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Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Stormy seas,
Oh misty isle,
Enchanted with the dreams of all.
The time has come,
For us to leave;
No escape from the inevitable.

Thicket of gold,
The land of plenty,
Filled with the souls of man.
Bring home the lost,
The frail and ill;
The sickness that surrounds us all.

Rocky high,
Oh sacred mount,
Condemned to the stars and sky.
Show us your power,
Your never ending strength;
May our hands hold all we find.

Majestic wood,
Oh great forest,
Connected to all but itself.
Let loose your wisdom,
And open our hearts;
Say goodbye to all you know.

Oh Great spirit,
The one we seek,
Master of us all for now.
Set back your clock,
And negate old times;
Let the light come and find us all.
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
These walls, tall walls,
So high above my head,
Come down, come down,
I must see over over you instead.
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Trade one life for another,
Surrendering my soul.
I don't know if I've given up,
Or just gotten caught in dark hole.

Motivation is gone,
And so is my head.
I'm losing myself again,
I might as well be dead.

Silly you say,
There's so much in life.
I haven't found any,
All I seen is strife.

So why not take myself,
Out of this place.
Really, what's keeping me here,
Lock in this space.
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Suffocating from this life,
No air for my soul.
I'm choking on time,
Not one part,
But the whole.

Gasping now,
My lips shutter so.
The darkness is near,
And I see,
I must go.

One final breath,
Is all I can give.
Let the cold take me now,
It's time I die,
So I can live.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Hope pours into us as fast as it pours out. It may seem at times an unobtainable sensation, one by which we are addicted. We search far an wide for hope to fall, yet the drought never seems to cease.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Living in the fast lane,
No time to breath,
But how can you survive.
You're suffocating,
Being choked to death,
Your oxygen deprived.

But you mustn't give in,
For you cannot fail,
You do what is expected.
Why they ask,
Why do it for them,
Easy, you want to respected.

Then You think,
Why should I care,
Why waste away my soul.
This is your life to have,
Your time to give,
Stop playing their made up role.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
I'll just play my music quieter,
So you can sleep.
But how, oh how,
Can I silence this song.
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