoPoe Apr 2019
I'm sitting down
looking around my bleached white walls
drinking black mediocre coffee
trying to think about anything but you
it works for awhile
till the air smells like you
you are surrounding me
I indulge in you for a moment
remembering the exact moment where I smelled your smell
I take deep breaths exhaling and inhaling
as if that can bring you back to me
I've never knew what it was like to miss someone after heartbreak
till now
and I hate you for it
NoPoe May 2019
It was you
Medicine Man
who engulfed in
my Catatonic Soul...
NoPoe Jul 2019
God is a cruel man
NoPoe Sep 2020
answers to the universe were all hidden inside of you
they ran deep alongside your finger prints
knowing this
you'd coat your hands, your body
in layers and layers of clothes
enjoying the ascendancy you held on me
all I've ever wanted was answers
but you never touched me
you never touched anyone
NoPoe Jan 2019
The Girl who
Accumulated thousands of souls
Living all inside her
Extremely similar but yet
Excruciatingly different
NoPoe Sep 2019
Eve and Eve
In the garden of Eden
NoPoe Jan 2020
the girl
inside the girl
inside the girl hiding
NoPoe May 2019
She is like a melted rainbow
every part of her was Vibrant and Loud
when you opened her mouth red would come out
as she closed her eyes to sleep her world became an orange beam
when she woke the sky would be the most golden of yellows
every step she took the grass would turn the greenest of greens
her eyes held thousands blue constellations telling a story
she smelled like purple rain and purple lavender
she was the love that protected my muse
NoPoe Sep 2019
Lavender linen
Swallowed me whole
Waddled me up in
Silky sheets
Cradling my skin
NoPoe Jun 2019
I was taught
That my voice
Would never be loud enough
To speak
So I stay
With rope in my throat
Keeping me silent
NoPoe Sep 2021
people are often miss interpreted
the phrase
their is more than meets the eye
is always
too true
but where does that silver lining cross
of knowing somebody
of knowing you
NoPoe May 2019
When she bleeds
she pulls out
pillowed feathers
from her wounds
NoPoe Sep 2019
Admiration is best from distance
The pure thought of you
Is beautiful
You however is tainted by
The ugliness of reality
NoPoe May 2019
Closed my eyes
and saw
snakes wrapped around your head
(self-portrait: Medusa's prodigy)
NoPoe Feb 2019
My life, is no longer my life
My skin, is no longer my skin
My mind and body isn't mine either
It is yours Mia
I have surrendered myself to you
I am tired of fighting you
I no longer have the energy
For you have stolen that too
I stand on both my knees
Asking for your forgiveness
Purge me of my guilt
Allow my bone to be sharp as knives
Stomach flat as paper
Let my collerbones allow me to fly
Fly far far away
NoPoe May 2019
and he was their
wine red heart beating
beating on the outside of his bear chest
leaving himself open and raw
and than
their she was
her heart wasn't dripping red
she didn't even have a heart to begin with
her smile was deadly to the boy
standing across her eye to eye
she reached over
ripping the heart and wanting it for herself
NoPoe Jun 2019
she said let me take your hand
I laughed and said
I'll never surrender myself to you again
NoPoe Jan 2020
Death becomes the end of your earthly learning
No more earthly thoughts to pain you
The void is only like space, or the nothingness made of light
In this moment you must abide in it
In this moment you become ignorant to ego
Ignorance is bliss.
NoPoe Jan 2020
you warned me so gracefully that you might be unpredictable and reckless
but that only made me want you more
you didn't know yet that I fed off destruction and chaos
like a starved vulture
maybe it was you who should've been warned
NoPoe Sep 2019
you can look at me from across a room
and I'd feel penetrated
NoPoe Jun 2019
she makes flowers clap
NoPoe Sep 2019
distance is suffocating
NoPoe Jan 2020
each morning we'd sit
and sit
only sit
and view the worlds first awakening men
the sun would come crawling from behind our hills and
buckets of light would be poured right above our head
but I don't think we ever shielded our eyes
we'd just sit
and sit
only sit
we shared quite the routine you and I
I dont think im done writing about this boy quite yet
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