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Mysidian Bard Dec 2017
Overhead the stars align
and dance in eyes that brightly shine,
anxious waiting parted lips
and eager aching fingertips.

Desperate waves eroding land
between the places where we stand,
shallow breaths that mirror tides
begin to swell and well inside.

Winds echo lost fairy tales,
a gentle breeze becomes a gale,
the final leaf clings to the tree
while our hearts long to be set free,

and every wall we've built around
will finally all come crashing down
as you and I are swept away
by a kiss that strikes the break of day.
Mysidian Bard Mar 2017
I'll give you my pen
if you draw the parallels
here between our lives.
A mother's passing
is the first death her children
will grieve without her.
Dedicated to those who no longer have their mothers with them.
Mysidian Bard Jan 2017
I'm waiting for the sun to rise;
going to cut these worldly ties.
Remembering summer reveries,
The autumn chill, the falling leaves.

Look at how we both have grown;
change for all the time we've blown.
Remembering the winters snow,
the stars above, the ground below.

Lets atone for throwing stones;
we can mend the broken bones.
Remembering that spring revives;
brings new light to cloudy skies.
I want to wish all my friends, followers and fellow poets a happy new years. May the light guide you on whatever path you choose this new year. Thank you so much for all the love and support! Be safe, and awake to a beautiful tomorrow. :)

The Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
I'm just a fool who
Would travel with monsters to
Learn to tame the beasts
Mysidian Bard Apr 20
Two tear-stained petals
now lifeless upon the ground,
asking why they fell.
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
As I walk the streets of this old town
footsteps of the past are retraced;
though I look upon it with brand new eyes
every place still has your face.

The wind will always carry your voice,
words echoing on the breeze,
like whispers in the gathering dark
between the cemetery trees.

Fragmented memories of a tortured past
are just riddles without clues.
Haunted are these same old streets
by the apparitions of you.
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
The sun don't seem bright today
And there's clouds in the sky

You're just not yourself today
But there's no reason why

You're talking
Words in disguise

They see you
Hiding your eyes

You say it's in self defense
You tell yourself lies

When you hurt the ones around you
You're not the one who cries

You turn to
You can cling to for a day

But slipping
On the ground in your way

So be here now
Someway, somehow
We won't be here again

I promise you
When this is through
I'll still be here my friend

Until the end
Mysidian Bard Nov 2017
Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my word,
so clear and legible on the page
but now the lines are blurred.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my dreams,
but the fantasy that we had woven
was tearing at the seams.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my trust,
but the knives we held into our backs
were begging us to ******.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my chain,
but the bonds have since come apart
left rusting in the rain;

and even though we're broken
I'd still go back to the start,
when before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my heart.
Mysidian Bard Aug 2016
Under stars
With eyes that brightly shine
I was yours
And you were mine

Summer days
That never seemed to end
Were numbered days
Too few to spend

When the heart breaks
When the soul aches
When the love is gone

Then where do we belong?

The way to love
A path we couldn't find
A twisted maze
Too tangled to unwind

But our waves found
Each others empty shores
Footprints marked
Once lonely bedroom floors

When the heart breaks
When the soul aches
When the love is gone

Then where do we belong?

Under stars
With eyes that brightly shine
I was yours
And you were mine

One more night
We only just pretend
That autumns breeze
Won't mean the summers end

Whatever it takes
Whatever fate makes
If we just hang on

I'll stand at hell's gate
Carry the weight
If we just stay strong

And if the heart breaks
If the soul aches
If the love is gone

Tell me where do we belong?
Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
They always say that
Tomorrow might be better
But I'm still waiting
Mysidian Bard Nov 2017
A pristine stained-glass heart
is all I see

when magnified through the lens
of your sympathetic tears.
Written for a friend
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
She took the part
That broke her heart
And soon would take her life

But the pirouettes
Help her forget
She's dancing on a knife
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
I'm just a dreamer
Chasing shadows in the night
Pretending they're real
Mysidian Bard Dec 2017
My second hand heart
wants to turn back time
to that split second moment
when your hand was in mine.
Mysidian Bard Dec 2016
Between the divide
You just can't get agreement
In this time and age
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
Bravery is not a trait to be learned,
but a decision that's yet to be made.
When standing against overwhelming odds
there's good reason to be afraid,

but despair does not ensure cowardice
and adversity does not equal defeat.
Every man still has a fighting chance
as long as his heart still beats.

Be always valiant and forever fearless
against what others may forewarn,
because the decisions made amidst catastrophe
are also when heroes are born.
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
Love, lust, desire
These are dreams that will become
My own cross to bear
Mysidian Bard Apr 24
Five broken arrows
litter the great battlefield
of this weary heart.
Mysidian Bard Dec 2017
Every time I drift
something always carries me
back to your embrace.
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
We both read our scripts,
but we're not on the same page.
You and I are just actors
who treat life as the stage.

We rehearse our lines,
but they're not what we mean,
for once lets break character
and call cut on this scene.

We could steal the show
if we rewrite the play
and end the charade
of this macabre matinee.

We've reached the finale,
there's no encore after all.
This is our shot,
our last curtain call.
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
You have since moved on
Well then maybe even I
Can learn to forget
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
Deep down inside me
There's a yearning undefined
A role not yet served
Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
Somewhere on the way
I lost me, you lost you, but
We found each other
You'll be my goddess;
just make me a believer
and I'll worship you.
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
Longing through lonesome days,
supplicating the sun to set.
I anxiously await your arrival,
should consciousness concede to what I covet.

