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Simply me Dec 2021
I'm so in love with you...
tonight, I'll be dreaming of you
My sweet dream
I want to stay in your arms forever
I want to kiss you...
I think of you so much.
You're so sweet my love
I'm so in love with you
Be mine.
Simply me Nov 2021
it's so cold
i wish we lived next to each other to warm one another up
like penguins do
huddle and cuddle
i miss you
Simply me Sep 2021
your voice reminding me of sweet candy

my heart ache to see you again

a decisecond

that was too much time apart

again. again. again.

i couldn't wait to see you again

you're a beautiful blooming flower growing everyday

that i wish to only pick for myself
Simply me Aug 2021
something troubling is happing in my heart
throbbing painfully
suffocating painfully
Simply me Apr 2021
"What's a life experience that you would never want to relive again?"

The worst pain I have ever experienced was feeling like my life was getting taken away from me. It felt like I couldn't breath. It felt like someone was taking away my breath. My whole brain. Everything.

I couldn't take it. I couldn't take it. I couldn't take it. I simply couldn't.
I never wanted to relive that moment again but I missed feeling what I felt back then because... at least it made me think of her. The more I endured it the more I loved it. At least she made me feel something, even if it made me feel like I was dying. I just wanted love.
Why couldn't I get loved correctly.
I just needed love.
I need love.
I don't know what I'm doing now.
Can I still love?
I don't know how to love correctly.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I hurt the ones I hold close to me.
I just need someone. anyone.
please love your children. please do.
Simply me Apr 2020
you're so beautiful
your skin looks so soft, your hair is so well put
sometimes wanting to drive my hands through it
day dreaming about you is so,
                                             if i can't do it
today you've straighten your hair, you look delicate, so noticeable.
i love the way you talk, no stuttering and a smooth flow of talk in you
today was the first time i heard you laugh differently then your other laughs
           your features are so appealing
driving me crazy that i can't even talk to you
Simply me Jan 2020
i don't understand why i can't just have friends
yes, i can talk but my insecurities and mind can too
i see things nobody else see, hear things no one ever listens to
it's hard to laugh when you feel like crying
very hard to speak when you don't feel spoken to
all i can do is look and observe at the people i forever wanted to be friends with
instead of pushing myself forward to make a connection
to feel less alone in this world
i'm pulling myself more backwards each second
i'm drowning in my thoughts and doubts
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