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More Love May 2020
How foolish I am to push
As though blowing against
A strong and howling wind
Hoping to turn it around
With my weary breath
So I can forge forward
Without such resistance

Time has revealed,
That my power rests in waiting…

For the moment the breeze
Matches the direction my breath
Allowing the wind to carry me

Feet grazing over the ground
Effortlessly floating
In the direction I seek

My breath feeding the breeze
That moves us forward together

Knowing with my flesh and my feet
And all that is vital in me
That supported by the wind
I can go anywhere,
And by my own means,
I can do nothing.
More Love Jan 2020
As time fades
the light of omnipotence
into dull hues of frailty

I turn to God, instead.
He will make it all okay.

As my mother did
When, as a child
I crawled into her arms
And all my troubles went away.
More Love Apr 2020
I am wrapped up in yesterday,
Tied in the knots of my heart,
Bound by my regrets of the night.

Restless, I am,
Eager to escape to before
When it was evening
And there was opportunity
To do right

But rather,
It is morning
And i am trapped in the pit of my chest
A prisoner to the night
Without a chance for change.

Let a single ray of day shine upon me
As I sit in this pit of mourning.
Let it warm the fibers of my heart,
So they grow loose
And I can step out, into the day.

And let me say sorry,
By how I live
More Love May 2020
Marvelous splendor
The eyes delight
God’s thumbprint upon
This magical sight

She wears herself
And nothing more
Standing true
In her natural form

Beauty is,
Not symmetry
Beauty is
Simply to be

God made you, you
And nothing more
So wear it proud
And wear it strong

There is only one you
On the face of this earth
And someone out there
Can see all your worth

Without you changing
A single thing -
Your beauty is in
Your true being

So let your light
Shine through today
So God can delight
In what he has made.
More Love May 2019
She wept.
Curdled upon the disjointed planks
Of old mahogany wood
On her cold bedroom floor.

She watched the empty air
Swirling specks of dust
In a perfect dance, afloat
Before her blurry eyes.

Each particle contained
A glimmer of light
That informed her,
Day was near.

But still, she sank
Beside the bed,
That contained
The essence
Of them--

Words, softly spoken
In the black abyss of night
When sound and sensation
Triumphed over sight.

The timelessness they spent
Within the vortex,
Levitated & contained
As that enchanted rhythm,
Moved them-

Those raw mornings
When light spilled across them
In an innocent rebellion
Against the sun’s command
To begin the day.


Without an accomplice
She felt no delight
In her meager rebellion
Against the light.

And so she collected
everything within her
and drew herself to kneel.

And then,
Pressing the calloused soles of her hands and her feet
Into that cold mahogany floor,
She picked herself up-

And began her day.
More Love Feb 23
I am human
and I have lived, and breathed, and seen...
and fallen and stood,
and loved and lost.

And I seek.
And I seek.

And I breathe, and I look, and I live.

And I live.
And I love.
And I see.
More Love Aug 2020
Rip the white off these walls-
And let me see what lives behind it.

These white walls stare
As I, their specimen
Strive and struggle
To remain alive
Within this sterile container.

From wall to wall
I travel each day
Searching for a hole,
Or a crack to escape.

I exhaust, rest and repeat
For what may be

Weary, one morning
I lift my meager fist
To that cool, flat surface
Ready to tear it down.

Only to understand
In that courageous moment
That there is a door nearby.
More Love Jan 2020
It is far more challenging
To return again

Than it is,
Simply to stay
All the while.

Despite the trouble
This staying contains.
More Love Feb 2020
I am my father's daughter

Let me rejoice!
For just a breath,
In the simple truth

That this is enough.
More Love Feb 24
Deep in every eye is a soul—
And there is only one like that.

And every word spoken
Is a human attempt,
to convey the complexity
of an utterly unique human experience
never to be felt again.

And our bodies contain—
for a moment in time—
the power
to create life.

And when we pass,
life will go on
More Love Mar 2019
He plucked the mistakes from his heart
Uprooting the dry bulbs and coiled stems
With an empty satisfaction that consumed him

Pruning himself for perfection
And deep in the earth he buried his sins

Day after day
He maintained his routine
Summer dawned,
Autumn fell,
Winter withered

And alas came spring
When all is made new

A tender green bud
Still wet with life
Burst through the earth
With a courage
Soft enough
To make itself seen
More Love Feb 2020
Every challenge offers nectar
if we are willing to enter
the flower of pain
for the juice it contains.
More Love Apr 2019
My heart had become
Tenderized meat
Pounded and hanging
For vultures to eat
More Love Sep 2019
Back hunched
as wheels spin
spitting pebbles
back on his shoes
******* tight
with soles peeling off
from so many steps

90 degrees
hot summer morning
8 am

same time every day
white shirt buttoned up
sweat insulating
his paper skin beneath

Hands firmly gripping the handles of his walker
with the same determination
that he has for life

not letting go

morning after morning
buttoning that shirt
tying those tarnished shoes

and down the hot and busy road
against the traffic and the rushing young
whose fleeting eyes somehow miss
this pure dart of life

Gaze fixed upon his target;
the next step.

