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Mar 18 · 788
Mooseman55 Mar 18
T̶̩̝̱̣ͤ́̃h̶͈̞ͫ̋ͤ̃ͅi̩͔̼̯̰̰͓̾̋̃͘ṡ͇͇͖ͩ̅̉͞ͅ ͉̪̫̹̳͍̝̉͘    ȋ̡̘͈̥̼̗̪̭̀̅ś̥͓̖ͨ̏͑͞ ̛͍̯̻̪̔   ẁͬ̔҉̙͎̜̪̥̲̩h͎̯͇ͩ̆́ͣ͠a͈͎̣̣̱͉͈͋͊͡ͅt̢̟͕̟̻̯̲̟̊́͒ ̾҉̤͍͓̠ͅ    m̷͇̲͙̬ͤ͐͊ỳ͍̩̩͂̅ͮ͝    b͔̤̘̲͈̳̩̿͜ͅr̖̪̘̩̮͒ͨ͟ả̩̰̯̩̒͊̆͘ȋ̧͔̤͎͉̩͋n͔͕͖̺̤̹̓͡ ̴̫͚͇̈́͂ͭ   f̻̣̬̫͙̭̦̹̓ͬ͟e͖̬̼̹̹̮̬ͯ͛̓͠e̛̖͔̩͎̙̲ͫ̃l̛̯̞ͮ̏̂s̹͓̖͍͚͌ͯ̕ ̽ͯ́   ľ̶͙͕̠͕̣͓͈͈í͍̭̞̹̠̍̊͡k̸̪̼͓̺̜͖͉̮̿̋ͣ̾e̯̻̬̋͘ ̹̯̩͉̯͙̱͇̍͂ͩ͠    s̲̱̈̀o̸̩̳̼̲̓͆͆ͦm̷̬̞̐̓ͬe͗ͫ҉̫̟̱t̶̝͉͍͈̉i͗̇ͣ͏̳͈m̴͖͈̝̊­͍e̝̪̍ͮͣ͞s̤͉̖̦͈̩̟̈̚͡.̱̼ͥ͊́́̚
Mar 18 · 49
Mooseman55 Mar 18
To **** a bird is to **** his song,
so now we wait and now we long.
For without his music how can we dance?
How can our love ever stand a chance?
Mar 18 · 50
Mooseman55 Mar 18
With our little bean rings,
those strange little things,
we make a promise of love.
Not unlike “The Rings”,
those wedding things,
Just without the extra

The little bean rings we wrapped around our fingers. Those little strange things, although gone, still linger. Well, perhaps not the bean but

I never knew,
How much a bean,
Could mean to a guy like me.
But then one day,
I saw you there,
In the midst of Batman Alley.

Little bean rings,
Why wear such things?

Well I’ll tell right now, so listen.

When a boy meets a girl,
One he loves

Little bean rings, one of our strange little things, one of many I guess I’d say.

I’ve tried all I can to write a poem about beans. Okay well not about beans exactly, but rather rings made out of beans. Well actually they were made out of strings beans, but that’s not the point. The point is I’m trying to write this poem. So here I am thinking about little bean rings and how much I love this girl and that’s when it hits me, that’s when I realize

Two string beans, grow up to be rings, what an odd life for such a plant.

I love you
Aug 2017 · 569
Three's a Charm
Mooseman55 Aug 2017
A man of logic, time, and luck,
Oh, what a wise path he dreamed.
But for all three things, I warn you,
They aren't quite what they seemed.

Now his mind and logic are gone,
They were taken ever so quick.
He was mad in love with a lady,
but she left him dumb and sick.

For 100 years he walked the earth,
As time eroded his soul.
A silent force, a shadow they say,
That has one deathly goal.

And as for the day, his luck ran dry,
I remember oh so clear.
He sat there alone, and sad,
His heart, brimming with fear.
Sep 2015 · 582
Time Flies
Mooseman55 Sep 2015
The stars are long gone,
They've fled far away.
What's left is just lighting,
But I think we'll still stay.

We are unafraid,
As we lay here so still.
This night will be ours,
It's destinies will.

So keep back the rains,
From the watery sky.
This night is now ours,
Please don't question why.

