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Misty Meadows Jun 2020
Got me screaming do or die,

Got me yelling do or die...

Something about you and I--

Contemplating suicide!

Don't know what to do and I'm

Thinking about losing my

Faith and all the hope inside.

I'm all alone and cold tonight.

Hold me if you know what's right.

Scold me if you wanna fight.

Breathing pretty slow tonight.

Know I'm going home tonight.

Got me screaming do or die,

Got me yelling do or die...

Something about you and I--

Contemplating suicide!
Misty Meadows May 2020
He's from the army and the navy.
His arm above the baby.
Never cared about the way he
Drifted through the ladies.
His daddy's daddy crazy.
Inappropriate and lazy.
He's a star and he's a maybe.
He's the tragedy of lately.
Misty Meadows May 2020
It's the ones that quake and quiver
Near the vacant
Lakes and rivers,
That I follow with a temper of
The hollow winds of

Them hollow winds do
Follow them. My appetite is
I crave the things I shouldn't
Lust. I pick apart and
Swallow them.

The carcass breeds a
Selfish need
To melt the pain it
Couldn't flee.
Why take its hope and set it free.
Another way to rest in peace?

A drunken swear--
A sudden stare--
And no surprise, you stumbled

Words of care. Don't be the first
To make it bad 'fore it gets worse.
Misty Meadows Jan 2020
All my thoughts running with the
Stampede in my head.
I tried to tame the beast, it started
Teething instead.

Don't you cry... nightmares got you
Peeing the bed?
And when you don't, you only have
Dreams of regret.

Regretting all the moves that you
Made in the dim.
Got bedtime prayers for a lifetime of

Never had to question if it's water, if
It's wind,
But the things that I've seen even
Make the blind squint.
Misty Meadows Nov 2019
Chip bags and toe tags,
Oh, what you know of that?

And I've got a hundred thoughts,
I'm thinking 'bout a hundred stacks.

I gotta entertain vengeance
For a hundred stabs,
That I done got to the back.
Now, what you know of that?

They tryna hold me back.
I'm cold and lonely,
Bold and sad.

They gave a hundred stabs,
I'm coming with a loaded mac.
They gave a hundred stares,
I'm running, never looking back.
Misty Meadows Jun 2019
Loose screws and cheap *****,
You got me so confused.
I tried to simmer down, but
Junkies came and lit the fuse.
With the AC in the closet, like your
I lick all on my lips to show you, you
Ain't tasting this.
College really ain't for me because I
Hate the ****.

It's just some basic ****. I start my
Convos great and swift.
But on the contrary, bad and slow
Is all we know.
But there's just no excuse for bags of
**** all on my floor.
I know you say I'm venting, blowing
Steam, what can I do?
But all I do is laugh, I'm high as
Hell, don't **** my mood.
I have my own agenda when it
Comes to breaking hearts.
But if you do it first, I'll break your
Spirit, wanna start?
Oh, you don't wanna start?
Then pour a shot, we'll drink to that.
And light a blunt, put it at my lips.
And watch me sing to that.
Misty Meadows May 2019
I usually wash my hands of the
Women who disrespect me.
Who think it's okay to speak care then
Just neglect me
Not one bat of your lashes
Can strip me of my tears.
Your angry piercing eyes
Don't strike me no fear.
The begging and pleading
Gets done on the regular.
Yet, I'd do anything in the name
Of protecting her.
But I don't get no protection,
No attention...
Just forget it.
'Cause every time I speak about it,
All your spite is there, detected.
How much more can you take,
Before you
The very heart that pumped love
Into your soul
Back when the world would treat you
Instead, I am the bad one.
True love? I never had one.
I sit and smoke my doja and get
Tweaked off of that ***.
And the drum of life just really has
No rhythm for me.
So tell cupid choke and die or blow out
Some kisses for me
Gotta be on to bigger better things now
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