He proceeds...
More Love Apr 2019
Now that you’re gone
It seems almost a dream
How we once moved
As one flesh, one being
More Love Mar 2019
I keep trying to prove
to myself and to you
that I am something of value
to hold onto

But this outpouring of words
won’t do me justice

And won’t convince you
that I am worth keeping
More Love Aug 2018
to be empty
is to be filled
with the divine possibility
of anything.
More Love Jul 2018
I’ll write for you
And I’ll read
And watch your soul be appeased

And the knots in my heart will become undone
As you exhale deeply
More Love Dec 2019
Walking through water
doesn’t seem so hard
til' you've done it so long-
you just can’t go on
and so,
you sink.
More Love Mar 2019
Stepping out on the ledge
that held him with a weak and trembling grip,
his eyes were filled
with the future

Lucid lights painting ribbons through the sky,
tracing the frantic motion
of masses lost,
in a rush to nowhere

Entranced by the spectacle,
eyes yellow aglow,
he ceased to notice
the grounds growing tremor
More Love Jan 2020
I imagine
As a fountain,
Always running...

Regardless of  
the thirsty, poor -
- always taking

Always pure,
Regardless of corruption,
from the ignorant,
innocent youth.

We have all taken
what is not ours
and given
what we should have
kept to ourselves.

But forgiveness,
in her faithful way,

Never stops
producing more
chances to
More Love Oct 2019


she says
with her gentle, open glow

she says
to the bee
resting calmly as he enters

she says
to the people passing by
who pause to enjoy
an optic gentleness
and scent affirming
that life's purpose
is to live

and when the sun fades her pink
into warm shades of brown
and her nectar runs dry
and people pass her by
without pausing to delight

gently and humbly
she releases all of herself
petal by petal
into the earth
More Love Dec 2019
why does it feel
on this dark and dreary day
that all light and love is beind me
lost, faded into air
into nothing
while before me
everything is as dim and heavy as this moment
when only nothing exists
More Love Dec 2019
Pain is never wasted
So long as she
Gets her point across
More Love Dec 2019
So long I’ve been searching
For me.

And finally I see,

I am a wall
That knocks itself down.

And using the pieces,
I build a new wall.

One with a window.
More Love Jul 2018
These words, dripping from my touch
Keyboard struck by a force beyond me
I call you in, into these words
To reach the hearts of the souls you quench for

My heart--
So tender, it's been marinating
In a deep sea of grief
So many months
Lost at sea

This tenderness, a stranger
Im learning to love him
Longing when he's gone
For that sweet, soft pain
Of my wet and tender heart
More Love Jun 2019
You’re there, still
When night comes.

A faint and dimming image.

But alone, I am
Unable to feel,

You have become a thought.

Because together,
We built these walls

To keep us apart

Yet still,
we are together.

In this fragmented,
Tormented way.

Alone, at night
More Love Oct 2019
his feet drag
too weak to lift
he shuffles to the alter

patiently waiting his turn
to receive the body
of Christ, his savor

head down
back arched like a cane
brittleness pronounced
in every step

his life, lived
he simply waits
for life before him

when his turn approaches
he crosses his arms
across his sweet chest
and bows his head
unworthy to receive

yet a blessing lands upon him
and fills his empty, humble spirit
with a restoring light
of Truth
More Love Sep 2019
"I didn't mean to ignore you" she said both genuinely and proudly.

Dually proud.
One, for her ability to evoke emotion in him, through her simple act of nothing.
And two, that it had been so very 'nothing' to her, that she very genuinely didn't know she was doing this act of nothing.

Ignorance, ignoring...
What’s the difference?
She was innocent.

Regardless, she moved through the circumstance
Something like a maverick
Cunning her way in and out of his heart...

Stitching it up,
a poor repair,
one that was soon to rupture again
surely worse next time.

But the remedy consoled him
And imagining her essence
hazily around him,
he fell into a dreamy slumber...

Until the next time she awoke him
with her jolting and revolting
Chilling and thrilling
Weary, weary...

More Love Feb 2019
Pain moves me
Simply because
I cannot bear
to stay with it.
I can taste before, with such sweetness
that spring.
Although at the time, all I could feel was the rain.

Now, I savor this late-August evening;
an over-ripe plum
so full of life, that it withers.

What’s left will ferment
into a blissful potion of past
to be sipped on in winter—
God willing,
To warm and illuminate my flesh, for a moment.

Impermanence makes all things gold and sweet.

So here I am in this late summer evening,
trying my best to savor the flavor of this hour,
so in the winter, I can sip it again…

And when the winter passes,
and my drink is done,
I hope these words live on,
in some other, relative youth.

So that he, or she, or they, or what have they
can remember to savor this day—
and hold tight to tomorrow...

Knowing that this too shall pass,
and the juice of today will ferment by tomorrow.
More Love Aug 2020
There are no numbers to the days,
or the words i have written.
Life cannot be contained by
something so linear.

Life is more like a word  -
or a gesture -
or breath...

But certainly not a clock,
represented by digits -
fleeting and repeating...

No, life is more like a dance.
with a partner who
gazes deeply upon you,
and moves you
in ways you could have never imagined.