Time comes to a close,
It crept up so fast,
I hope to see you again,
This won't be out last.
Nov 2014 · 403
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Trains of thought we ride,
With no direction.
No time for memories,
Or mild reflection.

Ridding on we go,
Letting off hot steam.
Wishing alway time,
And forgetting to dream.

We miss every field,
Every meadow and flower.
We just chug along,
Heads down, full power.

May these tracks never end,
And our minds shuffle so.
May our souls be in route,
Where ever we go.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
The mischief minds of men,
Haunted by their thoughts and ideas;
stuck in their ambitions,
And the search for perfection.

This utopia they seek,
Is nothing more than a shadow;
Comprehensible by the eye,
But unreachable for the soul.

Nevertheless the mind pushes on,
The trail getting ever so long;
It is here we are lost,
It is here we will die.
Nov 2014 · 417
Second Scripture
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Stormy seas,
Oh misty isle,
Enchanted with the dreams of all.
The time has come,
For us to leave;
No escape from the inevitable.

Thicket of gold,
The land of plenty,
Filled with the souls of man.
Bring home the lost,
The frail and ill;
The sickness that surrounds us all.

Rocky high,
Oh sacred mount,
Condemned to the stars and sky.
Show us your power,
Your never ending strength;
May our hands hold all we find.

Majestic wood,
Oh great forest,
Connected to all but itself.
Let loose your wisdom,
And open our hearts;
Say goodbye to all you know.

Oh Great spirit,
The one we seek,
Master of us all for now.
Set back your clock,
And negate old times;
Let the light come and find us all.
Nov 2014 · 332
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
These walls, tall walls,
So high above my head,
Come down, come down,
I must see over over you instead.
Nov 2014 · 275
What's Keeping Me?
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Trade one life for another,
Surrendering my soul.
I don't know if I've given up,
Or just gotten caught in dark hole.

Motivation is gone,
And so is my head.
I'm losing myself again,
I might as well be dead.

Silly you say,
There's so much in life.
I haven't found any,
All I seen is strife.

So why not take myself,
Out of this place.
Really, what's keeping me here,
Lock in this space.
Nov 2014 · 333
Last Breath
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
Suffocating from this life,
No air for my soul.
I'm choking on time,
Not one part,
But the whole.

Gasping now,
My lips shutter so.
The darkness is near,
And I see,
I must go.

One final breath,
Is all I can give.
Let the cold take me now,
It's time I die,
So I can live.
Sep 2014 · 310
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Hope pours into us as fast as it pours out. It may seem at times an unobtainable sensation, one by which we are addicted. We search far an wide for hope to fall, yet the drought never seems to cease.
Sep 2014 · 317
No Air
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Living in the fast lane,
No time to breath,
But how can you survive.
You're suffocating,
Being choked to death,
Your oxygen deprived.

But you mustn't give in,
For you cannot fail,
You do what is expected.
Why they ask,
Why do it for them,
Easy, you want to respected.

