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Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.*

Well at least I have two of the three...
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Your laugh is gold,
And your smile it shines.
I've never met someone so bold,
So clever and refined.
You are truly a beautiful soul.

Your words are thoughtful,
And your lips so soft.
You are so able,
Your spirt aloft.
You truly are a beautiful soul.

How did you find me?
How was I so blessed?
You set me free,
You've brought out my best.
You truly are a beautiful soul.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
What's different now, then was before? I think I've changed.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I'm addicted to you, and I just can't get enough.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Stuck in this hole,
With no way out.
I've dug to deep,
Now I just pout.

So I sit down and cry,
I start to give in.
Then I remember my choice
And I'm choosing to win.

So I stand up with pride,
And new found passion.
I start digging into the walls,
In a crazed like fashion.

I start to fill in the hole,
And see the light.
I make the final push,
With all my might.

Fortunately I'm free from my hole,
And finally on level ground.
Unfortunately, now all I can see,
Is Billions like me all around.

I'm still not special at all,
Not one single bit.
I need to start climbing up,
And I know it'll take a lot of grit.

As I climb higher,
And look down at where just stood.
I can see the hole I climbed out of,
And Billions who haven't climbed up, but should.

I look up,
And see only a few above me.
So I kept climbing on,
Feeling a greater sense of glee.

Finally I reach the top,
The peak of all that is known.
I walk over and take my seat,
My well deserved thrown.

Overwhelmed with joy,
I shout out my good will.
And what to my surprise,
I see my windowsill.

I sit up in bed,
Rubbing my eyes.
It was all but a dream,
Of what could arise.

It finally hit me,
That this was my fate.
I must never give up,
I must become great.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
"Look both ways before you cross the street", so the saying goes.
I just wish someone had told me the same thing about life.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
We are the few,
We are the hidden.
We speak the unspoken,
We are the unbroken.

We follow none,
We have free will.
We do what's right,
We are the light.

We speak out for others,
We say only the truth.
We believe in one nation,
We right our own narration.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
A flower never
Questions the rain,
It just accepts it,
And keeps on
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
My shirt smells bad,
My socks are wet.
I stand on my porch,
Covered in sweat.

My headphones in,
Music blaring.
I slip off the shoes,
That I am wearing.

It's time to relax,
I'm done with my run.
I don't think I'll do that again,
It wasn't fun.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
A man only needs
So much.
Just a little love
And some hope.
It can all go
A long way
If you let it.
Mooseman55 Nov 2014
The mischief minds of men,
Haunted by their thoughts and ideas;
stuck in their ambitions,
And the search for perfection.

This utopia they seek,
Is nothing more than a shadow;
Comprehensible by the eye,
But unreachable for the soul.

Nevertheless the mind pushes on,
The trail getting ever so long;
It is here we are lost,
It is here we will die.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I'm a pen with no paper,
I have so much to say.
All my ink stored inside,
It'll get out someday.

I'm just waiting to find,
The right piece of paper.
To pour out my ink,
In a beautiful taper.

Will you be my paper,
Will you hold my ink?
If you say yes,
I'm telling all that I think.

I'll spill out my soul,
I'll give you my heart.
So please be my paper,
Please be my missing part.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I took a knife,
Cut my heart in two.
I gave a piece away,
I gave a piece to you.

So keep it safe,
And treat it well.
It's in you now,
That's where it dwells.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Bark bark bark bark,
Bark bake bark bark bark.
Bark bark,
Bark bark bark.

Bark bark bark bark bark,
Bark bark bark.
Bark bark bark bark,
Bark bark bark.

Bark bark bark bark,
Bark bark.
Bark bark bark bark,
Bark bark bark bark bark.
He can be so sentimental sometimes
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 00100001
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Pen in hand,
Words in mind.
The race is on,
My ink runs hot.

My soul spills out,
Onto the page.
I'm winning now,
My thoughts run thin.

But just when I think,
I have it won.
My thoughts flood back,
A million new ones to write.

My hand is cramping,
But I can't give up.
Write faster I say,
But I just simple cannot.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
You set my heart on fire,
And watched it burn.
Then you walked away,
With no concern.

You could care less,
If I got hurt.
For now my heart,
Is just ash in the dirt.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
We were perfect together,
Nothing could split us apart,
And then you left for a while.
When you came back,
Things just weren't the same,
I found it harder to smile.

We use to think the same,
But now we don't,
Why aren't we on the same page?
For now I fear,
That this is our end,
The end of a golden age.

I've tried my best,
To talk to you,
To explain why I am this way.
But you just won't listen,
You don't understand,
Please, I just want you to stay.

I know in my heart,
That if we can't work this out,
We won't last for very long.
But I hope we can,
I pray all the time,
I pray that I am wrong.

