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Oct 2022 · 199
Haiku 26: Sunday Strangers
Nikole L Oct 2022
Last Sunday night, were
back to being strangers, that
could have been lovers
Sep 2022 · 114
Haiku 25- Sweet Nothings
Nikole L Sep 2022
Here we go again
You whispering sweet nothings
My love, those sweet lies
Feb 2022 · 836
Haiku 24 - My Almost
Nikole L Feb 2022
It felt something strange,
we never called what we had,
but it's almost love.
Happy Valentines <3
Dec 2021 · 132
Rabbit Hole
Nikole L Dec 2021
Tonight, I fell down a rabbit hole
It's not a place of magic
and happy endings
but a hole of thoughts deeper than a bottomless pit,
Where the only escape is a good night sleep
Dec 2021 · 99
Nikole L Dec 2021
Imagine a different world without the sea
A blue whale would be wandering a vast galaxy
Counting stars and chasing comets,
Swinging around every planet
Getting lost in the milky way
Without worries that fishermen would take him away
Dec 2021 · 177
Nikole L Dec 2021
Classic dress as black as the night,
Bergamot and vanilla perfume that smells like daylight
Sultry walk and red lipstick,
She's a little bit dramatique
Nov 2021 · 905
Haiku 23- About Love
Nikole L Nov 2021
If that love doesn't
terrify you a little,
Is it really love?
Jul 2021 · 348
Night Birds
Nikole L Jul 2021
I watched the night birds kiss
outside the window
They might be lovers,
or might be friends
Well I guess we'll never know
They perched on a tree branch to play,
and gaze upon each others eyes
Asking if this is okay
The moonlight keeps their secret,
before twilight they flew out each other's nest
then by night-time the night birds meet
If you know you'll know what I mean 😉
Apr 2021 · 98
Haiku 22: I am a Vixen
Nikole L Apr 2021
She's headstrong yet warm
She has temper yet fun and,
You can tame her heart.
Feb 2021 · 805
Nikole L Feb 2021
Stars told me today,
Smile, Love is coming your way
He's your safe haven
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Nikole L Dec 2020
Don't need fancy words
Get a pen and let your heart,
Write down its great art.
The Art of Heart ❤️
Dec 2020 · 238
Haiku 19- Inner Conflict
Nikole L Dec 2020
No one sees that I'm,
Winning battles against me
A sweet victory.
Nov 2020 · 97
Haiku 18- Doors
Nikole L Nov 2020
A closed door means "no"
If it doesn't open wide
It's not yet your door
Sep 2020 · 69
Secret Scars
Nikole L Sep 2020
I walk along with the trails of my thoughts
The night is solemn but painfully long
Two years passed and it left nothing but scars
A mark that can only be seen through the light of stars
It made me strong but it hurt me the most
Same night, same story, same ghosts
Nikole L Aug 2020
Brief written feelings,
About love that can't be mine
Verse ends with a sigh
Hands up if you feel the same. 🙋
Nikole L May 2020
If you land in it
Watch endless sunsets with me
And never leave me
Inspired by my favorite book The Little Prince ♥♥♥ 📖
Nikole L May 2020
Flock of young birds on a summer day
Waiting for the wind to start the day
The wind will teach them to fly across the seas of the earth
Both hearts burn with passion, like how the sun brings heat to the desert

Spring came and the birds flock on a huge rock near a sprawling field of lavender
The wind noticed they're gaining feathers and how they maneuver
Some soar high, some aim low
Some ***** fast, some fly slow
But the wind taught them best and its patience put into a test

In the winter, the birds recognized the differences of the wind
North wind blows warmly like how the sunshine spreads hope to every morning
You will laugh like a mad man when South wind blows, she will keep you entertained while flying
East wind will blow its hardest and challenge your strength of flight, he will not go easy on you
West wind is calm like a mother comforting a child, she will shelter you
These wind aren't perfect, because in flying, one must learn to glide with its calmness but also endure its turbulence

When the leaves fell, the birds flock on a mountain
They are now to recieve a pebble that symbolizes the end of a new beginning
They celebrate an end of a season and a beginning to fly further a new horizon
They bow to the wind for teaching them fly
They sing the sweetest song of gratitude
and the wind humbly replied
"The wind can't let alone make the birds fly
It has to spread its wings because it's a bird's flight"
This poem is for my dear professors ♥
Nikole L Apr 2020
I met you one night
Enchanting week full of smiles
Now, I bid Goodbye
Apr 2020 · 163
Haiku 14 - The Request
Nikole L Apr 2020
I get hurt easy
If you have no plans staying,
Do not come knocking.
Nikole L Feb 2020
You won't notice me
But I love you anyway,
And It feels so great.
Jun 2019 · 620
Isang Libong Luha
Nikole L Jun 2019
Isang libong luha
Hindi na matapos-tapos
Ngiti sa mga labi'y inanod

