Be like a sunflower.
Even when the sun hides, you can still shine.
The sun radiates from within.

Sleep well knowing that
things will work out in the end.
Just let it happen.

©  2017 José

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

stand against the sun
stretch towards its hopeful rays
and just feel its warmth

A happy haiku to hopefully brighten someone's day

Yearning but barren
Broken body defeated
Can never give life

©LadyofRavenhill  12/9/16
Haiku #2

Find it anywhere the sunlight touches,
Inside a change in the summer wind,
Or curled up in the smile of a stranger,
And remember, all is not lost.

©LadyofRavenhill July 11, 2017
 Jul 10 Mysidian Bard

I imagine you to be a quiet person.
The socially awkward one, the one who likes the thought of being thought of as a thoughtful person, but one who ends up blurting out something irreversibly stupid.
I imagine you to be romantic, believer of true love. One who dreams of kisses under pink skies.
I imagine you to be intriguing and somehow delicate; like a cute little bird that needs to be observed from far.
I imagine you to be private, one who locks up not only his words, but emotions inside pages that are shoved and buried inside the depths of your heart.
I imagine you to be wearied by life, thinking about the future while you stir coffee.

Or maybe how I imagine you just reflects me.

The train of thoughts I had about a stranger walking down the street.

There's a place called empty
a claustrophobic room
inside it tries to tempt me
my soul, it will, consume

It preys on broken people
whose hearts facile to break
their bones were made feeble
their brains made opaque

There's a depth beyond this place
it's relatively hard to find
your world you must embrace
for you to free your mind.

felt like rhyming

We wandered our gazes
to the semidarkness Illuminated
above our sight.

Looking at the allurement
that were now empty caskets
hanging on tombstones of lights,
clinging to there eventual demise.

Lying on the earth,
                             we felt at peace.
Knowing we were one day
to be woven within its fabric,
empty shells of pebbles lost in
a lake of timeless moments.

We would be seashells on its shores
gently corroding with each wave.
till we were grains of eternity
variations of us everywhere.

Looking upon each other,
our hands clasping like a
                 momentary fissure
sealing a grain of moments
                 between ourselves.

"Death is a moment where life
is cherry a falling slowly,

For we each hang on delicate
growing till we do as everything
does. Descending till we evaporate
from reflections and thought.

"Where all echoes who've already past,

"She's always smiling!"
they said. But they know nothing
behind those closed doors.

It takes one to really know one.
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