So please come back,
Come back to me,
It's time we make this right.
I'm not ready to lose you,
It's not our time.
Our spark we must reignite.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
As the leaves fall from trees so does my heart.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I know I said,
That I had to sleep,
But your on my mind,
And my hearts in a heap.

I'm wide awake,
My thoughts set on you.
I love your smile,
And your laugh too.

So I guess I'll stay,
Awake this night.
But it's because of you,
So that's alright.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
This fragile balance,
It's leaning on me,
And I'm scared to move.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Be my light. Be my love. Be all I imagined.
Mooseman55 Mar 18
With our little bean rings,
those strange little things,
we make a promise of love.
Not unlike “The Rings”,
those wedding things,
Just without the extra

The little bean rings we wrapped around our fingers. Those little strange things, although gone, still linger. Well, perhaps not the bean but

I never knew,
How much a bean,
Could mean to a guy like me.
But then one day,
I saw you there,
In the midst of Batman Alley.

Little bean rings,
Why wear such things?

Well I’ll tell right now, so listen.

When a boy meets a girl,
One he loves

Little bean rings, one of our strange little things, one of many I guess I’d say.

I’ve tried all I can to write a poem about beans. Okay well not about beans exactly, but rather rings made out of beans. Well actually they were made out of strings beans, but that’s not the point. The point is I’m trying to write this poem. So here I am thinking about little bean rings and how much I love this girl and that’s when it hits me, that’s when I realize

Two string beans, grow up to be rings, what an odd life for such a plant.

I love you
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
The most beautiful words ever spoken are anything you say.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
So wonderful it is,
Oh the bliss you feel.
On top of the world,
It's all so surreal.
The descent you see,
That is my foe.
I think I'll stay high,
And keep this glow.
Don't bring me down,
For I will not fall.
I'm here for good,
That is all.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
As I read
This book,
The story of love,
I wonder why,
we aren't on
The same page.
Have you skip
A chapter,
Or am I just
A slow reader.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I stay up late,
To talk to you.
You brown haired girl,
You have no clue.

You do not know,
How much you mean.
Of all the girls,
You're the best I've seen.

You make my day,
With just your smile.
You may fall asleep,
But I'm still happy all the while.

I hope you know,
That you're the best.
You're truly better,
Than all the rest.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
They bite you,
They scratch you,
They knock your things over,
They **** on the carpet,
They don't let you pet them,
They lay on you at night,
They sleep on and clog the hearing vents,
They pull off all of the toilet paper.

I like cats.
Cats vs human....I think we all know who wins this fight...
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Change your mind,
And change the world.
Let your thoughts,
Be unfurled.

Forget about society,
And remember your heart.
Today is the day,
The revolution starts.

For all it takes,
To start a movement.
Is a single person,
Making a good improvement.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
They say time builds a good relationship,
But who needs time when you have chemistry.
Some things are just meant to be.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I know what's right, so why do I choose wrong?
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
The circle of life,
Spins round and round.
Without a sound.

It keeps the balance,
And all things true.
It controls everything,
Except for you.

You have a choice,
To break the chain.
Take forth you life,
Don't live in vein.

It may not be easy,
You mustn't give in.
You don't want to regret,
What could have been.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Step right up,
Step right up!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Boys and girls.
What you are about to see,
Is truly amazing.
I single man,
Will attempt to live his life,
Without being overwhelmed.
He will try to juggle not only school,
But sports,
His social life,
And many other responsibilities.
Watch now as he does all of this,
While being persecuted by society.