Luha na dumidilig sa unan
Tuwing gabi'y bumubuhos,
Na parang walang tigil na ulan

Ngingiti pag-sapit ng umaga
Walang bahid ng lungkot,
Suot ay panibagong maskara

Kunwari'y hindi nasasaktan,
Sa mga bibig na mapanlait
Tinakasan na ng imik

Isang libong luha
Patuloy sa pag-agos
Hindi na yata matatapos

Isang libong beses luluha
Dalawang libong beses papahiran ang luha
Tatlong libong beses hahanap ng dahilan para sumaya
Mar 2019 · 955
Nikole L Mar 2019
A place where tears turn to gold,
days are aging but never grow old
Always a bright morning awaits
No lonely nights - my fear abates

Let pixie dust fly you on high
Paint all that glitters in blue sky
Let it sparkle like a starry night
Drying your tears by and by

Wash away your pain in streams
go with the flow indulge your dreams
No need to hide the way you feel
Here in Wonderland, everything's surreal.
Mar 2019 · 2.7k
My Ray of Sunshine
Nikole L Mar 2019
I woke up with ray of sunshine on my cheeks
It's warm, bright, and comfy but I didn't care
I closed my eyes and slept
I dreamt of  a voyage on the clouds
A quest finding that ray of sunshine

Someone warm enough to hug me tight
Someone willing to be a clown just to make me laugh
Someone who brightens up a dark day
Someone who finds it cool to hang out with my crazy clan
Someone comfortable to be with me even if I'm awkward
Someone who lifts my chin up on tough times
Someone who will never leave me like how the sun sets, when I'm at my lowest point
Someone who sees the challenge in my complicated mind
Above all, someone who brings out the sunshine in me

That ray of sunshine who will make me see,
that every sunrise is worth waiting for
He, who will make me realize as I wake up with ray of sunshine on my cheeks,
I love how it makes me feel
Warm, bright, and comfy.

My ray of sunshine, Where are you?
Feb 2019 · 594
Para sa Aking Sarili
Nikole L Feb 2019
Pasensya na
Hindi kita hinahayaang tumitig
Tumitig sa mga matang mapang-akit

Pasensya na
Dahil hinahadlangan kita
Hinahadlangang ngumiti dahil sa kanya

Pasensya na
Hindi kita napagbibigyan
Pinagbibigyang kiligin

Pasensya na
Hindi mo sya pwedeng kausapin
Baka mahulog ka

Pasensya na
Kung paulit-ulit kitang pinipigilan
Pinipigilang mag-mahal.
Mag-isa mula '97
Nikole L Feb 2019
Loving feels so good
Brain release chemicals, then
We love like a fool
It's a perspective from a
Psychology Student :)
Happy Valentines pips!
Nikole L Feb 2019
Passion surrounds us
Let stars of your galaxy
Make every dream real
I'm doing my very best to achieve what I've always prayed for. With hardwork, permission of the universe, and God's will, I know I can make it.
Feb 2019 · 230
Haiku 10- Daydreamer
Nikole L Feb 2019
Noises in my head
Wanting to tell you something
When will you be real?
We are all guilty of thinking about someone way out of our league.
Jan 2019 · 137
Movies In My Head
Nikole L Jan 2019
Played by you and I
Romantic movies in my mind
You who touched my face,
Softly as the music starts to play
You who danced with me,
To the tune of our heart beats
A sweet scenario I keep on repeating

One night, you were a prince
Wearing your crown, carrying a sword
While I, the damsel in distress
Locked up by witches you're about to slay

One morning, you were a bee
Searching in a field of flowers
While I, the most beautiful one
Stung by those pointed behind

On a twilight, you were a vampire
Thirsty for blood, looking for a prey
Walking in the woods, I, an innocent soul
Willing to quench that thirst and be yours

Summer nights, you were my Danny
I am your Sandy
We had a blast and it happened so fast
We drank lemonade and made out

Painful to play all the movies in my mind
Those master piece that the crowd never get to see
Roles of you and I that I wanted us to play
Be my leading man on a real day
But it was just in my head
We are lovers only in the movies in my head
Dec 2018 · 145
Nikole L Dec 2018
She, who has the saddest eyes
She, who can't genuinely smile
She, the smartest but thinks of losing
She, who's thirsty of loving.
Interviewer: Describe yourself.
Me: ...
Sep 2018 · 510
A Beautiful Quitting
Nikole L Sep 2018
One day I woke up
The fire is gone
the lights are out
I can't talk to anyone

One day I woke up.
The world told me I wasn't good enough
all those years of hard work
I thought I was tough

One day I woke up.
The dreams I had for years
was killed by serpents in my head
I looked down at my dream's graveyard in tears

One day I woke up.
Worthless like an empty bookshelf
I can't dream anymore
I don't want to fool myself

One day I woke up.
Uncertain of the road to take
Staring blankly at the ceiling
I can't get up.

