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 Apr 27 Mysidian Bard
Lu Lu
Petals unfurl at each gentle touch,
Roots grow deeper with each new plan,
Kisses quench a thirst like falling water,
Sunshine tenderness even when it storms.
A continuation of Anatomy of a Flower
I want to lie
with my legs
entangled in yours,
I want to live
with my heart
in sync with yours,
I want to die
with my hands
entwined in yours..
I am
unashamedly yours.
 Apr 25 Mysidian Bard
You bite the bullet and hold the gun
But you stand in front of the mirror all day
Acting stunned
 Apr 25 Mysidian Bard
I had never known a love that strayed so quick
I had known only love that wanted to stay, fight, that was hooked, infatuated, that I couldn’t shake  
Even if the air was thick

There’s mumbled sorrys for reasons apparently unknown
No aggression or solutions
Just stay or goodbyes
Transfixed on what if’s
Afraid of what the truth transpires

because time doesn’t lie
Eyes of rose gold
Chromatic stare of beauty
Dance the night away
@LadyRavehill 2019
Haiku #99
 Apr 24 Mysidian Bard
Hopeless desires
In a daydream nation of
Drunk stars and
Messed up scars
On each neck and for wrist
Aching by, each and every minute
Within a corner, not walking
Not looking, with
Starry eyes.
Reflections of trees
Dapple afternoon puddles
Drowning and thirsty
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku #98
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