*What you are about to witness should never be tried at home.
Mooseman55 Mar 18
T̶̩̝̱̣ͤ́̃h̶͈̞ͫ̋ͤ̃ͅi̩͔̼̯̰̰͓̾̋̃͘ṡ͇͇͖ͩ̅̉͞ͅ ͉̪̫̹̳͍̝̉͘    ȋ̡̘͈̥̼̗̪̭̀̅ś̥͓̖ͨ̏͑͞ ̛͍̯̻̪̔   ẁͬ̔҉̙͎̜̪̥̲̩h͎̯͇ͩ̆́ͣ͠a͈͎̣̣̱͉͈͋͊͡ͅt̢̟͕̟̻̯̲̟̊́͒ ̾҉̤͍͓̠ͅ    m̷͇̲͙̬ͤ͐͊ỳ͍̩̩͂̅ͮ͝    b͔̤̘̲͈̳̩̿͜ͅr̖̪̘̩̮͒ͨ͟ả̩̰̯̩̒͊̆͘ȋ̧͔̤͎͉̩͋n͔͕͖̺̤̹̓͡ ̴̫͚͇̈́͂ͭ   f̻̣̬̫͙̭̦̹̓ͬ͟e͖̬̼̹̹̮̬ͯ͛̓͠e̛̖͔̩͎̙̲ͫ̃l̛̯̞ͮ̏̂s̹͓̖͍͚͌ͯ̕ ̽ͯ́   ľ̶͙͕̠͕̣͓͈͈í͍̭̞̹̠̍̊͡k̸̪̼͓̺̜͖͉̮̿̋ͣ̾e̯̻̬̋͘ ̹̯̩͉̯͙̱͇̍͂ͩ͠    s̲̱̈̀o̸̩̳̼̲̓͆͆ͦm̷̬̞̐̓ͬe͗ͫ҉̫̟̱t̶̝͉͍͈̉i͗̇ͣ͏̳͈m̴͖͈̝̊­͍e̝̪̍ͮͣ͞s̤͉̖̦͈̩̟̈̚͡.̱̼ͥ͊́́̚
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
You speak as swift as a current,
As you pull me deeper and deeper into your love.
I'm scared I might get pulled out to far.
Maybe I should I just let the water take me.
Maybe before I can breathe again I need to drown.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I wait all day,
For the darkness to come.
I sit outside,
I watch the sun.
I wait for the stars,
I wait for my fun.
I cannot wait,
For the darkness to come.

I wait all day,
For the darkness to come.
I sit outside,
I watch the clock,
Time slowly ticks on,
Tick tock, tick tock.
I cannot wait,
For the darkness to come.

It's almost time,
The darkness is near.
I wait and watch,
The sun disappears.
The sky's ablaze,
Like fire it sneers.
I can wait no long,
Please darkness come here!

Finally it's here,
The darkness is here!
The stars come out to play,
With the moon,
And his friends the planets.
Oh how I wish they could stay!
Darkness don't go,
Please don't go away.

But in good time,
They'll have to leave,
And I'll need wait once more.
I'll have to wait all day,
For the time I truly adore.
I'll wait all day for the darkness,
And after that,
I'll wait some more.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
So you say that I'm a bad kid,
That I'm messing everything up.
But I'm not even doing drugs,
Or drinking beer out of a cup.

I'm just trying my best, I promise.
Why don't you listen to me.
The things I do wrong are nothing,
Compared to most kids I see.

I don't understand why something so little,
As forgetting to take out the trash.
Is as bad to as me smoking ****,
And you finding the ash.
Parents just need to give their kids some slack every once in a while. We all mess up, and we all have bad days. WE AREN'T PERFECT!
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
You say the day is ruined,
As the water pours down from the sky.
But have you ever thought,
That maybe I liked the rain?
We have our differences you and I.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
If life is about
The journey
And not
The destination,
Then where
Am I going?
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
I've been holding on for some kind of miracle,
But it seen like it's just time to let go.
No need to waste anymore time,
Wishing for false dreams.
For what is a wish but silent words,
Heard by no one but you.
Why do you think they never come true?
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Don't tell me that you understand,
Don't say you know how I feel,
Don't pretend that you know what this is like.
You are not me,
And you will never know how I feel.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
I tell these stories,
So that you will be smart.
So that you won't live like me,
And completely fall apart.

So listen close,
And hear my voice.
You only get one life,
So make the right choice.

Everyone makes mistakes,
Just don't make the ones I did.
I may seem wise now,
But I was once a dumb kid.

So waste no time,
And turn around.
I believe in you,
You're successes bound.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
So you think
Our generation
Is out of control,
That we are
Poisoning society.
Tell me then
How you were as a kid,
I'm sure you,
Were just full
Of propriety.
The world is changing, some for better and some for worse, but before we can all get along we have to accept the change.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
As a teenagers we are given a double standard.

We are expect to act like adults,
Yet we are still treated like kids.
Our teachers tell us to think for ourselves,
Yet we are told how to learn.
We are held responsible for everything,
But not trusted with responsibility.
We are told to do the right thing,
Yet our good deed are always past over.
Sometimes it seems that all adults can focus on,
Is what we do wrong instead of right

*And adults wonder why teens rebel.
I just don't understand why adults don't get teenagers. They were kids once too, they made mistakes too. How do they so easily forget their own faults as a teen?
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
You're a dream and I don't want to wake up.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
As I close my eyes,
I slowly smile,
I know what is to be.
My favorite time,
Of all my life,
Dreaming is what sets me free.

Tied down by nothing,
No limits nor end,
Just my own mind.
I am free to dream,
Anything I like,
Myself I look to find.
Night-time is the best time.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
Every day you are gone, another piece of me dies.
Mooseman55 Aug 2014
The man
On the moon,
And the girl
From the sun,
Came together
One fateful day.
They only past
Each other
To say hello,
There was no time
To stay.
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