One day, I don't want to wake up.
I let go of the dreams
I let my demons win
I quit.
Aug 2018 · 338
Nikole L Aug 2018
The moon in my hands
Crying for freedom and peace
Let it glow, Let go
Nikole L Jul 2018
I don't want to go
To a place where people leave
I hate tomorrow.
May 2018 · 219
Nikole L May 2018
No more fears inside
The sea and I are now friends
Our hearts flow as one
Found a new friend!
May 2018 · 304
Haiku 6
Nikole L May 2018
Dancing with the wind
Choreographed by natures' beat
Make a graceful leap
the wind asked me to dance:)
May 2018 · 224
Haiku 5
Nikole L May 2018
Love is dangerous
A gamble you cannot quit
But it's worth the risk.
May 2018 · 262
Nikole L May 2018
Three large pills a day
Tears fall down as I swallow
Doctors' instructions I must follow

Three large pills a day
Waking up out of breath,
Sleeping with worries in my head

Three large pills a day
Knees are weak and shaky
Pain all over my body

Three large pills a day
Background's spinning
Numb of everything

Three large pills a day
Trying to be alive
This illness I must survive
May 2018 · 227
Terrible Date
Nikole L May 2018
The wind is blowing calmly
The night's dark and chilly
"I'm feeling cold" she said

Slowly he looked at those sparkling eyes and gently whispered
" Then go home and ask your mom for a coat "

And there, the magic ends.
Date nightmares!
May 2018 · 171
Haiku 4
Nikole L May 2018
Nasa ilalim,
ng isang salamangkang
Pag-ibig kaya?
Mother tongue.
May 2018 · 212
Haiku 3
Nikole L May 2018
Tired of loving me
Jailed in a room of sadness
Run, chase happiness.
Ready. Maybe.
May 2018 · 241
Rainy Days
Nikole L May 2018
There by the window I sat
Staring at a white lost cat
Running as the rain starts to pour
in the midst of walking people

I wonder where will she go
If I were a lost cat
Where should I go?
It's for sure far beyond to know

Far away from the pain
Away from the sad looking rain
Oh so far from love that lies
To end my tired heart that cries

A lost cats' heart on a rainy day
Filled with hopes from yesterday
When rainy days are over
Love will surely last forever
May 2018 · 707
Haiku 2
Nikole L May 2018
A beautiful pain
Getting sadder everyday
Hurting but smiling
I hope this season is over.
May 2018 · 191
Nikole L May 2018
Hey babe what's your name?
That boy I saw the first day
Who stared at the door
So close to me an inch or more

Hey babe what's your name?
That boy I waited the next day
When the sun is hot and high
I'll wait from far away

Hey babe what's your name?
That boy smiles so rare
I can't be moved from this chair
Until the day I know your name.
Today I just feel like reminiscing my junior year crush:) That butterflies!
May 2018 · 161
Broken Smile
Nikole L May 2018
Friendly grin wears the crowd
Those silly smiles are really fraud
It's a stupid thing to trust
Falling in love is a disgust

This broken smile will fade away
If hope and love forever stays
When bitterness turns to sweet
And my hopeless heart starts to beat
Sick and tired of fake people.
May 2018 · 179
Haiku 1
Nikole L May 2018
Life is not easy
I just can't take it no more
Breathe deep and scream loud.
It's been a tough day.
May 2018 · 157
Same Stars
Nikole L May 2018
The secret of the night reveals its shine
To the stars she stares then smiled
She closed her eyes and felt the magic of the night
Sweet illusions started to hunt her mind
There, they were dancing waltz under the moon
The music is their heart beat alone

Then reality pinched her cheeks
The stars witnessed her tears
But deeply she breathes
and filled her heart of hope
That maybe one chilly night
They'll look at the same stars as lovers do.
Loving a person that's impossible to be yours is painful and all you can do is to dream and hope for a miracle that
you could be together.
May 2018 · 281
Nikole L May 2018
Like a stray cat in a busy street
Stomach growls and fast heart beat
Longing for someone to care
Racing thoughts I would like to share

I've mastered enduring the pain
Like a knife stabbed at my back again and again
My ears are deaf of hurtful words
My tears won't come down anymore

Uncertain of where the pain will lead me
I want to  scream all the bleakness inside my body
I want to shake all the worries away
I want to go back to my happy place

I find the road rough and fading through dusk
I want to see daylight soon and remove this mask.
I am lost for now
I want to be found.

— The End —