Only in fanciful fantasies,
in the delight of darkness,
and in our notoriously nocturnal nature,
have I ever happened upon happiness.

Give me the gift of your grace,
the spell of your sweet surrender,
and the temporarity of tonight
will flourish into forever.

In the day I may wistfully wander
halfheartedly and uncommitted,
but in dreams I know not the words
lonely or unrequited.
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Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
I have always had
The compelling urge to leave
Where I feel welcome
Mysidian Bard Mar 25
May the night grant us
a second chance at those dreams
that by day we lack.
Written for a nocturnal friend of mine. <3
Mysidian Bard Nov 2017
If not to touch the earth
and know your sun kissed skin,
if not to chase your shadow
through every place you've been.

If not to stand on mountains,
howling from the peaks,
if not to lie in fields
as melodic whispers weep.

If not to dance in forests
where tangled roots take hold,
if not to bathe in oceans
while eternities unfold.

If not to touch the earth,
upon me you would shine
and for that fleeting moment
I could call you mine.
Dedicated to a very special friend of mine who comes on here often hoping that I have posted something, no matter how long I have been absent. I hope that this will brighten your day.
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
I'm the cold hard ground
But she is the gentle rain
That makes flowers grow
Mysidian Bard Jul 2017
There's one less set of footprints
upon my bedroom floor,
there's half as many clothes
behind the closet door.

There's a lonely set of arms
that used to embrace its pair,
there's one less person here
but one more vacant chair.

There's a heart that was once overflowing
and bursting from the soul,
but it seems that just a half
can claim the very whole.

Somethings can be mended,
but never replaced by another.
In empty beds we learn
how to live without each other.
Mysidian Bard Dec 2016
Your lips are poison
But there is no antidote
To free me from bliss
Mysidian Bard Jul 2017
My chances became
equal to your frigid heart:
absolute zero.
Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
Our hearts may grow old
But won't ever be dulled by
The passage of time
Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to all Hello Poetry members! :)
Mysidian Bard Dec 2017
Shattered dreams become
glass shards beneath our bare feet
on roads we must walk.
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
Here on your doorstep
Am I to bid you farewell?
This cold Autumn eve
Mysidian Bard Jun 2016
My friend the giant sleeps in a field
where dreams, posies and grass grow

The wind gusts blow over him and pass through
down to the meadow from which the water flows

From meadow to lake, from lake to sea
the wind and water walk by and by

Tidal forces drive one to drive another
by an eternal force that never dies

Through night and day all over the world
from skyscrapers to farmers hay

Follow the wind on it's endless flight
back to where the giant lay
Mysidian Bard Jan 2017
What price do we place on freedom
in a world of consumer slaves?
Do we measure it in the lives
of soldiers sent to their graves?

Do we measure it in the families
who lost dads, husbands, sons;
and trust the politicians
whose solution is always guns?

Do we measure it in the comfort
of never knowing first hand
the way that a child feels
growing up in a war-torn land?

What is the cost? What will it take
for us to wake and see:
if this were the path to freedom
wouldn't everyone be free?

If hate will only breed more hate
and if war only breeds more war,
it ultimately begs the question:
is "peace" worth fighting for?
Mysidian Bard Jul 2017
Even the most beautiful flower
must carry the curse to wilt
and even in its dying hour
new life upon it is built.

No longer will it grace our eyes,
but through death it is still giving.
A new purpose is served through it's demise:
the chance to nourish the living.
Mysidian Bard Jan 2017
Time is not a war to be waged;
there can never be a winner.
At the end we're all the same;
the anointed and the sinner.

Take up your arms and you will find
you'll leave with less than you had;
all the fruits of your trying labor
will surely have gone bad.

Instead of changing the world around
try instead to be the change;
raise the white flag and you will earn
from a war you didn't engage.

If there's a lesson to be learned:
you need not hold the line.
All the anger and hate will depart
through the gentle surrender to time.
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
Survivors carry
The lives of those who have passed
Into the new world
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
The pain is long gone
But this feeling lingers on
Why do you haunt me?
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
The weight of darkness
is something only the sun
can ever make light.
Mysidian Bard Sep 2016
You used to love me
But I never used to love
Who I used to be
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
I'm always the one
Who upon the finger rests
Imprisoned by you
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
This prison is a place where darkness only breeds
and the shadows dance with themselves,
playing tricks on my eyes, darting quickly across the walls
only to vanish upon my focused gaze.

I once caught a glimpse of these hypnotic specters;
cruel machinations of tortured souls revealed themselves
to be nothing more than corrupted reflections of myself
wandering aimlessly through a hall of mirrors.

These rooms were once traversable,
but now this maze is more twisted than my own intentions;
unheeded, unnoticed and smiling, like a knife in the dark
waiting for an opportunity to quell any ambitions
that may lead to freedom.
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
We were once tangled
But all the ties that bind us
Have become a noose
Mysidian Bard Dec 2016
The flowing water in the dawns mist
Whispers memories of our youthful bliss

Carried away, downstream, endlessly
Into the open arms of a restless sea

This shall be the place we forever rest
Intertwined and woven like the cape weavers nest

Never again to know solidarity
Cradling the life of tomorrow is our apogee
Mysidian Bard Dec 2016
The past; a conflict
We always have to look back
To find tomorrow
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