Only to vanish -
mid dance.
More Love Dec 2019
oh what a weight, us humans bear
on our frail bones

we all know alone
and how heavy it is

no-one can carry alone alone
and at the same time-
no-one is there to help.
More Love Mar 2019
I used to be afraid.
Of what? I wonder.

Now that everything is gone.
More Love Dec 2019
I have found
That love is
A series of small quirks
That one finds endearing
By either familiarity
Or novelty
Or a delightful combination of both

And the challenge ensues
When the familiar turns novel
Or the novel grows familiar

And we must learn to love
This strange new series of quirks
All over again...
More Love Apr 2019
I love you because
Your shield and sword
Are there to protect
The tender lamb
Of your being
More Love Feb 2019
A part of me exhausts
As you withdraw into yourself

Pulling the thick tar of hurt
Out from my chest
And into these words

Molding it into
More Love Jan 2020
She leaves,
And he stays.
She takes,
And he gives.
She strikes,
And he endures...

All the while seeing
Her loving,
Tender ways
Despite this - temporary -
More Love Jul 2018
This blank slate
Of soul, of flesh
Becoming what it is
Long overdue
Listening, waiting
Wanting more

Truth and Faith.

Courage at our core.
It burns away
The capes and costumes

Curtain open & collapses down

Cast steps forward and bows
Nervously waiting for the raw applause
of its long lost Love

To be seen in flesh, in form.
To feel
To be alive

And what hope there is
in this pause.

And by God's great glory,
and the logic that supports it
that reveals what we are,
all of us together.

Curtain down, we bow.
And receive fully the divine applause of our creator

to be-
to be seen,
heads hanging together
is enough for him to rejoice.

And his rejoicing song lifts our faces
to be truly, fully revealed

All we are, our mistakes + our triumphs,
standing strong together

The purpose of our being.

To be revealed, humbled and uplifted in truth.
And to let the light of his applause wash over us
As we all bow down together.
More Love Aug 2020
The cerulean sky beats with life
And the homes stand still beneath her.
And the trees lift their tender branches,
Wet with morning dew,
Toward her vital hue.

From my window
I watch life wake.

Another day.
More Love Aug 2020
Gray pours over everything
Covering life with dust.

Of which I was made,
And which I will return.
More Love Apr 2019
I’ve got this hungry, selfish love
Pleading on these desperate, bleeding knees
For you to open
So that I may survive
More Love May 2019
I have learned to enjoy the night
As it approaches,
I no longer turn away
to chase after the day that has passed
Running backwards
Against the eternal force of time

In one direction;

I have learned to enjoy the night
No longer do I waste the splendor of dusk
Pressing my meager resistance against it

Instead, I melt into it
becoming one with the dimming day
Everything slows
As the darkness gently fades the lines of distinction
blending all of life into one into one
Under the tender canopy
Of night
Where all is made new.

I have learned to enjoy the night
Accepting the day has passed
Come and gone
And that life,
In that particular shade of day
Will never be seen again
More Love Apr 2020
Silent streets beckon,
Wide and empty, like an open hand
A gentle pull back to before

When summer heat
Danced from the streets
Melting time like Dali’s clock
As the night sky poured out her stars
Into our eager and open eyes

When opportunity rushed in
On autumn leaves
Sweeping out the old
In a blue sky breeze

And curtains burst open
On a crisp winter's morning,
Revealing a portrait of white
In a wide and timeless sky

When alone
Was just a seed,
A fantasy of youth,
Yet to reveal
Its perfect purple pedals,
Only to the moon

And racing feet
Kissed the dew
On tender springs buds
Bursting with life.

How gentle a time,
It was to be young,
When all four seasons were ahead.
More Love Feb 2020
The sky is heavy,
with moon to-night.
Pregnant with moon,

Soon, tomorrow will come --

A fresh new day,
Full of Light
and Life.
More Love Oct 2019
weightless white snow
lays a blanket of peace
over all of the earth
as music sings
in soft whispers
across the globe
More Love Feb 2020
Half way
Presents two choices
Easeful - down
Or challenge - up
I think I’ll take the ladder.
More Love Aug 2019
When we grow old
And our bones become brittle
We will remember
The trips and falls
The scrapes and the bruises
With a proud smile
Of the strength we once endured
More Love May 2018
Polished: May 9, 2018

Your smell
What was it like?
I think it encapsulated me
It swallowed me whole

Your head on my shoulder...

Your eyes
They went far
Too far for me to follow
But I went anyway
And I got lost

Your hair
Through my hands
My hands were full
And now they’re empty

And my heart felt the same, Full
And now it asks,
Of what?

Your body
Glimmered in my mind
as it faded my own
into a grey glimpse of nothing

That fear
That drew me near
Is still resides
Within my bones
And now the pain
Leaps from my skin

Budding into
what it always should have been
And never would have become
If not for the pain of opening

here I am Lord
I have come to do your will.
More Love Apr 2019
In a daffodil field
Blue sky in my eyes
Marmalade sun
Sweetens the breeze
I drink it in,
Resting in my mothers arms-

Lord, let me remember
Your love.
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