Then You think,
Why should I care,
Why waste away my soul.
This is your life to have,
Your time to give,
Stop playing their made up role.
Sep 2014 · 227
Love Song
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
I'll just play my music quieter,
So you can sleep.
But how, oh how,
Can I silence this song.
Sep 2014 · 286
Waves of Time
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
The things I write will no more be remembered then my footprints on the beach; slowly being washed away by the waves of time. But this matters not for I wish to leave behind something more permanent. To change the lives of others and inspire them in all they do. To push people to commit good deeds, and have faith in humanity. To put faith in themselves, and all they can accomplish.
Sep 2014 · 238
Unanswered Questions
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Where has time gone,
What do I do,
How did this happen,
How did I lose you.
Is this right,
Or is it wrong.
Should I love you still,
Or end this love song.
Sep 2014 · 304
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
So wonderful it is,
Oh the bliss you feel.
On top of the world,
It's all so surreal.
The descent you see,
That is my foe.
I think I'll stay high,
And keep this glow.
Don't bring me down,
For I will not fall.
I'm here for good,
That is all.
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
Weekend Philosophers
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Weekend philosophers,
We search for what's right,
We open our mouths,
Letting words take flight.
They blow where they will,
The wind guilds our soul.
We are free from all,
Only truth takes hold.
Weekend philosophers,
Ideas so distant.
Yet we reach for them,
All so persistent.
So bring on the world,
Let life take it's course.
For I am prepared,
No time for remorse.
Sep 2014 · 164
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Tears fall down,
Making puddles so deep.
I'm afraid I might drown in my sorrow.
But what do you care,
You left me for them,
It'll be all over tomorrow.
So I lay here and think,
Where did I go wrong,
Why can't I just fit in.
All I do is worry,
And fall apart,
My life is one big sin.
So let's end it all,
Just make it stop,
I really don't want this now.
I'm sick of this world,
And all it's games,
I've taken all I will allow.
Goodbye cold grace,
You've left me cold,
I should have seen this coming.
I must move on,
My time has come,
It's time that I stop running.
Sep 2014 · 276
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Who am I but the one in the back,
No to need notice me.
You lead the chants and cheers,
And do not see.
For why bother with us,
We are but lesser.
For you are so popular,
And we are the down dressers.
You own the crowd,
They all love you.
I awkwardly stand,
And keep out of view.
Who am I but the one in the back,
No to need notice me.
If I left no one would care,
And I think you'd agree.
It's all fun for you,
I see you smile so bight.
I hold tears inside,
I don't belong tonight.
But who am I kidding,
I've never fit before.
So why did I think tonight,
Would have had something different in store.
Sep 2014 · 346
Love Life
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Things are always so much better when you love life!
Sep 2014 · 486
Planting Love
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Your smile you like rain,
Soaks my soul,
Letting seeds of love,
Slowly take hold.
They're growing now,
Right in my heart.
Taking over my body,
Part by part.
This flower of love,
Inside of me,
It's taken over,
Can't you see.
You're all I know,
And all I love.
You feed the seeds,
I can't get rid of.
So invasive they are,
But I like the invasion.
I'm ready to surrender,
No need for persuasion.
Sep 2014 · 276
Circle of Life
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
The circle of life,
Spins round and round.
Without a sound.

It keeps the balance,
And all things true.
It controls everything,
Except for you.

You have a choice,
To break the chain.
Take forth you life,
Don't live in vein.

It may not be easy,
You mustn't give in.
You don't want to regret,
What could have been.
Sep 2014 · 279
Autumn (10w)
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
As the leaves fall from trees so does my heart.
Sep 2014 · 622
A Dreamer
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Stuck in this hole,
With no way out.
I've dug to deep,
Now I just pout.

So I sit down and cry,
I start to give in.
Then I remember my choice
And I'm choosing to win.

So I stand up with pride,
And new found passion.
I start digging into the walls,
In a crazed like fashion.

I start to fill in the hole,
And see the light.
I make the final push,
With all my might.

Fortunately I'm free from my hole,
And finally on level ground.
Unfortunately, now all I can see,
Is Billions like me all around.

I'm still not special at all,
Not one single bit.
I need to start climbing up,
And I know it'll take a lot of grit.

As I climb higher,
And look down at where just stood.
I can see the hole I climbed out of,
And Billions who haven't climbed up, but should.

I look up,
And see only a few above me.
So I kept climbing on,
Feeling a greater sense of glee.

Finally I reach the top,
The peak of all that is known.
I walk over and take my seat,
My well deserved thrown.

Overwhelmed with joy,
I shout out my good will.
And what to my surprise,
I see my windowsill.

I sit up in bed,
Rubbing my eyes.
It was all but a dream,
Of what could arise.

It finally hit me,
That this was my fate.
I must never give up,
I must become great.
Sep 2014 · 325
What Dreams Tell Me (10w)
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Dreams tell me everything I will ever need to know.
Sep 2014 · 171
Don't be like Me
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
I tell these stories,
So that you will be smart.
So that you won't live like me,
And completely fall apart.

So listen close,
And hear my voice.
You only get one life,
So make the right choice.

Everyone makes mistakes,
Just don't make the ones I did.
I may seem wise now,
But I was once a dumb kid.

So waste no time,
And turn around.
I believe in you,
You're successes bound.
Aug 2014 · 224
Sad but Free
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Are we meant to be,
I ask myself,
Is this truly what I need?
I can't decide,
I'm just not sure,
Should I even proceed.

But then last night,
I had a dream,
And it told to me the truth.
We cannot work,
At least not right now,
Not in this subtle youth.

