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 Oct 2021 NoPoe
imagine if you didn't
i hate that you left
 Sep 2021 NoPoe
 Sep 2021 NoPoe
just the very though of you
has my legs spread
like an easel with a canvas
begging for art
 Sep 2021 NoPoe
Leocardo Reis
 Sep 2021 NoPoe
Leocardo Reis
These passing moments
strike me as
most beautiful,
for even I can tell
that the present
will blossom
into an evocative,
eternal bitterness.

I cherish this
fruitless heartache
with renewed ardor,
as it is the only proof
I had ever loved.
 Jan 2020 NoPoe
He used her.
He was the pretty boy with brown eyes
Hair was smoother than a new blanket.
She was the shy girl
Hiding behind words on a blank page.
She loved him
He used that to hurt her in every way.
 Jan 2020 NoPoe
Lamar Cole
Kobe Bryant is with us no more.
The good do die young sometimes, that's for sure.
He was a basketball hero in LA.
He always played the game hard, that was his way.
An NBA legend he will forever be.
Always an inspiration to people like you and me.
 Nov 2019 NoPoe
Melanie Jackson
i sit alone
in a room full of people
i observe the groups
they laugh, they talk
i sit silently trapped
inside a cell i made myself
inside my head
i scream wanting to leave
wanting someone to save me
but lower i fall
i can fake a smile
fake a laugh but
what no one sees is the girl inside
but still i say i'm living
i can say i'm fine
but one day
when im older
i will defeat depression
 Oct 2019 NoPoe
Salmabanu Hatim
Self wanted loneliness is peaceful and a bliss,
But, loneliness gifted to you hurts deeply.
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