So it saddens me,
That this is the end,
At least for now you see.
Maybe I'm right,
Maybe I'm wrong,
Either way, it's better to be free.
Aug 2014 · 351
Let's just Chill
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I don't understand,
What's the big deal,
Why can't we just keep things chill.
It's worked so far,
Why make this weird,
I'm not looking for that kind of thrill.

Why do you persist,
And nag me so much,
I just don't want to do it.
It's not that I'm embarrassed,
Or don't like you,
It's just not the right fit.

I'm sorry that you don't get it,
That you are so confused,
But it's really not complicated.
We just keep things the same,
Don't worry at all,
And stay unsophisticated.
Aug 2014 · 273
My New Home
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I really need a new home,
My current one is filled with dust and cracks.
You can barely live in it it's so awful.
If I could make a new home I know just how I would build it.
I would start by laying the foundations for new relationships,
Then add a few walls of trust,
Maybe even a few windows for a little perspective.
Next, I'd add some doors of opportunity,
And fill the rooms with books and knowledge.
Finally, I would invite people,
Who always smile and laugh to live with me.
That is the kind of house I want to live in,
Not this old thing.
Aug 2014 · 371
Hate (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
We only really hate what we do not fully understand.
Aug 2014 · 296
You (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
The only one who really needs to care is you.
Aug 2014 · 187
Done Waiting
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I've been holding on for some kind of miracle,
But it seen like it's just time to let go.
No need to waste anymore time,
Wishing for false dreams.
For what is a wish but silent words,
Heard by no one but you.
Why do you think they never come true?
Aug 2014 · 507
What does it Matter
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Page after page,
Day after day,
And yet it makes no difference.
You can't rid yourself of your problems,
With just a pen and some ink,
At least not permanently.
So what does it really matter if I write,
No one really cares,
It wouldn't matter to me or to them.
Aug 2014 · 357
Not Today
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I don't think I'll write today.
I just don't think I have it inside me.
The feeling of joy and inspiration are are gone,
And I'm just sitting here.
I'm tired of feeling this way, day after day.
I just want to feel normal.
I want to feel like I belong.
What happened to the life I once had?
I don't even know who I am any more.
Who is this person that was once me?
Where are you?
Why did you leave me?
I don't think I'll write today.
Aug 2014 · 396
Beautiful Words (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
The most beautiful words ever spoken are anything you say.
Aug 2014 · 238
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Don't tell me that you understand,
Don't say you know how I feel,
Don't pretend that you know what this is like.
You are not me,
And you will never know how I feel.
Aug 2014 · 350
Love Yourself (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Hating yourself is easy, learning to love yourself is hard.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
We wish we were them. They wish they were us.
Aug 2014 · 223
A Flower
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
A flower never
Questions the rain,
It just accepts it,
And keeps on
Aug 2014 · 273
To Much (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Maybe I write to much, but it's all I know.
Aug 2014 · 184
Empty Eyes
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I look at the world through empty eyes,
Everything seems so surreal.
It's like I'm watching from a distance,
Trapped inside this body,
I'm not sure what to feel.
Aug 2014 · 214
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I fight off these
Thinking they are here
To hurt me.
Little do I know,
That they only
Want to help.
But why?
This is what
I don't understand.
This is what
Confuses me.
For never before
Have I seen
A friendly monster.
Never before
Has one tried
To help me.
Aug 2014 · 273
Open (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Open your hearts; open your minds, and see the world.
Aug 2014 · 483
My Light
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Your voice is my light,
In this dark cold world,
So never stop speaking to me.
If it weren't for you,
I'd be blind to all this,
And so for that I truly thank thee.
You brighten my life,
You fill it with joy,
Where have you been all this time.
I'm so happy I found you,
It was a pure stroke of luck,
Thank goodness I'm still in my prime
Aug 2014 · 583
Why I'm Here (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
This is why I'm on this Earth, to love you.
Aug 2014 · 419
Addicted to You (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I'm addicted to you, and I just can't get enough.
Aug 2014 · 307
Unanswered (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Why do I have so many question and no answers?
Aug 2014 · 447
Never Stop Digging (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Every single word you say digs deeper into my heart.
Aug 2014 · 453
Love Drug (10w)
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
This love drug you gave me is way to strong.
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